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  1. D22marshall


    Freiheit the g 18 degree 5 wood with fire express original fw 75x
  2. MCB wedges left $550 for a fast sale or shafted with shimada hw 110 $650 or modus 125 same price
  3. I also know a guy with the matching 5 wood and 2 hybrid
  4. No one want to try this ? super solid great distance awesome feel for me this head just closes to easy through impact and brings the left into play. if you struggle with the right side this may solve your problems. good head
  5. A Grind DST 14 3 wood speeder evolution 2 fw 70x shaft 43 inc with black pure grip. $220 delivered head mint except on bottom some black wearing, has original cover.
  6. Could not have said any better πŸ‘Œ
  7. Modarts both SOLD shoot me offers it’s time to move everything first in gets the deal
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