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  1. awesome, would love to have you meet us. At this rate, we have been making an effort to get together once per month, somewhere between Seattle and BC. If we pull PDX folks in, we will accommodate their commute into the equation as well. We will be looking at mid May for our next get together. Maybe Chris will be back in the area to join us as well.
  2. For sure. Yesterday a foursome of us TSG'ers played a round up near Bellingham talking about gear and more outings/get togethers. You will have to join us. The Washington course I really want to play is Aldarra.
  3. Well if anyone here wants to make their way out to the Seattle area, we can provide the JDM company. As for me, I probably wouldn't be able to get anyone out on any private courses. There are alot of good public ones though.
  4. Nice set up. Did you say the golf season is only three month?
  5. April 15th 2017 10:30 AM PDT. Avalon Golf Links in sunny Burlington Washington. We are able to fill a foursome, but tee times are completely wide open. Anyone out there in cyberspace want to join us by calling in and making a tee time on either side of 10:30?
  6. Thank you sir
  7. @Cuistot you good for the 15th? @Chris will you be back by then?
  8. MB

    Having swung that R1 CB/ MCI combo, that set up is the absolute truth. Fantastic setup there. GLWS
  9. I am open on the 15th as well
  10. Last week, my sixteen year old son rolled the car into the garage door and the repairman is here to install new doors. I also am having trouble logging into my work's network so I cant log in to catch up on paperwork. So what else is there to do? I could be reading a book or doing laundry, but why do those things while one can clean up the sticks and take pictures of golf clubs. My utter lack of productivity leads me to presenting you good people my WITB. Driver: PRGR 2015(New Egg, Red Egg) 10*/ Bangvoo Premium 240cpm, plays 44 5/8. Fairway: Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 4w (16.5)/ Currently with MDR S+ 75 x5ct S (Looking for a shaft to swap this one out). Hybrid: PRGR 2015 5Ut 23*/ Currently with Stock PRGR M-37 (also looking to swap this one out). Irons: Yururi Iwazono SY 0209/ Nippon Modus3 120S Wedges: 52* Grindworks SM-F and 58* Grindworks SM-B/ Nippon Modus3 125 wedge Also I want to add is that for the irons, they are gripped with the MCC+4. The wedges are gripped with the Ping wedge grip. Both are reduced taper, which I really do like for feel and control. The wedge grips are also about an inch longer than your standard grip to give me more grip room for better hand placement when needed. The putter stable: -Slighter FPR Portland, 350g head, 34" -Epon I-33, 360g, 34" -Hiro Matsumoto MZ-18, 330g, 34". Here's the story behind the Hiro...http://golf wrx/forums/topic/1163735-tom-slighter-strikes-again-hiro-matsumoto/page__p__11418029__hl__tom#entry11418029 -Yamada Emporer2, 360g 34" -Slotline California Raider, haha this was my first putter from a looooong time ago. Gotta keep this around.
  11. 22nd is better for me if we can get a mid morning tee time. Saturday the 22nd work for anyone else? Who's in?
  12. should we give Avalon a shot? A round in early/mid April?
  13. Well done Chris!
  14. will do, I'll try to get there by 11:30.
  15. We'll do some brainstorming tomorrow.