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  1. Just bought Z585 with Miyazaki Mahina stock shaft. Surprised by the word “tour issue” on the shaft but overall performance of whole club is pretty good so far. Like this driver more than D-1 Ryoma. Will experiment with some of the shafts I have My HS is senior speed at 87MPH but I picked this instead of XXIO X. Srixon feels much better
  2. Thanks BNG and all interests Thanks TSG too Sold but I regret it already Mark
  3. Retake the photo from top view and decide to keep the shaft for potential experiment in future and drop the price. Thanks.
  4. Nob, thanks. This kind of post makes the forum alive
  5. GIII sold to local guy. Yamaha's still available. Thx
  6. Hi all, 1. 2013 GIII 460HR Hi COR driver 10* with R-flex shaft: **no head cover** GIII is the same company as OnOff (http://g3.globeride.co.jp). More info about this driver is here http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/giii-2013-460hr-hi-cor-driver-review/ $260 shipped anywhere with tracking, PP gifted to me 2. 2017 Yamaha UD+2 9.5* with SR-flex shaft $260 shipped anywhere with tracking, PP gifted to me Thanks for looking Mark
  7. Hi Free, got this info from Chris 52* -> 6* bounce, 58* -> 12* bounce Selling this coz I have to change wedge set to 54*/60* due to new iron set
  8. Hi all, 1. Silver mirror finished Ryoma F3, F5, F7 heads only with original head covers. $300/head or $840 for 3 heads 2. Crazy Tour wedges 52* and 58* heads only $220 for 2 heads Prices in USD, PP gifted to me, shipped anywhere with tracking. Thanks for looking ALL SOLD to local folks. Thanks TSG and all interests anyway Mark
  9. I’m still checking it out here almost every day. Hope for more insight of new gears and open discussions on equipments, etc Mark
  10. Hi, yes and yes. The Roddio I-6 is still available and it's .355 tapered. Thx Mark
  11. Hi guys, I forgot to tell you that this putter will come with Crazy head cover instead of Epon's
  12. Thx Mikey and thx guys for all offers but no trade at this time
  13. Epon Zen putter head only with its original ferrule. This one is really in mint condition Asking for $500 SOLD shipped anywhere PP gifted to me. Thanks for looking Mark
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