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  1. This thing looks interesting. How does it work off the tee vs the deck? Anything else interesting out there.
  2. Never tried a 7 wood, I don't really hit my 5 wood great, but my twins are getting into golf and if things go to plan I might be at the driving range a lot more to test things out.
  3. I am looking for a good hybrid/utility. I have been using a Honma, and Srixon driving iron, but I have this old Sonartec MD 21 that I hit really well. I think I'm going to move away from the DI for this year and try some Hybrids. Any recommendations? I am okay with older models since I could probably buy a few and test them out.
  4. Sorry i'm with Supo on this one. I have the 702, which I bought brand new and I couldn't imagine treating them the way those were treated. Also, why would you want a set of 703 and 705s? That does't make sense. It seems as if someone pieced together a random set of left over clubs and figured since it said Epon someone would buy it. If you could return them that would be great if not good luck.
  5. Thanks!! I had a feeling it was NS, based on the writing on the shaft, but wasn't sure.
  6. Does anyone know what shafts come stock in the Yamada putters (e.g Kamakura).
  7. Thanks, I will reach out and post some pictures if I pull the trigger.
  8. I gave them a call, not sure if they are still in business. The website also appears to be down. Any other recommendations???
  9. Does anyone know where I can get a Hiro putter refinished at a decent price?
  10. I just tried sending you a PM for the shafts you have in the BST.

  11. I have been using Global Express to ship via FedEx.
  12. Gotta wait on the wedges now, EMS is not shipping to the US from Japan.
  13. Seems like everyone is loving the boutique wedges. If I'm being honest would prefer to stay more main stream like PRGR or Bridgestone that were mentioned. I am not ready to invest in building out a set of boutique wedges, with raw components (and shipping from Japan) yet, unless I find a awesome deal (which probably won't happen). Is TSG the only reputable place to get those heads in the US? supo, what year nablas are you talking about? Anybody game the Bridgestoe that were mentioned?
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