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  1. casamarina

    Best light weight steel shaft´╝č

    I changed from MCI 80 to Zelos 8, and coudn't be happier, but i thik it is very personal......
  2. casamarina

    Korea Only Gold IP SEVEN CB!

    ........quality looks superb but..............i live in Hong Kong (China), and i have seen enough gold stuff (Honma?!?!) Definitively not my cup of tea, Chris:-)
  3. casamarina

    Lightweight Iron Shafts

    .......well, the 750 Wrap Tech is lighter than Zelos 8.......:-)
  4. casamarina

    F**k Cancer - an update on TourSpecGolfer

    ....reading only now...........what to say...... I lost both my parents long ago, and the fact is that we are never really ready for that.............. Be strong...
  5. casamarina

    2016 VG3 Driver Review

    ....the best driver I ever had..........:-)
  6. I was reading about the stock length of the TRPX Air driver shaft at 47". Do you see problems to have it cut at 45,5? I don't really fancy 47............... Thank you in advance for your valuable inputs:-) Cheers!
  7. casamarina

    TRPX S-013 Driver

    I understand, thanks!
  8. casamarina

    TRPX S-013 Driver

    Hi guys, has anybody noticed that TRPX drivers do not indicate the loft angle? Is it normal?
  9. casamarina

    Quick help on fairway shaft!

    i have put a TRPX Messenger on my F3, it works nicely with me. have chose the 2 stars flex....
  10. casamarina

    ONOFF 2015 KURO Forged Review

    Just got mine, can't wait to try this week end:-)
  11. Well, for me, ONOFF every day of the week and.............twice on Sunday:-)
  12. casamarina

    Made in Japan by SAKATA ( 50 reasons )

    When I started playing golf, I was in love with Honma for years. Since the brand has become a "must have" for rich mainland Chineses, I have switched to other Japanese brands. No discrimination, but I am tired of seeing superexpensive gold like golf clubs, mainly used buy golfers that have very little to do with the game of golf.......
  13. casamarina

    UPDATED April 1st: The future of Crazy

    Thank you, this is a very good news indeed!
  14. casamarina

    distance 3 woods....

    Well, I have recently purchased a Ryoma F-3 and F-5.The first day I tried them I truly wanted to through them away because of feeling and sound.................now I got used to and all I can say is that I think I will never, ever change them with anything else. They are so easy to hit, and certainly long. I love them, can hit with extreme confidence and the ball flight is damn straight. Cant go wrong with Ryoma FW. Sound, feel and size? I promise that almost everybody would get used to in exchange for forgiveness and distance!
  15. casamarina

    Opinions on Honma Driver

    I couldn't agree more...Honma was my favourite brand in the old days, now is for rich mainlanders. They have no idea how to play, just want to show off expensive, golden stuff..........