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  1. They (all new gear) seem like they have to try an add gimmicks for Marketing agree stu clean lines would be great to see
  2. I agree to disagree. i think in a public forum it is good to know who you can ask for advise and knowledge. i hope it does get the forum rolling again especially atm. anyway I think you have answered my questions. some great new gear coming out! keep it rolling.
  3. And being paid/supported for it? Just want to understand that’s all
  4. Out of interest are you now on the tsg payroll?
  5. Get them and don’t look back. i have the gen 1 cb and wedges. agree with all your comments think the longer you play them the miuraisms will become a distant memory. its the first time every that I never consider looking at irons. i know there will be haters out there but you can’t argue with quality. also take a look at the Kyoei putter. Yummy ps pick the 4 iron up too from where you found the 6 iron hard to find
  6. Might need a special blanket to keep her warm! Purdy
  7. Nobs I have been in the same boat and I am not putting it down to age at all! more like what stew said about not having to go at it so hard. played most shafts and now have put the shimada nine stiff shafts into my irons and hw 110 in wedges. great results these still feel like the shimada tight despersion but have way more feel and don’t feel like the effort is needed to get the result. didnt like the 8001 but do like these. on the flip side nunchuk in my epon 903 20 di. driver tour ad di 6s tipped an inc 3 wood mt 7x un tipped.
  8. Agreed great man to deal with.
  9. Mint with cover 350g $275
  10. Head cover and grip options
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