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  1. D22marshall

    Callaway FT-iZ driver

    You can reshaft just a lot harder and they don’t want to do it
  2. D22marshall

    Looking for cb iron set

    Like a more compact head thanks
  3. D22marshall

    Looking for cb iron set

    Always up for suggestions what’s on offer
  4. D22marshall

    Callaway FT-iZ driver

    Have a mint 3 and 5 woods just sold an 11’ Driver Head 🙁
  5. D22marshall


    Epon tour wedge set 52 56 60 with modus 115 wedge shafts. atm but can change if needed 51 loft 61 lie 35.75 55 loft 61 lie 35.5 59 loft 61 lie 35.5 Great wedge set and shaft matches perfectly $OLD
  6. D22marshall

    Ian-500 WITB for 2019 hahahahaha

    Ian those numbers are all in yards?
  7. D22marshall

    Ian-500 WITB for 2019 hahahahaha

    I will be shocked if that bag stays as is till 2019 👍😁
  8. D22marshall

    Benock Ellipse

    Now that is TIDY! Keep em coming Chris
  9. D22marshall

    Fujimoto cb

    Chris thanks that great info that really helps us all in understanding the in and outs and costs with things. would love the mcb sevens but don’t think the wallet will get me them.
  10. D22marshall

    Fujimoto cb

    Don’t think the company is Australian owner. wished it was as we might get them at a good rate
  11. D22marshall


  12. D22marshall

    Fujimoto cb

    Chris how do the new kk irons fit into your comments and design as far as cg goes? I understand your seven irons are the ducks nuts 🥜 but I just can’t afford them. do the kk have same technology build into them as the sevens?
  13. D22marshall

    Fujimoto cb

    Please do thanks
  14. D22marshall

    Fujimoto cb

    Ok think I am in lust! Had a hit of a demo seven iron today with shimada tour x and modus 105s these are Mint! The feel is incredible and shape and offset very appealing to the eye. didnt know anything about them but I think I am in trouble as I will need the wedges also 😀. not sure of the in and outs so hoping Chris might be able to let us know the scoop with these. or any others tried them?