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  1. If the price if off pm me some offers
  2. Going to offer this zodia z801 3 wood and zodia 701 21 Hybrid both heads only $300 delivered world wide. maybe keen on trades
  3. Time to move Head $100 $200 shafted
  4. Pm sent
  5. Tour ad gt 6x speeder evo 2 661 x
  6. Ok think I will keep the zodias the kamui 5 wood HAs a Basileus Z fw 75x playing 42inc d3 the kamui Head has a very small ground to bore measure .5. this is a real bomber set up rises to a flat light draw really nicely. $250posted
  7. Edit
  8. Kamui kp 07fw 5 wood this is a sweet club, first kamui I have played a nutty thud off the face. $150 Head only or shafted $250 with Basileus z fw 75x
  9. Got a z801 coming 3 wood and a z701 ut normally don’t play a Hybrid also a kamui tp07 fw 5 wood will report back on them
  10. What about the zodia 801?
  11. What about the zodia z801? any experience nobs?
  12. Modart was one I was also leaning towards but would need the 14 and 19 I think. so question is anyone got one🤗
  13. Had these didn’t like em too small and deep face. Every ryoma I have seen looks closed
  14. Looking to update my Romaro 3 and 5 wood wanting to get peoples thoughts on a great 3 and 5 fw as I like to match them up. dont like egg type heads. atm the a grind dst epon 205 ( cost too much) like the head to sit open NOT closed or Sq at all. any other ideas would be great. and in a reasonable price range
  15. Happy to trade for epon 202 3/5 woods