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  1. 5w shaft S flex

    Went with the Crazy. Thanks guys!
  2. 5w shaft S flex

    Anything out there?
  3. 5w shaft S flex

    Can you pm me pics and price please
  4. 5w shaft S flex

    That could work. What’s the length? Has it already been tipped for a 5w? Price?
  5. Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    This is very true. I know little about him but now that they’re in Scottsdale and I may or may not have friends inside the company, they are very much in the know when it comes to golf and golf equipment with many resources invested in the industry.
  6. Consistently longest, that’s easy...jBeam/Crazy 435. I’ve had them on many shafts but it was most consistent on a Seven Dreamers shaft. Had many gps and competition measured in the 360yd range.
  7. Great Article on our ol friend Tario!

    Thanks for posting! He’s missed around here for sure.
  8. JBeam Bullet?

    Tell me about this driver...
  9. JBEAM G-FW Full Titanium Fairway Woods

    Any comparison to the newer Ryoma 3w?
  10. JBeam Bullet?

    Thank you Rich for getting a review up. I can’t believe it took this long for someone to hit it! I’m liking this club on paper but I fight the left when I miss. Would I need to worry about that more so with this head than my 435?
  11. j-beam driver heads......,

    Since you’re taking requests, next try the Bullit and sell it to me! Lol
  12. j-beam driver heads......,

    I wish you could have hit the Bullit. I want to try that thing really bad!!!
  13. Sorry bud, you lost me...???
  14. Crazy TJ-80 La Bomba 8.2 flex uncut 9/10
  15. Crazy MB

    One of the few blades that’s ever tempted me away from the Flatbacks! Beautiful set and good luck.
  16. I haven’t even thought about a putter since the Zen but this looks absolutely stunning!!!
  17. JBeam Bullet?

    Are you saying that I’m going to have to “bite the bullet”?
  18. I rarely get rid of stuff so hurry up before I change my mind!! :) My hallowed Yururi 2010 Flatbacks on KBS C-Taper RS shafts 4-pw. My favorite irons of all time! Yes, they look brand new and are in very good shape but they are well played. That's the best thing about raw black irons, any time you want them to look brand new you can simply dip them in black oxide. $650 Nearly brand new set of Nippon Modus 3 120s in X flex. My favorite steel shaft. 4-pw. $140 Quadra FEX Max WBQ 65 S used but uncut. My favorite shaft until I went SD. $225 Crazy LaBomba TJ-80 8.2 flex used but uncut. Great shaft for the big hitters! $225 All prices net to me including domestic shipping. Will consider splitting international shipping.
  19. Yururi Flatbacks, Crazy, Quadra, Nippon shafts

    Sorry spoon, Quadra was sold. My bad for not updating.
  20. R flex driver shaft

    Looking for an R flex low trajectory driver shaft, preferable to play 46" in a Ryoma Special Tuning.
  21. JBeam Bullet?

    Any more info or player reviews on this?
  22. R flex driver shaft

    I don’t know anything about that shafts. What are the specs? This is for a friend but he needs something low launch.
  23. close

    That makes sense to me but the flat Kamui I had was an absolute pleasure to look at sitting properly flat at address and certainly harder to pull/hook/draw.
  24. close

    Kamui Works is the only one I know of.
  25. close

    I've been told you can bend forged irons up to 4* and I have done that with a set but I don't know if there's a set answer.