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  1. Emillid Bahama EB-33 10* DAT55G Head only $340 epon covers $100 $120 with 901 covers seven mcb wedge heads 50 54 58 $700
  2. Bit like the 902 hybrid I didn’t rate it at all also
  3. Yeah the Srixons are nice also I don’t know what went wrong with the 903 but it just doesn’t work, looks perfect but dud! The honma double Screws in the back is a great club. Anyway I know you Ian it’s an itch that needs to be scratched 😀👍
  4. Don’t bother Ian they are average at best. the 901 is a much better di
  5. Ok have put a trpx x line stiff shaft in this now killer looking combo elite grip $300 delivered pics tomorrow
  6. Na sorry mate this is a mates and wants a sale no trades. can do head only
  7. Ian I know! 😀 but trying to be done! Can’t hear your voice can’t hear it! mine are the chrome st wedges
  8. Ok I got the chance to get my hands on a set of seven cbs finally thanks to a few members and so swapping and trading. i have played a lot of irons over the years I finally think I am DONE! the cbs for me have a unique feel that I have never experienced with any other iron I am not saying these are the best but by far the most unique feel I have played, hard to describe. performance these are at the top of the tree and nothing has come close to them. I am hitting all of my usual distances ( summer ) in the middle of winter without any problems at all, no flyers or inconsistencies at all. Only if hit is bad. i put in Nippon 1050s shafts which I have been fitted into before and this is a great combo but I think any shaft for the user would work in these heads. The price is way up there but it’s understandable when you have one in hand. i have the st wedges also but not completely sure they will stay in the bag hopefully I can get my hands on the matching cb wedges at some stage. by no means am I able to spend large amounts on golf clubs but if you ever have the option to get a set of sevens or another top end jdm iron go the sevens! thought I would share to get others feedback a few years on.
  9. Emillid Bahama EB-33 10* DAT55G Tour AD VR6x 45” Iomic iXx 2.3 Mint condition $580 delivered
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