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  1. No worries. My chrome set of 302's will hold me over for as long as it takes!
  2. Swizbeatz

    302 Copper

    Looking for a RH set
  3. Any way to verify authenticity? I've got 3 sets of 302's in hand and all three have a different font, 2 are stamped while one is etched. Is there somewhere I can call that will check a serial number for me?
  4. Have a set of Epon af 502 w/ shamada tour lite if interested

  5. Swizbeatz

    Epon 302

    Looking for a set of 302 or similar size. Located in US.
  6. Swizbeatz


    Where do you need it shipped to?
  7. I think it's because the big companies have been in a marketing arms race over the last decade or so and distance seems to be the only thing that matters. The best way to know some hack at golf galaxy will hit the new 7 iron farther is to change the loft. I tend to bend mine a little weak or else instead of 4-pw I'd buy 5-P and add a 48*. Can't do a 43* PW and the usual 52/56/60 wedge setup.
  8. For me they tend to launch higher and have tendency to turn left a little less. Lots of them on tour in fairways, tour blue and hazardous red are both popular. Oban just came out with the "devotion high balance" which is a great looking shaft IMO.
  9. Epon is not a very versatile grind, mostly just a standard full sole. 213 has a decent amount of offset. I've carried 210 in 52/56 but always went something else in the 60. If it's your highest lofted wedge I think no brainer to go Miura if the grind works well for you.
  10. If anyone wants 4-p in the epon CB I want the 3 iron.
  11. You said August release right? Can you put me in touch with a good dealer considering TSG doesn't carry? I like my 210's but they are huge, especially if I'm gaming P2 instead of 302.
  12. Yep. I play mine 44.25 and also build my 3 wood -.5".
  13. Loft is your friend. The top end of my bag goes 915 16.5 4 wood set to 18*, 23/27 hybrid, 5 iron. There isn't a 3 wood head or shaft that would have allowed me to hit a fairway as high as just going with more loft.
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