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  1. Just over at our Lexus next door to look at the new LC500 Came across this in for service. Full carbon and titanium construct LFA
  2. hutchy

    Fujimoto cb

    Holy smoke.....How good.
  3. hutchy

    Fujimoto cb

    That is stunning...I like it!
  4. hutchy


    Loving this...Thinking its the one for me.
  5. hutchy


    Both.....If thats an option
  6. hutchy

    New ONOFF LABO MB and FE Wedges by Miura!

    Blades look great....Best I have seen from onoff for a while.
  7. hutchy


    Good pick up Nobs I think Dean plays exact same numbers in those...... with Modus 115 stiff Has not changed for a long time......they must be good.
  8. hutchy


    Great stuff.... Time to lock myself in a blue room with a sketch pad and a bottle of absinthe...See what I come up with.
  9. hutchy


    Whats his name...lol So the only boundary is the imagination. Would love to see some examples.
  10. hutchy

    2018 changman

    Some nice sets you have. Is that an IFF FW hidden in bag 3?
  11. hutchy


    I like the stop Start button. Chris....Is it possible to have your own design on a benock putter. Symbol, graphic etc..?
  12. My pick for a quality set of irons for sub $250 Kamui KP 101 Forged.
  13. hutchy

    Found this in storage!

    Cant say I remember these. What would these compare to today Chris. Characteristics?
  14. hutchy

    Japanese DLC

    Yep...What he said Chris. I will run them against the P3...Terrible plating on those bad boys. Sevens look way better...😉
  15. hutchy

    Japanese DLC

    Bahaha.....You and me both bro.
  16. hutchy

    Japanese DLC

    Does club works offer this as a finish?...I noticed you said 50 heads min.
  17. hutchy

    Longest 3 wood

    Used a couple that stand out for distance. I agree the F3 is long but just too big. I got great distance out of the Syard XV...very good off of the T, the common denominator in both these was the FW80 7.4.....One of those shafts that compliments just about any FW.
  18. hutchy

    Japanese DLC

    Looks good...subtle. Those irons are nice.
  19. For Sale. Personal favorite....Yamaha Endo V forged 2012 One of the best, user friendly, feeling, tour cavity's. From the golden era of Yamaha production. Great condition. 4-PW STD Length 2* Flat Shimada 7001 R Muziik STD Grips Heads only......Sold Shaft's and grips $70
  20. hutchy

    Yamaha 2012 V Forged Tour Edition

    Shafts and grips, only a few rounds, as new......$70
  21. hutchy

    Yamaha 2012 V Forged Tour Edition

    All Good Pete. en-route. Enjoy.
  22. Nice Labo set up here........ I find this a forgiving set up with great distance and feel. Was my game driver until the Modart R+ QFE RB combo came along. 9/10 condition Labospec....358....9.5* Labospec....Hashiri....SX 70 Labospec cover and grip. Length is 45.5 Head Sold. Shaft.....$150
  23. hutchy

    Labospec 358....Hashiri combo.

    Head Sold. Thanks Ed Shaft ......$130
  24. hutchy

    Yamaha 2012 V Forged Tour Edition

    Heads Sold...Thanks Pete. Shafts & Grips $100