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  1. hey, welcome back. Lets go play soon.
  2. Sold and headed to SoCal. thanks buyer and TSG.
  3. sent you another DM, I don't have your address.
  4. DM replied
  5. want to move this, send your reasonable offers.
  6. Would love to have y'all join us. There is much that the Seattle Metro area has to offer for places to play. I got to try three new (to me) places I wouldn't have ever thought to play. Great company and fun golf.
  7. Sudas cant fulfill their destiny if they are just sitting around in the closet.
  8. thanks for taking a look. Lets get together for a round soon and good luck with your sale. looks like the miura's kicked your modarts out of the bag?
  9. I can't tell, but any of those putter shafts the N.S. Pro heavy?
  10. They are kinda like dogs, except they say "meow".
  11. Up for sale is an Akira Prototype M2-21. 21* fairway (7w), 221g, head only. In excellent shape, some marks on face. Pics tell the story. Original HC. Shipped CONUS $50. International buyers, please DM for shipping options. SOLD
  12. This is THE ONE course in WA that I want to play. Some one has got to have some sort of connection. I just sent you all email about the HC availability.
  13. anyone? anyone? We are actually a fun group of guys. Come on out!
  14. awesome, would love to have you meet us. At this rate, we have been making an effort to get together once per month, somewhere between Seattle and BC. If we pull PDX folks in, we will accommodate their commute into the equation as well. We will be looking at mid May for our next get together. Maybe Chris will be back in the area to join us as well.