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  1. i've gotta suspect the appreciation for quality and craftsmanship we share for jdm gear must spill over into the watch world so i thought i'd find out. i'm sporting my all time fav...ulysse nardin marine perpetual. so...what are you wearing today???
  2. chiromikey

    CGS Orion Closer MB

    Any CB pics?
  3. chiromikey

    WTB Epon Copper Irons

    If I can get that much, maybe they are for sale! Lol
  4. chiromikey

    WTB Epon Copper Irons

    That’s why I’m afraid to sell mine. I don’t want to end up here looking for them again! GL!
  5. If I was home to pirate it for free I would but I’m not paying to watch golf unless I’m on 16 at the Phoenix Open. Actually I don’t even pay there. I guess the short answer is no.
  6. chiromikey

    MAGO by Benock!

    I can’t stand a plumbers neck. They’ve driven me away from many a nice putter. This is much nicer!
  7. chiromikey

    and now... my flatsticks!

    All my putters have cabretta Gripmasters and I only play the Taylormade TP5x so those variables are solved for. Any help with the comparisons between SS and carbon steel?
  8. chiromikey

    and now... my flatsticks!

    How does SS feel and sound compared to carbon steel? The only SS head I have is an old Beti but it has a copper insert. For you putter hos, if the Epon Zen is my Holy Grail for feel and sound, what might I like/dislike about a Benock? Is the JSS upgrade purely for bragging rights or are there noticeable differences? (I’m not asking if it’s better or going to make me better, I’m more than willing to pay for subjective differences if they appeal to me)
  9. chiromikey

    and now... my flatsticks!

    That was my plan for this year until my father got sick. I’ll get over there again, not sure when...but it will happen!
  10. chiromikey

    and now... my flatsticks!

    Nice Nob! I’m trying to work out some specs on a Benock right now. I’m asking for some unconventional modifications and I’m not sure if we’ll get there but I’m hoping.
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    I vote unique!
  12. chiromikey

    2018 changman

    I also sold my Maru wedges and it took a while to find replacements. Lost money on that bit of idiocy.
  13. chiromikey

    nothing beats a benock

    With as much pure ugly as there is nowadays in the modern putter world, I actually like the shape of the MM...and this is coming from a guy who’s gamer and favorite style putter is the Epon Zen.
  14. chiromikey

    Japanese DLC

  15. chiromikey

    Longest 3 wood

    How’s the face angle? As closed as all their drivers?
  16. chiromikey


    Is this the newest version?
  17. chiromikey

    Epon SUS316 & Miura CB 1008 LTD comparos

    If the Marus did have an actual finish, mine is long gone. Even so, and as you said, they’re not the best feeling.
  18. chiromikey

    New KYOEI Website

    Make it 4, 5, and 6 while we’re at it!
  19. chiromikey

    Epon SUS316 & Miura CB 1008 LTD comparos

    With all the talk about 99.3 Fe being pure and feeling better, my Marus were definitely some of the best performers but they were also some of my least favorite “feel” wedges.
  20. chiromikey

    New KYOEI Website

    That all makes sense. When the MBs and CBs look so similar in size and shape and spec with the same lofts, lies, and offsets, you can see our eagerness to think these would match well.
  21. chiromikey

    New KYOEI Website

    The website lists FP as identical. Is that not the case?
  22. chiromikey

    New KYOEI Website

    I have the Protos, not the new KK...but I’m still confused as to why the CBs wouldn’t blend well with either MB.
  23. chiromikey

    Epon SUS316 & Miura CB 1008 LTD comparos

    Thanks Nobs! I’ve had a chance to play around with the Miuras but somehow the Epon SUS are a head that has never made it’s way to me. Having owned most of the cult Epons I’m not sure why these didn’t do anything for me. I think maybe they just came out when I was deep into blades or I got tired of Epon’s insistence of moderate amounts of offset. Anyways, I had no idea these were that soft, maybe I’ll have to reconsider. I have to agree with you about heavier steel shafts bringing out the best in forged heads. My iD-BLs with Modus120 X are the best feeling club I have. And there’s honestly not even a close second. The weight is the only explanation I have for an X flex shaft feeling better than any of the S flexes I typically play.
  24. chiromikey

    New KYOEI Website

    Well I’m thoroughly confused. Going by the specs and few pics, they look like they’d be a perfect match to make a combo set out of. I understand if they won’t be sold that way but I was thinking about buying the CBs and shuffling them in with my MBs at my leisure. I guess I’m missing something here...
  25. chiromikey

    New KYOEI Website

    Ok, so it’s not that these wouldn’t make a good combo set, it’s that they won’t be sold as a combo. Is that a better way to put it?