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  1. I have a tendency to toe the driver. I'm looking for a head design that would provide forgiveness in such cases. Equivalent in USDM world is the Taylormade Sim. My current PXG 0811X is not helping. Any equivalent in JDM?
  2. Long time since I post something here ! Might sell this beauty if there are any interest around here... Brand new - A true virgin.. She never met a ball. Asking 1,200 USD (+PP fees) - shipped anywhere. Comes with its box, goodies and paperwork..
  3. Hutchy Might receive some SUS316 in the next couple of weeks... not sure I'll keep them if you're still shopping..
  4. hi there... Bought a TaylorMade Tour Red L Neck Spider Putter 2 weeks ago. What a great feel... 8/10 with 6ft. Great roll, very smooth impact but good feedback. I was wondering if you were aware of any similar product in the JDM world... Not sure this unicorn would exists...maybe a honeymoon but I'd like to compare with the Zen which is a complete different animal and my gamer for the last 4 years. Thanks T
  5. price drop ...moving house in 3 weeks and really want to get rid of this before
  6. Chris, do you know the shaft profile? Especially weight distribution?
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