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  1. After the 64, or the 70 deg version. Cheers
  2. Whats more forgiving, the RB247G or the TW727P?
  3. Whats the cpm on the Stinger?
  4. Its Honma by a country mile... 10 year old clubs still selling for $2.5k on the bay.
  5. Is OM 1 the most forgiving of the ten designs? Actually, keen to get a ranking for all the designs from most forgiving to leasT if possible.
  6. How did it go? Have you had a chance to compare the two?
  7. 6 stars for looks!!! 2 questions: - the vizard shaft is approx. similar in quality as the 2 star ARMRQ shaft? I.e. 40/46t? - how does the four star ARMRQ shaft compare in performance and feel to similar $1k shafts on the market?
  8. Regio Formula needs a bit of tipping and then it plays excellently. Does the MB also play a bit soft to flex
  9. "Special Tuning" was made for people like you.
  10. Honma Beres
  11. Forgiveness compared to the onoff forged irons?
  12. How do the Vizard shafts stack up against the ARMRQ8 3 stars ($150 upcharge), and in turn how are they both compared to say the Tour AD line? I'm assuming the $900 upcharge 4 star shafts are equivalent in quality to the 80t Diamana X, Basileus, Quadra and Crazy lines.
  13. I want one!
  14. That's great info, thanks mate