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    Epon, Yamaha, PRGR, Fourteen, Honma irons, Labospec,Kamui TP-07 nitrogen&KPX and crazy 435 drivers,PRGR, Yamahaand RC FWs, Vokey, Bridgestone , Yamha and PRGR forged wedges, Epon or Titleist Cameron putters
  1. I use a RC SFD Ti 21º, but if flights a little too high and not very long, I´m thinking on XXIO and PRGR 2017 7W, any opinion? or do you prefers another ones, some one said me Crazy Ti or Grandista, both very expensive thanks
  2. Hi, Is there any advantage of one driver´s face with titanium TP2 against 6AL-4V?
  3. Hi, I´m 67 y.o. and I have been fitted today, and that is my horrible speed with de driver, I will be pleased if you can give you advice about which shaft´s brand and model can be very good for this speed, my hdcp. is 10. Also I need advice for one easy 7Fw. Thanks to all you
  4. I will be pleased if you can tell me a good shaft driver with tip diameter .350, i need to replace one and I will prefer not to use one .335 with sleeve
  5. EPON 102 and 103

    I sell the following drivers, all with theirs original Epon headcovers, all the drivers have been bought at the spanish distributor, and the drivers are in Barcelona(Spain) : 1 driver Epon 103, loft 10,5º, condition 8/10 the problem is that many times the ball touch the upper clubface and the paint is less shiny near the clubface, only head US$199, plus shipping, or best offer 1 Driver Epon 102, loft 9,5º, condition 5,5/10, the problem that is one aerea of 1,5x1,3cm where the paint is affected , as you can to se on the top, but don´t affect the playability of the driver , IS ONLY A PAINT PROBLEM, clubhead alone $125 plus shipping, or best offer 1 driver Epon 102 , loft 10,5º,condition 9,5/10 , clubhead alone: PRICE US$249 , plus shipping, or best offer
  6. New OT75 and OT105 Shafts Coming by Mitsubishi

    They are tapered?
  7. Best Hi Cor driver?

    Just for fun, which Hi Cor driver do you think is the best and longest driver? Ryoma? PRGR super egg? others? For one swing speed of 95mph, how much increase in distance can be real between one legal as the PRGR egg 2015 drive and the 2015 PRGR super egg?
  8. Honma Blades TW727M

    This model is excellent but, for me with todays prices, the 717M is the one to go for, the back of the clubhead is more clean/less distracting, flight a very very little more high , helps on long irons#3-4i and helps on the shorters to stop better, same accuracy,and easy to shot, well really both fantastics models, better than the Epon AF tour, P2, Yamaha or Fourteen FH100? impossible to say for me, some days I like one others change and a new honey moon begin.
  9. PRGR DAT 811 specs?

    thanks to all for your help, the 811 are forged, and really big, but so easy that compared to my Epon Af tour, P2, 302 or Honma TW717M, or Yamaha 2013 blades or Fourteen FH1000, or PRGR 500 or ID BL, is the easy selection when I´m not playing enough golf, two rounds at month, almost in winter, so easy that take the stance and shot, the ball is in the green, thanks to supo67 I have discovered them but I will try the 801, surely so easy with better look. How will you rate the TM R9 forged?
  10. PRGR DAT 811 specs?

    I will be pleased to know the specs of this set of irons 4-PW, I have been looking at internet but can´t to find these specs, thanks for your help
  11. RYOMA F3, 15º Fw

    Ryoma D-1 F3, 15º, practically new, shaft Tour AD Ryoma F, flex SR, headcover included. Price: 380$ or best offer BE AWARE: I will be out of the town until next November 10th
  12. I sell one Ryoma D-1, F5 18º, new never used, with headcover included, logically without shaft. Price: 350$ + shipping, or best offer.
  13. Tourstage 709mc/CB comparisons?

    Hi Supo, dis you reported the 909 vs 905? and which 909 was compared?
  14. I plays Epon AF-tour, not the CB, and I´m thinking to upgrade to the Personal, which are the differences between these two models? For me the AF-tour are a little short, but with very goof fee, accuracy and not a very difficult iron, only a little more that an easy blade as is the Mizuno MP-33.
  15. thanks I´m used to play small clubheads, that is not a problem, but really the Epon AF tour needs your attention at every shot, and when you are tired..., I have also the Mizuno MP-33, good iron and more easy than the AF-tour, but instead I prefers the Epon, and that is the reason for to look for something with this feel, accuracy and a little more forgiveness