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  1. Yeah the look is awesome really like it., the er2 is one of the best they do imo. the evnroll gets a bit of a muted feel as there isn’t really a sweet spot because the whole milled area comes off much the same.once your use to it it’s great. I got offered one yesterday to buy I may end up grabbing it yours has inspired me to get a finish done on one. πŸ‘ did they bead blast the head to get that look?
  2. Does make a difference soft stepping them once or twice is ok gives you some nice wedge shafts, BUT hard set to come across and is it worth chopping them up or just get a set of shafts that your fit into? Sure many would buy them off you. Sometimes if your in a slump anything feels like it might work. You will get to the other side πŸ˜€πŸ‘
  3. Head sold shaft available
  4. $450 complete or 280 shaft 200 head
  5. look At his last ad he has had some health issues, hopefully it all works out. communication is key and always annoying if someone stops with that.
  6. dragon πŸ‰ traded
  7. Fujimoto mbβ€”x 3 iron head .355 taper this is standard lie and loft 20’ great to have as a driving iron or to finish off a set of blades. $220 delivered
  8. 280 for both 18 and 21 lofts
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