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  1. Are these now the hottest irons in the market? What is the main business of the company?
  2. C. stay strong Man. Immunotherapy has gone a long way; and have been one more tool to fight the disease. Prayers go to your Father; your Family; the Baby on the way and above all that the treatment can be efficient!
  3. May I ask the length of the driver and the swingweight? Thanks
  4. So seems that I am one of the first to review (as per rules of the contest!) - feel free to join the review in here if you want. The whole weekend weather sucks in Hong Kong; so my review is based on a session at the range (which by the way, not many left here in HK). Anyway; first of all let's talk about the looks. The wedge is gorgeous, look is very compact and elegant. The logo and finish are par (and I would say even more) to any of the top JDM brand. I don't have a huge collection of wedges like other members here; but I do have a pair of Gold's Factory (those with the dots - 52 + 58) and my LW gamer (60) has been a Yonex eZone which has been one of my favorite clubs in my bag for years (since it was first launched ... 5-6 years? More?!). My prize was a 60; 950 NSPro - Stiff + Blue Iomic X-Grip Daiya (which is the combo I use in my wedges). It has been very difficult for me to replace the Yonex Ezone; as I have never found anything that would be so smooth on contact with ground; easy to hit and versatile on different shots. But there it goes; the Seven wedge is sending my ezone to retirement. The wedge performs superbly! Opened face, closed face, flop shots, everything goes easily and smoothly! I thought it could be difficult because of the small shape, but no, it is spot on! I apologize that I lack the technicalities; but that is my review. Also apologies for not having a fancy camera; but here are the shots from this morning session. Again thanks for C. and TSG for the prize, it makes me wish to change one of my Crazy iron sets (MB and Dot) into a Seven! Cheers and keep going with the Seven; I became a Sevenliever (Seven Believer!).
  5. Mine just arrived today here in Hong Kong. No pictures sorry as I am in a rush but if all good; hitting the range over the weekend. Just as a preview; it is GORGEOUS ... the finish is just amazing and the shape (mine is 60) is quite interesting it looks small, so it is quite elegant. I have to admit; that I thought my Gold's wedges were nice; well; it has beaten it. Pictures and full review soon! Thanks again C. and TSG!
  6. That is a very good point indeed; that the market may be saturated in Japan... However it may also be the case that these new brands marketing, approach, business strategy and financing are not effective at all. Maybe they are good at handcrafting the products but poor in executing the business (?) Not sure if the comparison stands (and of course the budget is completely different and also does the market) but taking for example PXG; I think their launch and approach to the market can be considered quite successful. Maybe C. can give us an idea on where the market in Japan stands at and what does he consider the flaws in these brands...
  7. Just bump into this: www.coangel.tokyo "Jointly developed with JBeam" Any info? Is this similar to the Jean-Baptiste brand? Or another spin-off of Crazy -> TRPX -?
  8. Contest should have one more rule; the lucky ones should write a report (with PICS!) on the Wedges! :tsg_smiley_secret:
  9. FW - Ryoma (long and easy) or Grandista (shorter but a nice feel) Hybrid - Ryoma (long + easy + feel)
  10. I love these TSG contests :) Thanks C. Just sent; so please count one more in please!
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