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  1. Dr.Shankenstein

    Seattle Golf Show...

    It has been years since I have been to the Seattle Golf Show and it doesn't sound like I have been missing much. Good call on the noodles though, no better way to wrap up the day. UW driving range is open and so is Puetz where you can pay a little extra to hit NXTs and get on a flightscope. Soon this snow will melt and get to play through soupy fairways. Enjoy your day off!
  2. Dr.Shankenstein


    Have you tried Clubfinders?
  3. Dr.Shankenstein

    Irons- Epon, Baldo, & Miura

    Wow, those Baldos!
  4. Dr.Shankenstein

    cleaning the closet Yonex NanoV

    Excellent, enjoy!
  5. Dr.Shankenstein

    cleaning the closet Yonex NanoV

    Yururis sold and heading to Ontario. Yonex is what's left. Can separate heads from shafts, shoot me an offer.
  6. Dr.Shankenstein

    cleaning the closet Yonex NanoV

    returned your PM
  7. Dr.Shankenstein

    cleaning the closet Yonex NanoV

    Modus sold and heading to OK. Lets move these.
  8. Dr.Shankenstein

    cleaning the closet Yonex NanoV

    let me know if you want a different angle
  9. Dr.Shankenstein

    cleaning the closet Yonex NanoV

    hey folks, for some odd reason I cannot load the pics of the Yonex. Give me a moment and I'll figure that out and post them.
  10. Dr.Shankenstein

    cleaning the closet Yonex NanoV

    Hello all, it has been a long time since I posted here on TSG's BST and decided to do some of my own Waste Management and clean the closet. Let me know if you have questions or wanting additional pics and I will do the best I can to accommodate. Prices net and include shipping CONUS. Due to the size and weight of packages, shop around for reasonable postage. On to the stuffs... Next up is a project that I had laying around and made into a backup set. Yonex NanoV Forged 4-SW. I bought the heads used a couple of years ago from a member here and threw in a set of DGSL S300 and 1050GH pulls I had laying around. The 5-pw have the Dynamic Goldsm the 4i, AW,and SW has the Nippons. These are in great shape and standard bag chatter one would find with a soft forging. It is my understanding that these are S20C forged at Endo. If anyone can confirm or refute this, let me know. 5-pw are gripped with Iomic midsize that needs to be soon replaced, the 4 has a standard No1 which is in good shape. No grips on the AW and SW. I do recall having to do butt extensions on some of the DGSL to get them to standard length, but I cannot remember which ones and how long. Hence the price $165 net.
  11. Dr.Shankenstein

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

  12. Dr.Shankenstein

    muqu iron set test:

    Oh do tell.
  13. Dr.Shankenstein

    Thinking about wedges

    I knew you had wedges, but this is amazing. Let's get together with Nobmontana and do a wedge shootout. I bet Chris might have a set or two laying around too.
  14. Dr.Shankenstein

    Thinking about wedges

    The Sevens has certainly caught my eye seeing them in your and Cuistot's bag. Another that has caught my eye are the Baldo's V2s, but that is going by looks. I havent seen any reviews on them as yet. I feel that with the name Razzle Dazzle, I need to have the short game to match.
  15. Dr.Shankenstein

    Thinking about wedges

    I continue to have the itch to change up my bag a bit. I will be playing a different set of irons for me this year and wanting to add some wedges to the bottom of my bag. I like my 52 & 58 set up and have been working (and continue to work) on getting comfortable with different shots with each. My stock swing for the middle of my bag is sweeper/ picker, but for wedges (<115 yds) I am playing around with different AoA, face manipulations, and backswings. I take full shots with my 52, but not so much with the 58. Living here in the PNW, conditions vary quite a bit, especially season to season. One could potentially have a full arsenal of wedges to match the conditions of the course. However I am looking for versatility. Currently I have been playing the Vokey SM5 52-12 F grind and the SM5 58-08 M grind. By perusing this site, I can find something comparable to the F grind pretty easily. My question is what is out there in the JDM world that is comparable to the M grind? Fill my mind with your knowledge.