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  1. Fujimoto mb—x 3 iron head .355 taper this is standard lie and loft 20’ great to have as a driving iron or to finish off a set of blades. $220 delivered
  2. 280 for both 18 and 21 lofts
  3. Add an epon 903 20 head only $165
  4. Shinari 60s driver shaft $160 Hashisi 70 sx fw shaft tipped 1/2 for Fw use. $120 onoff shafts hard to get. Great driver fw combo.
  5. I have 2 chrome but not the blacks
  6. They come as smoked, it’s not a rich black
  7. Kamui Hybrid head 3 mint with cover $170 delivered also have the matching 4 also
  8. Who ever fitted it used a ferrule that is too big and probably didn’t epoxy it on as they put it on will not cause any problems only for looks. a good builder will pull the shaft and refit with correct size ferrule no problems at all.
  9. Costly exercise but always learn from your mistakes.
  10. It’s not hard at all if you have some practical skills and take your time ask lots of questions but get the right gear. Shaft puller is essential
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