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  1. Geotech GDX Drivers. 450cc, carbon crown, conforming. Model approx 10 years old. Anyone know anything about them?
  2. Updated and some items added: 1) PRGR 2016 RS Driver 10.5 loft with Nippon NSPro Regio Formula MB 65X affixed to a PRGR "-1" adaptor; plays at approx 45.5". It has been butt trimmed only to length. Red Star Sindewinder grip. Includes a new "-1" adaptor and ferrule, and a used "+1" adaptor without ferrule. 460cc. Finally, includes a leather limited edition Links and Kings headcover (2015 Open at St Andrews). The head is in very good nick with minimal playing marks to the sole; the shaft is in excellent condition; grip is new; headcover is nicely worn in and undamaged. Sits square to open and has a slight draw bias. A powerful weapon in the right hands. $300 plus shipping for the lot. $250 plus shipping without the headcover. 2) Onoff driver .335 adaptor shim and 2 spare Onoff ferrules. This is the Onoff shim that is required for reshafting certain Onoff drivers. Probably fits certain fairways too. Unused. $5 plus shipping. Must be useful to someone. 3) Srixon Z525 Driver 10.5 with Miyazaki Kena Blue "Tour Issue" 6S shaft. Midsize Golf Pride Corded Z-Grip. 460cc. Matching Headcover. Torque wrench with weight kit and Srixon blurb. Playing length is 45.5". The head is in good nick with some playing marks and scratches to the sole. Shaft is in excellent condition. Grip is good. Headcover is showing signs of wear. Torque wrench encloses spare 3g and 11g weights. Currently two 7g weights are fixed on the head. Sits square. A solid performing driver with a smaller footprint and deeper face - a "player's" look at address. This was a Japan only release. $100 + shipping 4) Fourteen MR23 US Spec CBs. Heads Only. Very good condition with only the odd small ding. Not sure I want to sell these, so if you want them, you'll have to persuade me! PM with offers if interested. No trades at this stage. Transact via Paypal. Shipping is from the UK, PM for quote. Pics will be in posts below.
  3. Longest drives were with a specialist LD competition driver - SMT DB455 5 deg with an Accuflex Tantrum XX @ 48". Not something I'd be able to handle these days. For normal play, and this is just too funny, a Kamui Works Ray 9.5 with an Aldila Protopype 60x @ 46". Yes this was Ian's head, mentioned above, that shuttled back and forth between the two of us! The other club that tied it was a MacGregor MT460 8.5 (same model as Greg Norman's driver from the 2008 Open that he placed 3rd in at 53 years old) and also shafted with the Protopype. I strongly suspect that the MT460 had Japanese roots, as per the Mactec line that preceeded it. However, unlike the Mactec line, it had a plush feel and nice sound not unlike the Kamui. Have only tried one non-conforming driver, a small old Yamaha head that must have been between 300 and 350cc, probably nearer 300. Cannot remember the model name. It was shafted with a XX Fineone T3 @ 47". Despite the butt stiffness, the thing was like a noodle at the tip. Most drives were pretty ordinary and it was tough to time the strike. However, when you hit a particular spot on the face, the hit sounded totally different - like a high pitched whip crack or rifle shot. The sound and feel was so different to the other hits with the driver that you could have been hitting a different driver. First time it happened, I thought I'd cracked the face or something. Anyway, when you hit that spot, the ball flight was also different. The thing just left with speed and kept going - easily 30yds more carry than just missing that spot. I think the head was just a freak and probably not typical of your usual Hi-Cor heads, because you shouldn't see such a step up in performance from a mm or two difference in strike.
  4. Well, the irons are from Fourteen. The puzzle now is to work out roughly when they were made. Clearly it's after Fourteen started in the late 80s, but probably before their model numbers came in in the early 2000s (?). The original grips have the Fourteen feather and text in gold - so must be after that branding came in. Anyone able to narrow down a manufacturing window? Also, who were doing the forgings for Fourteen in that window? (Endo?). (The golden/satin hue to the irons is reminiscent of some early Epons that I have seen).
  5. Good call but it's not S-Yard. I remember Ozaki's association with Bridgestone, however not sure if he was involved with this brand at one stage - I don't know enough about his history. Will reveal the Brand tomorrow.
