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  1. Hi, unloading 2 great items 1. 2013 Yamaha Inpres X Tour Model heads 5i - 52* (7 heads). Everyone has his favorite Yamaha iron model, and this is me. I've tried older and newer models, but this one is the best IMO but it's time to let my ego go and play GI irons The condition is really good as in the photo. I can say 5-PW are in mint condition $400 shipped outside Asia, $370 within Asia. I'll ship via EMS which will reach you within 5 business days or less normally with tracking 2. Roddio Pentacross I-6 R flex shaft 5-PW (6 pieces) with OnOff grips (except the shaft for 7i is with Golfpride) 1 time pulled except 7i was pulled 2 times, pulled by Golfcrafts shop (Epon dealer here), length is longer than standard about 0.5" $400 shipped outside Asia, $370 within Asia via EMS Thanks for looking, Mark Yamaha 5-7 8-52* Roddio I-6 R
  2. WTB: Honma BeZeal 535 Utility

    Like the one in the link below, any loft, prefer R flex but will consider all. Thanks Mark https://www.tourspecgolf.com/honma-bezeal-535-utility.html
  3. Roddio i8/i9 stiff iron shafts

    Just in case... I have Roddio I-6 5-PW to let go. Thx
  4. Hi all, forgot about this The wedges are still available and I keep it in the bag, didn't use it. So the condition is still as in the photo Will ship it via EMS with should arrive you within 5 days anywhere. Thanks Mark
  5. TSG Clubworks props

    Happy gaming it. Congrats
  6. SOLD -Yamaha Inpres UD+2, 5-AS with MCI50R

    Sold to local guy. Thanks TSG and all offers anyway Mark
  7. SOLD -Yamaha Inpres UD+2, 5-AS with MCI50R

    Hi, willing to lower the price now. Give me some offer again guys. Thanks
  8. SOLD ----- Epon 502 Never Hit

    Personally I prefer 502 over 503 (owned 502 and hit 503). GLWS
  9. TSG Club Works - New Finish / Matte Black Boron

    Still love my soft black but this also looks great!
  10. Hi all, this is the longest iron loft per loft. Best selling for distance category in Japan. The one listed here is in red color from 2015; Yamaha relaunched this model in 2016 in blue color 8 pieces: 5-PW, AW, AS + MCI50 R-flex shaft + Iomic grip as in the photo. The condition is great. I have many iron sets so didn't play each one as much. Pls see these links for spec and brand new price: (the price on below link is for 4 pieces only and in stock shaft) https://www.tourspecgolf.com/yamaha-inpres-ud-2-iron-7-pw-4pcs.html http://golf.yamaha.com/products/inpres_ud2_iron.html Asking for $1,250 SOLD PayPal gifted including shipping to anywhere via EMS (should reach you within 1 week with tracking). Thanks for looking Mark
  11. Wonder what you think especially comparing to JDM irons you own. Thx Mark
  12. Closed: found

    Sold out everywhere as I searched. Who know where I can find it or happen to have one brand new, let me know. Black or blue color only. Don't want either medium or small size. Thanks Mark
  13. (Sold) Yamada Shogun burning copper 33"

    Sold! Thx J for smooth transaction Mark
  14. Hi, For sell is UST Mamiya Recoil450 taper 5-PW shafts. All shafts are brand new except the 7i which is used but in good condition as in the photo. More info/spec is here http://www.ustmamiya.com/golf-shafts/brands/recoil/recoil-450-iron/ This is for low club head speed guys or senior/junior/lady Asking for only $210 SOLD for this set of 6 shafts, PP gifted, shipped. Thanks for looking Mark ** SOLD locally but thanks TSG anyway