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  1. I got KBS tour 90 in my irons and 3 wedges, there is no extra kick and the spin is very consistent. It works well for me.
  2. I just bought the 903, 20 & 23 and then bent them to 21 and 18, if all you want are the different lofts.
  3. I got KBS Tour 90 S flex in all my irons and 50/54/58 wedges and get plenty of spin from half shots and full shots have got distance gaps inline with loft gaps.
  4. Hello all, I just bought 2o and 23, they are now 18 and 21 with 1dg toe down lie. Put some projectX 6.0 in them and will play them tomorrow at Ipswich QLD Australia. Cant wait to give them a smashing around the course. I swapped out a mizuno DI after having some success with it.
  5. I seen this on Friday at the club and gave it a swing, fells great, well balanced, heavy, and looks, armmm, beautiful,,,,,,, I could use this and I am a mallet man when it comes to putters,, good putting with it Mate,
  6. hello people, the 50 DGree epon PW I had made is working very well, I can full shot it 10m less than the standard PW and when chipping and running around the greens I have no problem with the bounce causing any thin shots / gutsing the ball. If you want to give this a try I think it is worth it,
  7. Have u got it yet, drinks @ my house when u get it, I got a litre of red for us to christen it with, Looks as good I thought it would. PS happy B Day for the other day,
  8. you better bring it around to my place for a look when it gets to your place, awesome man.
  9. so by playability you mean the bounce would be increased substantially and make the wedge almost unplayable. I am also a digger when I hit a wedge shot so the extra bounce would be bad for my swing type, is this correct. Thanks for the comments guys,
  10. what do u think about the second pw being fitted in with the other 2 wedges
  11. I got Mizuno 50/8 & 54/10 & 60/6 and have a couple of Geotech wedge heads I won, and was going to make the third wedge out of an af302 epon to suit my current pw with good gaps between for distances.
  12. Hello all, I am wondering if anybody has a 47deg PW and then has made their next wedge a 51deg PW and then added a 55deg with 10 bounce for the bunker shot and a 60deg wedge with 6 bounce for around the green and short chip shot. I have 2 wedge heads and was wondering if doing this would be a good thing or a bad thing to get the third wedge, the shaft and swing weight ect would be the same in the second pitching wedge. If you have done this or got any ideas let me know,,, Thanks in advance.
  13. I am going through the Lajosi ordering thing now for a copper mallet and he has been good so far, all responses are overnight and a lot of detail in the answers. Quite enjoying the process to this stage and looking forward to placing the actual order. have not seen any of his work in the flesh but it is hard to find any bad comments about the guy.
  14. what a lot of info about putters, I am looking to order a Lajosi copper mallet centre shaft and was wondering if I could have a few comments about feel and weight to help me finalise my design, not a lot about copper on the forum so all comments welcome.
  15. Rablak

    wtb putter

    what sort of neck is on the putter plumber or flare neck. thanks,
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