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  1. Have a nice golds putter not much markings or fuss. Dont know what itโ€™s worth exactly so will leave it up to you guys to offer me a number only if your interested please. will post more pics end of the week away on holidays with family atm. step less shaft plays 33.5 with lots of grip options, golds soft knit cover.
  2. If I enter from tour spec web site still comes up with the error. happy to hear good for most hopefully we can all get the forum healthy again.
  3. I personally saw this thing in action on the 17th at terry hills, calls for a demanding accurate tee shot from memory Stu said puts a little draw every time and bang! Little draw super long into the spot! Loud but good!
  4. Interesting canโ€™t from Aus have to enter from a message or old link
  5. This seems to be the page that you get if you try and enter the forum. so looks like no new members only the ones who are still signed in?
  6. D22marshall


    Freiheit the g 18 degree 5 wood with fire express original fw 75x
  7. MCB wedges left $550 for a fast sale or shafted with shimada hw 110 $650 or modus 125 same price
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