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  1. Hi Dave.....Pleasure dealing with you. Welcome to the forum brother. Very good crew here on TSG with a wide variety of civil opinion, debate and of course plenty of gear....Lots of nice shiny JDM gear...... Any questions, or if your unsure about anything, just reach out, we will all be happy to help if we can, I am sure of that.
  2. No problem, These will go in the Fujimoto FT-1 and the 99.9 % pure Fujimoto wedges I have sitting around.
  3. Just turned up. Looking forward to testing these even though they could be a touch on the heavy side. 4-PW + 3 x W
  4. Great info mate, thanks. They just stocked the MP 20s at my local club/range. I will have to try these out maybe with a 950 shaft.
  5. Hi Gino.

    How are you mate. I will take the Modart Driver if you have the head cover.? $250 Posted?

    Thanks Hutch

    1. ginobear


      Sorry, sold overnight

  6. Thanks for the info Nobs.....a touch of offset can be ok in the long irons. Always been tempted by the Mizuno, actually tried to get a set of the MP 66 before they were discontinued. Your Yoro 33 will be a nice project. I know you have tried the lite weight shafts and always tinkering with shafts. If you get the chance Nobs, I highly recommend the Nippon Wrap-tech S hard stepped once, with the extra PW Tipped 1/4 inch. You will use pretty much the whole shaft. These are outstanding shafts and stand up very well considering the lower weight. Feel and accuracy is outstanding with
  7. First and last drop. $500 delivered.
  8. I have been eyeing these of for a while. Wasn't a big fan at first given no more Yoro to be produced, sort of took the edge of anything Mizuno for me, but these have been a bit of a creeper....The more I see them the more there is to like....... Looking for reviews on the new or the original version. I found the following article which is not so much a review but more of an overview on the heritage. Mizuno has made many great irons during its 113 years, but there’s one particular model that’s known among forged iron connoisseurs as the “father of the modern muscleback”. Related:
  9. There is a lot of new gear out there that.. at one time would have been listed in the pro shop with a full write up on the forum, but are no longer anywhere to be seen on Tourspecgolf. I think Chris probably has his hands full with Seven and some other brands that are now more important both business and passion wise. We need an administrator with a vested interest.
  10. I think JBeams best driver yet....Very long with great feel, tried it, like it, time to sell it....Near new...9.9/10 10.5* with adjustment of 1.5* up or down, square face Weight is 198g with adapter. Weight can be changed as with all JBeam Driver $old
  11. Sounds like you are playing some good golf ATM Nobs, happy days....Set up must be right. No doubt you will tinker with it though, as do we all.
  12. Nice set. One of my all time favorites, probably the best feeling Iron I have ever used. Probably the best feeling Iron Epon ever made. First in the Personal series. Just don't play these much anymore as moving away from blades. Sold
  13. I think the black and white looks better, less garish/lurid...but everyone to their own. If had a black and white in a 950 profile/model. That would get may attention. These will be a bit on the heavy side for me.
  14. I agree and happy to accept it will never be the same, but it looks like we really have no supervision or leadership at all. No content at all. Its sad to think, what started it all for Chris and the TSG team is being left fade away. Anyway....Couple nice sets of shafts here.
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