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  1. It looks and I bet it tastes delicious. Is there something different about the fourth stomach? I imagine it is probably a little more tender. My only experience with cow stomach is the tripe at our local dim sum carts.
  2. I really enjoyed the food pics as well. Tell me more about that sandwich (5th pic down). Thanks for sharing.
  3. what's the playing length of the setup?
  4. Any thoughts on splitting the head and shaft?
  5. beautiful set there. GLWS!
  6. I hear that Continental Golf does fantastic work.
  7. SM5: 52.12 F &58.8M
  8. Thanks! I am not really a doctor, but I have been called a Dr. before.
  9. Those Audis are sharp. Being a family of five, we need a bit more room.
  10. Hello TSG enthusiasts. I first discovered this site about five years ago and have occasionally visited since then (I spend most of my time on wrx). Like many of you I am at the point to take a more serious look at JDM offerings and slowly put together a bag. I figured that introducing myself on this site is a good place to start. I live in Seattle and pretty much been in Washington all of my 47 years. I did live in New Orleans, LA for two years while working towards a graduate degree at Tulane University. My family background is Thai. Unfortunately I do not speak with any proficiency, but I am working on it and travel to the motherland whenever I get the chance. I have been married for the past 18 years and have two sons and a daughter. So much of my free time is spent attending their concerts, soccer games, and gymnastic meets. I first picked up a golf club back in high school but could not really call myself a golfer. I had a couple friends who lived on golf courses and we would sneak on in between groups to play a couple holes and drink beer from a can. Well actually we drank alot of beers and swinging a club was just an afterthought. Never really picked up the game and spent most of my time walking around golf courses drinking beer, playing soccer (futbol), got into rock climbing and mountaineering, and snow skiing. After a couple near misses up in the mountains, I decided to hang up my crampons and look at golf again. And I never looked back. I thought I would never find anything as expensive a skiing but here I am trying to find deals here on the BST. thanks and looking forward to being a part of this community and learning from you all. Cheers!
  11. Yes, makes sense for sure. I was on tourspecgolf and asked about specs on some heads I was interested. They were only able to give me a "ballpark" or an educated guess.
  12. so pardon me for the newbie questions... Are lofts not indicated anywhere on the heads? I have been asking around about the prior gen 535 and they said that lofts are not identified on the heads. any insights?
  13. do you still got that bangvoo?
  14. so Meghan Allard Deal and I were trying to figure out when the last time there were a little boy in the White House. All the POTUS' we thought of all had daughters since JFK. Is that right? We are talking school age children not adult children.

    1. TourSpecGolfer


      wow good observation!