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  1. D22marshall

    Scotty 2008 holiday putter

    I want to move it 1k delivered
  2. D22marshall

    SOLD thanks tsg

    Ok look at this baby $725 time to move stuff
  3. D22marshall

    SOLD thanks tsg

  4. D22marshall

    Tour AD shafts

    Funny Ian I too got a tour ad di 95 in a di and liked it now a di 6 in driver and waiting on a 7 for my 3 wood, underrated shafts
  5. D22marshall

    Fujikura MCi 90stiff pulls or aerotech i95

    Mci 100s 5 to pw?
  6. D22marshall


  7. D22marshall


  8. D22marshall

    Scotty 2008 holiday putter

    Ok would like a sale $1100 posted!
  9. D22marshall

    Non-Taper vs Traditional putter grip

    I had a mid slim 2.0 super stroke on the scotty holiday and same just didn’t feel right on that putter went to a black ping man grip and feels and releasing way better
  10. D22marshall

    Issue resolved

    Name and shame or save others from this crap! No time at all for this behaviour period!
  11. D22marshall

    Scotty 2008 holiday putter

    Item Description Scotty Cameron Xperimental Holiday Prototype Newport 1.5 Tour Putter 【SPEC】 Brand : Scotty Cameron Model : Newport Weight : 360 Dexterity : Right-Handed Length : 34 Sole Weight : 20g x2 Accessory : Original cover. great putter in great condition may entertain part swaps or full for other putters byron , golds or others thanks $1300 posted
  12. D22marshall


    I also have a set of Nippon 950 reg flex shafts I could put in these
  13. D22marshall


    Yeah happy to do heads only shoot me a pm and can discuss
  14. D22marshall

    Shimada K’s Tour X

    Over 110 driver but ss never tells the whole story
  15. D22marshall

    Shimada K’s Tour X

    Super smooth feel but they hide how tight they play. great shaft if you have the 💪🏻