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    Ping G with Basileus Fiamma (x flex) PRGR Egg spoon with Speeder 2 (X flex) Titleist 712U 3 iron Titleist 716 AP2/MB combo (4 to PW) Titleist Vokey Design Wedge set (52/56/60)
  1. Hi All, got a set of Titleist Japan T-MB's (5 to PW) through a japanese auction site. Should they have etched serial numbers on the hosel? most Titleist stuff I have previously bought has those etched numbers/letters. Concerned they may be fake! any thoughts?
  2. Hi, very good condition (very minor bag chatter) MB5002 irons (3 to PW) with KBS Tour S flex shafts and Golf Pride grips. standard loft/Lie/length. $620US posted worldwide. ($560 heads only) thanks, pete
  3. They are the best Stu.....just too much shaft for me now! will let a few guys I know about them. pete
  4. .

    Great combo this! I have 2 eggs, both bought after I hit Stew's! They get out there (5 to 10 short of my driver!). Hit a par 5 from 265 yards the other day....and I'm old! GLWS Stew!
  5. .

    Hope life is good in Tokyo Stu. I am flying up there again (although only 24 hours in Narita). Try to catch up sometime! regards, pete P.S. i know those Honma's are priceless, but you might want to put a price up there anyway! GLWS
  6. S flex putter shaft Dean!
  7. Message sent Jerry. regards, pete
  8. Hi Jerry, I'm in Brisbane in about 10 days. If it hasn't sold by then, I may be interested. Never seen one in the flesh so not willing to commit without seeing it in person! r u still at BGC? regards, pete
  9. I was going to get that one second from the left stew (the proto) in the group of 4 putters but u forgot to bring it to Oz. Remember that day at StAndrews beach. I wasn't sure u would survive the walk and the heat....with a Vegas style hang-over! 😜
  10. sorry Staxx, i am going to pull my bid. Just had a close look at one and it isn't for me! Hope I haven't put anyone off. The price is good. GLWS pete
  11. These are seriously good irons btw! look past the name and you have both legendary shafts and heads! pete
  12. Deleted
  13. Sorry, deleted. pete
  14. They look familiar!
  15. Hi all, for sale is a mint Kronos golf Mandala raw series (stainless steel) mallet putter. (http://kronosgolf.com/mandalass) 33" with stock head cover in perfect condition. Never gamed only carpet rolled. The stock grip has been replaced with a new superstroke Pistol GT Tour counterbalanceable (and removable 50g weight) grip. These things are very rare as Kronos are very much a boutique putter maker! There is a good review here (http://www.thehackersparadise.com/forum/showthread.php?62774-KRONOS-Golf-quot-Mandala-quot-Putter-THP-Review-Thread great balance and craftmenship in this putter. Sold on another forum! regards, pete