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  1. tae

    Gold factory putter

    😂😂😂😂 lollol good to see you all here
  2. tae

    Gold factory putter

    Sold! thank you guys!
  3. tae

    Gold factory putter

    Thanks nob good to be back here lol
  4. tae

    Gold factory putter

    Thanks victor good to see you here!
  5. Gold factory putter for sale. original price was $3000 sale for $1500
  6. tae

    Yamada putter

    Found it Thanks guys!!!
  7. tae

    Yamada putter

    I miss yamada putter :( anyone?
  8. That's the one! I is better than II in my opinion
  9. I'm sorry about your injury noboru san. I hope you get out there soon. If you like dense feel if DI, can't beat syb. Epon, srixon, honma, and a grind are good..... but man...... that dense feel of syb is addicting. You should seriously consider syb.
  10. Yes I do! Krank 6* driver. With Monaco, you will bomb it 400 yards :)
  11. Lol guys..... Anyway, crazy cbi 80 sold Only Monaco stiff left. Someone offer please :)
  12. Oh no I will post drivers and fws. I just happen to sell one driver(kai) with iron sale.
  13. tae

    Attas 4U 5S One Time Pull-CheaP

    Oh wow monster combo!!!! GP is very underrated driver. One of my favorite along with 435 black GLWS!!!