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    Endo Golf Lab, EPON, 7D, Fujikura, Roddio, Crazy
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    Drivers: still thinking which one, FW: OnOff AKA w LaboSpec shaft, UT: OnOff AKA w Recoil, Irons: TM P790 w Recoil, Wedges: Crazy Tour, Putter: Scotty Cameron NP2 Notchback MOTO

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  1. Epon Zen with black shaft

    Hi guys, I forgot to tell you that this putter will come with Crazy head cover instead of Epon's
  2. Epon Zen with black shaft

    Thx Mikey and thx guys for all offers but no trade at this time
  3. Epon Zen with black shaft

    Epon Zen putter with custom shimada black shaft and leather grip. The shaft was sent to me (via TSG) from Gold Factory. This putter is in really good condition as in the photo On top view, that's blue tape I use as aiming dot. Just take it off if you don't like it. It won't affect the putter's texture in any way. The photo below were taken days ago but I just can make up my mind to sell it today. Asking for $700 shipped to USA and Europe, or $650 shipped to Asia. Further discount if you happen to pick up from me in Bangkok Thailand. Thanks for looking Mark
  4. Hi T, I didn't try the 718-TMB or any PXG. Had done some research and then tried G400, AP3, Srixon Zx65 during that period. Also I owned XXIO7, Yamaha UD+2, and have access to all Epon models While UD+2 is very long, I don't like the look and feel... same reason made me sell XXIO and didn't pick Epon 7series. P790 is surprisingly more forgiving than the UD+2 P790 gives me good distance and forgiveness but the thing made me to buy is that its feel is much better
  5. Rougespringer91, thanks for answering my question After posting, I got a chance to hit AP3 along side with some other irons (but not the Rogue). I went with TM P790, and it's the set that made me sell my long-time gamer the beloved 2013 Yamaha Tour
  6. Roddio I-6 shafts

    Yamaha heads sold. Thanks KC and TSG Roddio is still available.
  7. Roddio I-6 shafts

    Thx Ian
  8. Roddio I-6 shafts

    Hi all, Yamaha sold 1. 2013 Yamaha Inpres X Tour Model heads 5i - 52* (7 heads). Everyone has his favorite Yamaha iron model, and this is me. I've tried older and newer models, but this one is the best IMO but it's time to let my ego go and play GI irons The condition is really good as in the photo. I can say 5-PW are in mint condition $400 shipped outside Asia, $370 within Asia. I'll ship via EMS which will reach you within 5 business days or less normally with tracking 2. Roddio Pentacross I-6 R flex shaft 5-PW (6 pieces) with OnOff grips (except the shaft for 7i is with Golfpride) 1 time pulled except 7i was pulled 2 times, pulled by Golfcrafts shop (Epon dealer here), length is longer than standard about 0.5" $400 shipped outside Asia, $370 within Asia via EMS Thanks for looking, Mark Roddio I-6 R
  9. WTB: Honma BeZeal 535 Utility

    Like the one in the link below, any loft, prefer R flex but will consider all. Thanks Mark https://www.tourspecgolf.com/honma-bezeal-535-utility.html
  10. Roddio i8/i9 stiff iron shafts

    Just in case... I have Roddio I-6 5-PW to let go. Thx
  11. Hi all, forgot about this The wedges are still available and I keep it in the bag, didn't use it. So the condition is still as in the photo Will ship it via EMS with should arrive you within 5 days anywhere. Thanks Mark
  12. TSG Clubworks props

    Happy gaming it. Congrats
  13. SOLD -Yamaha Inpres UD+2, 5-AS with MCI50R

    Sold to local guy. Thanks TSG and all offers anyway Mark
  14. SOLD -Yamaha Inpres UD+2, 5-AS with MCI50R

    Hi, willing to lower the price now. Give me some offer again guys. Thanks
  15. SOLD ----- Epon 502 Never Hit

    Personally I prefer 502 over 503 (owned 502 and hit 503). GLWS