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  1. Looking for a raw finish blade

    The Yururi PDGs are not raw and don’t feel anywhere near as good as their raw Flatbacks.
  2. Epon Zen with black shaft

    Beautiful. Mine is still my gamer and I doubt anything will ever move it out of the bag...at least until I can get custom fitted for a Benock. GLWS!
  3. ***** MY new driver builds THREAD ******

    I’d agree with that selection so far...but no Egg7 in your hof?
  4. Kyoei

    Hope you find some, they’re worth it!
  5. Longest 3 wood

    I know I’m a one trick pony but I haven’t wanted anything since the special Tourstage X-FW Type T came out. It was longer with a more piecing trajectory for me than the original Ryoma or Egg. I never use a tee with woods but I’d say for most people the later two were both a bit easier to hit off the deck...but neither felt as good and I couldn’t stand the size of the Ryoma or the sound of the Egg. Also tried a jBeam and a few others and nothing came close for distance. The most recent Tour Edge Exotics and some damn thing that I can never remember the name of that Stew let me use in Japan a few years ago felt better anything I’ve ever played. I wouldn’t mind trying the new Ryoma but the Tourstage is so good I bought a second as back up for pretty cheap.
  6. ***** MY new driver builds THREAD ******

    This is funny...these are the last two drivers to survive my collection. Even after all these years I don’t know that there’s been anything better than the 435 or D1 V-Spec!
  7. Always love your reviews buddy...but I can’t believe it’s taken you this long to try this combo! The 435/7D hasn’t been out of my bag since you and I played in Japan several years ago! My original review is around here somewhere and my only update would be that this head/shaft combo just gets better. My swing has gone to crap but it still keeps me in play with respectable distance and scoring far better than I deserve.
  8. Just booked Kapalua for Monday and Tuesday the 1st and 2nd of May if anyone will be there. I never go to Maui so if there are any suggestions I’m open.
  9. JDM Driver Durability?

    I have had one driver face crack on me. It was a Crazy 435 and a few years old and TSG/Crazy were awesome about replacement. I know I was lucky with that! Granted that was back when my swing was in the 110 range but I still don’t hear about it too much around here...not even with the hi-cor stuff.
  10. Jbeam Bullet 10.5 w/ Atmos Red 5s

    Damn I wish this was 9.5*!
  11. 5w shaft S flex

    Went with the Crazy. Thanks guys!
  12. 5w shaft S flex

    Anything out there?
  13. 5w shaft S flex

    Can you pm me pics and price please
  14. 5w shaft S flex

    That could work. What’s the length? Has it already been tipped for a 5w? Price?
  15. Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    This is very true. I know little about him but now that they’re in Scottsdale and I may or may not have friends inside the company, they are very much in the know when it comes to golf and golf equipment with many resources invested in the industry.
  16. Consistently longest, that’s easy...jBeam/Crazy 435. I’ve had them on many shafts but it was most consistent on a Seven Dreamers shaft. Had many gps and competition measured in the 360yd range.
  17. Great Article on our ol friend Tario!

    Thanks for posting! He’s missed around here for sure.
  18. JBeam Bullet?

    Tell me about this driver...
  19. JBEAM G-FW Full Titanium Fairway Woods

    Any comparison to the newer Ryoma 3w?
  20. JBeam Bullet?

    Thank you Rich for getting a review up. I can’t believe it took this long for someone to hit it! I’m liking this club on paper but I fight the left when I miss. Would I need to worry about that more so with this head than my 435?
  21. j-beam driver heads......,

    Since you’re taking requests, next try the Bullit and sell it to me! Lol
  22. j-beam driver heads......,

    I wish you could have hit the Bullit. I want to try that thing really bad!!!
  23. Sorry bud, you lost me...???
  24. Crazy TJ-80 La Bomba 8.2 flex uncut 9/10