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  1. Go back to the g400 lst nobs I found the sft too much draw bias max too big and didn’t work out, ts3 exactly like you said a fade miss too often. but gone back to the ping g400 lst and nice straight flight head not too big. my 2 cents
  2. Pics up shafts removed heads only $1100
  3. Miura 501 cbs 3 to pw kbs tour stiff shafts elite grips 38 inc 5 iron length 7.5 /10 used but still nice set of bats $550 delivered
  4. Ok 1400 delivered with covers and shafted full set of epon headcovers like new
  5. The shafts are 105g stiff flex. heres the review on them. more or less a shimada tour lite shaft that has been sorted to the highest spec with some cool sticker. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/crazy-sports-new-target-tour-steel-shaft-details/
  6. Let’s try and get a new home $1500 shafted and delivered!
  7. True forgot that shot thanks
  8. Sorry go for 5 to pw initially and had to wait for the 4 iron. set is 4 to pw will post better pics today.
  9. Epon 505 4 to pw MiNT have target tour lite stiff shafts also Mint http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/crazy-sports-new-target-tour-steel-shaft-details/ 38.25 5 iron lengths pure red grips logo down. Complete $1400 with covers delivered! come get em
  10. Serious offers let hear them. Ready to move
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