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  1. Any thoughts on the updated Ryoma Maxima Type D driver? I have the older model and still play it. It is a great combination of length and forgiveness. I want to know if upgrading to the newer version would be any better/longer than the previous model? As a lefty, my options are limited. Previously had a jBeam 435, and I did not care for the way it felt at impact. Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. Oh yes, he has played it 3 or 4 times. He played it the Monday after Jack Nickalaus won the Master's in 1986, and played it from the same tees, to the same pin positions. He said it was one of the more memorable rounds of golf in his life. I think that it is unlikely that I will ever have the opportunity to play there for various reasons, but who knows, maybe the stars will align one day in the future.
  3. No, unfortunately he didn't pull that one off. He is not a member, but knows a few there. He used to do some legal work for CBS sports, and got to know people there over the years, including the tailor there.
  4. So about 15 years ago, I was at the Master's tournament with my father-in-law. He mentioned that he wanted to by me a jacket as a present, which was pretty nice of him. Little did I know that he meant right then. We walk up to the clubhouse, around the side to the bag room, and the tailor for the Augusta National members is there measuring and fitting members. I get fit for a jacket, choose the fabric and buttons. The tailor asks me if I mind if he takes care of this other order before mine. I look down at the ticket he is referring to and it is none other than Arnold Palmer's order. I say, "yeah, I guess that would be ok". I still have the jacket and wear it regularly.
  5. Mob

    Name this putter and get $150 store credit!

    Edel E-1 Torque balanced?
  6. Mob

    2016 Ryoma Maxima Driver Review

    The previous model came in left handed for the Type V. Will they make the new head in left handed as well?
  7. Mob

    Itobori irons - Half Cavity

    Funny, I posted a picture of these a few months ago, and the general conclusion was that the grind wouldn't really help turf interaction. I am curious how we know that the irons are a quality forged irons. Chris, can you share your knowledge of their forging process when you post pictures of their smooth sole irons?
  8. Mob

    JBeam ZY-7 Driver!

    Any chance they will offer it in left handed model?
  9. Mob

    RYOMA 2016

    Hopefully there is a left handed low spin driver coming out...
  10. I wandered away from this club last summer, as I got a Callaway 816 DBD that I was very impressed with. This winter a friend sent me the Cobra King LTD and that has occupied my time for the past few months. I just took the Maxima back out yesterday, and it made me wonder why I ever bothered trying these other drivers. The sound and feel of the Maxima is among the best. It plays with a reliable draw for me, except on bad swings. It is as long as any other driver I have played. I would attribute the inconsistency to my swing rather than the club, but I guess the shallow hosel depth could contribute to this issue. While I expect that I will be continually rotating these 3 drivers in and out of the bag, I am going to give the Maxima a couple of weeks of prime time in the bag, so I can get used to it again.
  11. I have always been interested, but this has me actually considering it.
  12. I have it in my Callaway mini 1.5 and really love the feel of it and overall performance. I agree with the above, if the flex profile matches your swing, then a newer shaft won't necessarily be any better for you. I am not sure that this shaft is an ideal match for my swing, but it is reasonably close. Still searching for the shaft that matches my swing the best.
  13. Mob

    Yururi Black Seida Wedges

    Pretty wedges, except for the absurdly huge numbers on the back.
  14. Mob

    Miura Giken CB-1008 Irons

    Left handed?
  15. Mob

    Coming this week...

    What shaft company does she work for now?