  6. Was reminiscing about 80s/90s irons that I played and remembered this thread. I have played numerous Daiwas and Marumans over the years - Advisor DG-273, DG-201, Conductor LX SPSS ... in fact, over the years, I've probably had Daiwa or Maruman irons in my bag more than any other brands. Have also had the Mizuno Millers from earlier in this thread. Prompted me to check the darker corners of my man cave where I knew some vintage JDM things were still lurking. Sure enough there were my well used old DG-273s, a couple of other Daiwa iron models, some Maruman and early S-Yard woods, and this (see pic below of the 5 iron from the set and its shaft). Now, a challenge for you! Can anyone identify the Brand (and forging factory) for the irons? I've never played the irons and obtained them second hand. There are no other identification marks on the head - simply a 5 on the sole. The forging/plating is more satin than bright chrome with an almost pinkish or golden faint hue. Top line is quite thin and the soles are typical of a players cavity (ie not broad) with a slightly beveled leading edge. There is a bit of offset through the set, but not too much. Set make up is 4-P, P/S, S. Shafts feel surprisingly firm (secondary question is if anyone knows anything about these GD shafts?). I do know the Brand, as the original grips give it away. However, I'll give you a few days to mull things over before I reveal it. I will say that they are not Daiwa, Maruman, Honma or Mizuno (despite the MS-211 resemblance). They also date from somewhere between the late 1980s and early 2000s. Once the Brand is revealed, I'd like to narrow down the likely date of manufacture.
  7. Thanks, but not looking for trades at this stage!
  8. For sale a Ryoma D-1 V-Spec 9.5 degree loft head plus headcover. Right-handed. Head has play marks to the sole and face as per the photos, but is generally in good condition. The first photo probably shows the playing marks to the face best. Headcover is in decent nick too with only the odd cosmetic blemish, some wear to the trim in places and scuffing to the top of the headcover on the "D-1" and hexagon pattern. Drop me a line if you need more specific photos. No need to introduce this head - I'm sure you all know the D-1. Paypal SOLD plus shipping. Shipping free to the UK. Elsewhere, probably no more than $30.
  9. I like the results over the last few years with higher lofted heads and low launch & spin shafts. The difficulty is finding suitable heads - most high lofted driver heads sit closed (and generally too upright). Finding ones that suit my eye with open face angles is tough.
  10. Can I ask what it is that you don't like about the look from address?
  11. You got in just in time with Joe Powell. Believe they have closed shop now (back end of 2015). There are indeed a fair number of Honma persimmons around on auction sites, many of them in great condition. I suspect Honma had a glut of persimmons at the time steel woods took over the market. Remember seeing pictures (Golfwrx?) of a hundred new Honma persimmons that had had the 4* shafts pulled and gold plugs stripped out. The savaged heads and separately the shafts were being sold on Ebay in a couple of job lots. Criminal what had been done to them. Until recently, there was a Japanese craftsman making persimmons at his workshop in Germany. Name was Norio Gondo. Three of his "Gondo" 3 woods (second hand) are still up on Ebay. I saw one of his drivers in person and it was a fabulous block of wood. Rifle 7.0 shaft. Sadly left handed or I would have tried to buy it from the guy. Anyone know of Norio Gondo (background, current) and if he is still handcrafting persimmons? (I'm guessing he must have been with Honma, Maruman, Daiwa or Mizuno at the back end of the persimmon era?) This was his website until 2015: https://web.archive.org/web/20131006024744/http://golf-workshop.de/index.php?Site=home https://web.archive.org/web/20131006024748/http://golf-workshop.de/index.php?Site=clubfitting https://web.archive.org/web/20131006024214/http://golf-workshop.de/index.php?Site=presse
  12. Taking leave of my senses - silly price now: $115 (or £75 in UK). Must be something I ate today. (Shipping included for UK addresses. Overseas pls pm for quote. Paypal payments only).
  13. Indeed, they do last a very long time as well! I get though a Hirzl in the time it takes me to wear out 3-4 premium cabrettas. Makes the Hirzls better value for money by a mile. Maintain their tack right to the end. Way grippier than cabretta.
  14. Always had a feeling that your name stayed on this head!
  15. Best wet weather gloves are the Hirzl Trust Control or Hirzl Trust Feel. Kangaroo leather. Grips even better in the wet or humid conditions than dry. Last ages. You can even go 2-gloves - R & L. Equipped with Hirzl, it doesn't really matter that much which grips are on your clubs (well almost)!!
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