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  1. D22marshall

    Ryoma Irons

  2. D22marshall

    Wedge shaft preferences

    I have always been shimada hw120 wedge shaft but got some epon tour wedges with modus 125 shafts and didn’t like them nearly sold em complete. found the ball jumped off the face not great feel or performance, then got some modus 115 wedge shafts and WOW made the wedges come alive feels like the ball sticks to the face and have all the time in the world coming in at the ball. very please I swapped them out so much so have some modus 105s iron shafts going in my af tour cbs atm
  3. D22marshall

    Really nice shafts for sale

    Prices mate?
  4. D22marshall

    White Satin KK MB's look Goood!

    Any cbs yet Chris ?
  5. D22marshall


    5 wood sold
  6. D22marshall


  7. D22marshall

    SOLD Epon XL45 sand wedge head for sale, US$50

    Don’t think u get it name and date on paper in the same picture as the item being sold so everyone knows you have the item.
  8. D22marshall

    SOLD Epon XL45 sand wedge head for sale, US$50

    Name and date with pictures
  9. D22marshall

    gauge golds and speeder added wedges gone

    Gauge design early golds factory putter 34inc $100 with wedge purchase wedges $240 delivered speeder evo 2 661x Driver Shaft Taylormade tip $140 Take the lot $440
  10. D22marshall


    $250 no tip?
  11. D22marshall


    Keen to move this if anyone has a good offer? also have a speeder evolution 2 661x same tip
  12. D22marshall


  13. D22marshall


    No one? Would make a great golds project?