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  1. That was a lot of fun, I was surprised of how good of shape the greens and fairways were. Gotta think through each hole for sure, glad we had a 4th join us for some local knowledge. So it is time for all you Vancouver BC and PDX folks to come join us. We'll try to find some places to play on either side of Seattle to make the trip closer to you.
  2. Your first set of clubs!

    My first set comprised of a set of irons my father-in-law handed down to me and I recall they were a combo set of old Precept cavity/muscle backs. I had this matching set of Hippo woods I probably got off of ebay. My wedges were from Pinemeadow, Acer I believe with an oil can finish. Flatstick? Slotline California Raider. Still got that one. Maybe I'll bring it out to the Mt. Si outing in a couple of weeks.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving my friend. Hope all is well with you and family. Lets get out and play soon.
  4. ALL SOLD!! Thank you TSG!

    hey, welcome back. Lets go play soon.
  5. Akira M2-21 (7wood) head SOLD!

    Sold and headed to SoCal. thanks buyer and TSG.
  6. Akira M2-21 (7wood) head SOLD!

    sent you another DM, I don't have your address.
  7. Akira M2-21 (7wood) head SOLD!

    DM replied
  8. Akira M2-21 (7wood) head SOLD!

    want to move this, send your reasonable offers.
  9. Would love to have y'all join us. There is much that the Seattle Metro area has to offer for places to play. I got to try three new (to me) places I wouldn't have ever thought to play. Great company and fun golf.
  10. closed

    Sudas cant fulfill their destiny if they are just sitting around in the closet.
  11. closed

    thanks for taking a look. Lets get together for a round soon and good luck with your sale. looks like the miura's kicked your modarts out of the bag?
  12. closed

    I can't tell, but any of those putter shafts the N.S. Pro heavy?
  13. They are kinda like dogs, except they say "meow".