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  1. Hey dreamer, If its still available I'll take it. Thanks
  2. Let me know if you have this driver head please. Looking to see if it's a good fit for the slow fall/winter season. Aeration already started...can't believe summer is gone already. Thanks. Only looking for this head specifically. -J-
  3. Nice clubs! What would you say the difference is in the 2014 model?
  4. I've been thinking about getting a driver for the off season when I'm not playing nearly as much and I remember how Chris spoke of this version. Now that you've had the summer with this set (driver in particular), any new insight or feedback? It doesn't seem like too many members are gaming this. I was hoping to see more feedback from people as opposed to being a pioneer, lol.
  5. As a coffee snob I'm very particular with what I use in both machine and beans. All beans come from reviews based out of coffeereview.com each month. Subjective Flavor and profile decides it for me. I've tried these machines and they just don't cut it (For me). I wish they did. Don't get me wrong...I have a kuerig for certain guests and when in a hurry grind my 7-11 grams of beans and use a filter in it. Like golf I have just about every contraption for coffee. Espresso not so much ( Turkish coffee setup, aeropress, and a crappy breville that will make a good espresso after the 3rd attempt) Really espresso is such an art that I don't have time to get it perfect. If you like the taste from that machine...Great!!! I haven't found a machine yet that will knock the snob out of me from a nice professionally made espresso. For coffee, t'm sure I know much more about it than golf. 100% of the time I use Glass all the way down to the spoon. 75% of the time I use a french press because it's methodical, quick and easy. 20% I use a Cona vacuum because it is by far the best flavor (for me) but takes more time and care than the press. 5% of the time I use various chemex glass. Along with the Cona Vacuum I will also use a hario Nouveau 5. I prefer the Cona but Hario is just as tasty. For anyone that wants Outstanding coffee I would suggest one of those companies. Hario is Japanese I believe. Not sure where it is manufactured though. They did not sell these in the U.S. I had to get mine through a company in a South Africa. lol
  6. I wish it were that easy for me to change iron shafts. KBS T is the butter in my swing. It's like my wife...it just works. lol
  7. Grasping at a chance someone has a set of KBS Tour Black Pearls (taper) not being used. 4-P
  8. was hoping to see v.2012 but like my yammy 2009 some years are just hard to beat. How do these compare to the 2012? Send me a PM with desired price. Thanks.
  9. Have always played my yammy T 2009 or mizuno 53"s as backup sets particularly at the beginning of year. Ground is rock hard, morning temps still in the 20's F°. Continually hear about the VG3's and never really see them on BST so I hoping someone has a backup set of these so I can give them a try. Thanks
  10. Thanks guys. Hutchy, you've used both shafts? How would you differentiate them?
  11. Looking to try a different shaft in a Ryoma Maxima type G. Open to offers/options with low to mid kick...looking to create more of a draw. Stock stiff fades too much with my path/driver-head. Prefer Crazy Noir line (SR-S/6.7-7.4)…l
  12. Haven't seen a game in 3 weeks cause of work but that hasn't stopped me from looking at gear like this. Beautiful clubs and prices Hutchy!
  13. ...do you think the XL is geared toward a specific player? What was the kick like? I need to get a shaft for someone who is fairly new to the game.
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