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  1. Sorry, i dont have any wellness tips for you. Take care of yourself my friend. Lets go walk 18 soon.
  2. If you were to throw any of the shimadas into this spectrum, where would they land?
  3. Good info here. I pretty much fall into this camp. Love my 120s.
  4. Agreed, Loomis Trails is a fun and challenging track. Lots of surprises along the fairway and looking forward to going back with a little bit of course knowledge under my belt. The very first time I played this was 10+ years ago and had to quit at the turn because I lost my dozen or so balls. Last Sunday I just lost four.
  5. Sorry it took a while to get back to this. I have a 10:40 and a 10:50 for Sunday July 21st. Please let me know by Friday afternoon so I can call and make changes to this reservation. If there ends up just being four of us, I can see what is available between 11am and noon. Looking forward to sharing a round of golf and meeting new TSG'ers. https://golfloomis.com/
  6. 7/20, I'm in. Tee times aren't available for that weekend until Saturday. If we can get a headcount, I can make the tee time. I presume mid to late morning? Nobmontana, Welcome back. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.
  7. looks like just another alignment tool to me. If one already didn't have one, I suppose this would suffice. I am all for Kickstarter and supporting peoples projects.
  8. where did you play? Happy Father's day btw.
  9. where are those 1008s? Looking forward to reading your Yonex review.
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