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  1. £200 for both wedges + postage net.
  2. Selling for a friend a pair of Razzle Dazzle wedges with Modus 115 wedge shafts in Stiff flexMuziik Grips50 * as a very slight stone scuffVery little use.Fantastic feel and Spin.Only selling as the Gapping is too close to my AP3’s£240GBP for both plus postage Net Not wanting Trades/ splitting heads.
  3. Trade / Sale : Miura Baby Blades

    So when are the 302's coming online.......? :)
  4. Roddio I-6 shafts and Yamaha Tour heads

    Oooooh those '13's are beauties. I've never tried those yet........... GLWS.
  5. Jbeam Bullet 10.5 w/ Atmos Red 5s

    Looks a beauty. Bet it won't last long. GLWS.
  6. Midsize grip changes SW?

    Yes a lighter sw, but I don't know by how many points on the sw scale that you'll loose. Depends on your grip weight now and your new grip weight.
  7. Yamaha 2011 /2012 Tour Model Irons Hosel ?

    As far as I know they are taper. I've had the 2011 tour and the 2012 non-tour, but they both had granite shafts.
  8. As per the title. I bought them for the shafts that they came with. Pictures tell the story. 3w in better condition. Both come with original headcovers. $75 + shipping.
  9. Come and get 'em...... 😈
  10. Quietly waiting for the release of this!

    It's actually not too bad looking. I'd like it more without the crown emblem on the sole but I understand why it's there.....
  11. Gargantuan Length Will Score
  12. Callaway Legacy Black 2013 irons

    Free shipping.
  13. Callaway Legacy Black Irons4-PWTT GS95 S200 Stiff flex shaftsI very much Doubt there’s a better condition Set out there of these....Easily 9 out of 10.Endo ForgedStand loft/lie and LengthNot looking to trade.£450 GBP NetPlus Postage.
  14. Progressive Set of 4-pw Black Nickel Honma 727Vn /727MDynamic Gold s200 StiffVery good conditionHonma head covers used from Day one and included in SaleStandard loft and Lie.Pictures tell the Story£600 GBP netPostage world wide included
  15. Same using a mobile device?
  16. Can you compare the iron shafts to others, graphite or steel?
  17. Same using a mobile device?
  18. Can't see to remove the razzle dazzle pic......
  19. My longest drive ever (335yds) was with a Kamui Works 9.5* with a Diamana Kai'li 60x
  20. Gold factory putter

    Has to be a Tae garage sale soon......
  21. Tsg clubworks

    Chris, is this still up and running? A friend would like some regrooving with some copper plating.....
  22. Tsg clubworks

    Thank you.
  23. Callaway Legacy Black 2013 irons

    No trades.