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  1. ..

    475 previously without buyer and new threat the price adjusted higher ? Economically should be lower right ? hehe
  2. i am interested for 45 degree head only ... how much would you like to sell? i am from Malaysia
  3. the MSI 125 tipped too much .... i am playing 44 driver
  4. Need pocket money clearance sales

    i think should be the X shaft that scares others ...... MSI 110 is stock or custom? i think not easy to handle
  5. I just need P-6 .... head only
  6. http://www.tourspecgolf.com/geotech-head-only-quelot-re12-forged-blade-5-pw-6pcs Interested for a trade? no doubt i will give u some cash on top of that
  7. Epon Shin...SOLD

    Interested to swap with Ryoma ?
  8. Bridgestone J36 Black Limited only 500 sets made

    still available? good set and no buyer?
  9. Sold. Thanks.

    I am interested in that shaft.. PM me your price ... Lets c whether the price match
  10. close

    Price is even more expensive than buying the whole set .. hehe.. what a tricky seller ..... I saw black oxide version in Japan .... quite good feels
  11. Interested for a trade for Quelot S15C blade? I just bought it in July
  12. SOLD THX TSG Epon I33 2nd gen.

    how much is head only?