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    SHAFT/ 7w/5w/3w/driver/irons /wedges

    I think I've sent you a PM, of sorts!!
  2. Morning/afternoon/evening.

    Just out of interest at the moment, which shaft is for a 4 wood and or a 7 wood? I play FEX 70 x and FEX 70 pro x in may 4 wood and 7 wood at the moment. Any 80g shafts? What weight is the Kai'li prototype?

  3. Ian-500

    JBeam Fairways

    Hi. What is the face angle of the Glorious 16*? Ian.
  4. Bjorn, what length is the 6i. Just testing the water as I may be interested in the shafts....... 😎
  5. I had the Prototype 75x in a driver a year or so ago. Too long for me at 46.5 and possibly a little heavy for me back then. I think these were the proto version of the TP-V. Possibly a little heavy for me back then. Last time I checked my ss was 107. Regarding flex, I think it's all about 'feel', I prefer the feel of an 'x' because I 'feel' that they have more stability.
  6. Yes that's the original one sup refers to. I have the driver shafts in my 4w and 7w, see my signature. Ironically I was thinking of getting the matching hybrid shaft, a low and behold you have one!
  7. Ian-500

    Onoff Kuro 2017

    KBS $-Taper 120 stiff hard stepped once. Lol.
  8. Ian-500

    WTB JDM Cart/Staff Bag

    You're asking for a non-shiny jdm bag? Wrong market. Lol.
  9. I agree. Would love to try these. Come on forum members....
  10. Ian-500

    sold---thanks TSG

    Back at ya, come on England..
  11. Ian-500

    US Open pick

    I hope everyone has polished their helmets before teeing off..... 😆
  12. Ian-500

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    Please post a review when you can, as I've seen nothing mentioned about this head. Looks good.
  13. Ian-500

    The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    Chris, how's this compared to the G-801?
  14. Up for sale are my Taylormade P730 pw-8i and P770 7i-5i. Shafted with $-Taper 120 stiff hard stepped once, with Golf Pride MCC plus4 with 2 wraps of tape.Custom fitted at the end of November (birthday prezzie).These are in stunning condition, having just the slightest playing marks and very small indentations from where my club fitter adjusted the lie angle when they came in from TM.Specs:KBS $Taper 120 stiff, hardstepped onceSwing weight D2.5P730 – 7,8,9P770 – 5,6,70.5 inch longer3* up.Iron loft/lie5 – 24.5/64.56 – 28/657 – 32/65.58 – 36/669 – 41/66.5Pw – 46/66.5I paid £1200. Asking £800 shipped
  15. Ian-500

    Taylormade P730/P770 heads only SOLD!

  16. Ian-500

    Hybrids (jbeam/romaro/agrind)

    His easiest might be your hardest..........buy all 3 to test :)
  17. Ian-500

    Heavy driver shaft

    Original Diamana Blue board in 83 93 or 103, but I think the last two may only be x flex.
  18. Ian-500

    Taylormade P730/P770 heads only SOLD!

    No one?
  19. Ian-500

    A Korean Shaft brand called "Prism?"

    No, but tell us more about the Jean Baptiste. Just a posh Kamui Works?
  20. Ian-500

    driver face material

    Cleveland used SP700 face and carbon crown on their Launcher Comp driver and fairways back in 2005. I had a 3w and 7w. Beautiful looking head shape. I think Cobra had a DAT55G face on their ss430 too 😎
  21. Ian-500

    Taylormade P730/P770 heads only SOLD!

    Ok, £350 heads only + shipping. A steal at this price.
  22. OOooo imagine these without the paint fill... GLWS
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