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  1. Ian-500

    Who made these....

    Would love to try the STP's. Let us know how they go......
  2. Ian-500

    DA faq is going on here!!!

    Come on guys, put your stuff up for sale and let me, sorry, others buy it/try it. 😂
  3. Give me your feedback. I've never tried a RomaRo club. I like the look of all 3.
  4. Following a test via range/LM/course, these need to move on to new owners. jBEAM 435 (10* loft, 0*FA) + Crazy CB50LS 7.7 (sx flex, 67g, 2.0 torque, mid-kick), 325g total weight and playing at 45", D2, $OLD. Yonex Type-420 (10* loft, 0*FA) + Rexis M1 (x flex, 65g, 3.6 torque, mid-kick) 316g total weight and playing at 45 1/2", D3, $OLD. PRGR Egg1 (7.5*, 0*FA) + PRGR M46 (sx flex, 65g) 309g total weight and playing at 46", D2.5, $OLD. I'll post some pics tomorrow.
  5. Ian-500

    New KYOEI Website

    Chris did you have a hand in the photos on the website? Looks like your style. I'd game a combo set of the KK range. Wedge 60/56/52 MB pw-8i CB 7i-5i.
  6. Ian-500

    Crazy CRZ 450

    Much difference between this and the 435? Lovely condition.
  7. Ian-500

    Who made these....

    Golds Factory?
  8. Ian-500

    Labospec 358....Hashiri combo.

    That looks stunning.
  9. Excellent condition. With original head cover. Plays at 42 7/8" and D1.5 swing weight. Please see the pics that I'll post tomorrow as it's too dark to take photos now in the UK. Asking $250 + half of the shipping. Thanks for looking. Ian. 🙂
  10. Changed my mind. Keeping it. Lol.
  11. Photos from 3 days ago. I'll post some more with my username tomorrow.
  12. Ian-500

    FW sale. Ryoma and Kamui TP, crazy and Bazi

    What loft are the Kamui's?
  13. Ian-500

    Yamaha 2012 V Forged Tour Edition

    The RPM was/is awesome. Maybe not too forgiving but feel/sound/distance just wonderful. You've got me thinking about re-visiting ...
  14. Ian-500

    Yamaha 2012 V Forged Tour Edition

    Great heads. GLWS.
  15. Ian-500

    Shimada K's-NINE 9

  16. Ian-500

    DA faq is going on here!!!

    I'm on here all the time....!
  17. Ian-500

    DA faq is going on here!!!

    Definitely not disbanded.
  18. Ian-500

    yamaha raw black 56/60 wedge heads

    NOW that is a unicorn, the very rare LW.
  19. Ian-500

    OnOff Prospec 24 & 27

  20. Ian-500

    OnOff Prospec 24 & 27

    Just a bit of a feeler at the moment. I know that Carlo (spoon) had these a few years ago, but does anyone else have one or both sitting around doing nothing but gathering dust? If they are shafted with Roddio i8/i9/i10 then even better......, but as I say, just a feeler. PM me.