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  1. I think ryoma Beyond power or roddio slim amorphous
  2. Never tried the speed version but I believe it’s still in a soft side, the smooth version feel whippy but not as whippy as the BP.
  3. I had a Roddio Amorphous Slim smooth 57, and I played beyond power on a ryoma current model, the BP shaft is softer but great combo with the ryoma, I once had a Roddio Amorphous Slim smooth on my GTD, great shaft, great looking shaft. super quality. It’s slightly heavier than the BP shaft, I find the roddio is on the soft side but not as soft as BP and not as whippy too, lower launch and tighter. But if u don’t like the whippy feel stay away from it. I personally quite like it.
  4. For sale is a Premium Shaft by Roddio Amorphous Slim Smooth 57, its only one flex, 57g range, brand new will cost u 700$USD One of the best looking shaft I ever had, Super Quality and performance, I highly recommend to those people who like the Ryoma beyond Power shaft, The Roddio is a much better version, it doesn't launch as high as the Beyond Power and much more roll, still high launch but not ballooning. This shaft will benefit more to those people who had a smooth tempo, very easy to load and super kick. bought it new, only 1 time pull (low heat) from my GTD adapter, mint condition. Grip to tip, 43.85, play to 46 on my GTD Cadero white/silver grip, still in great shape Asking 300$USD PP gifted, I will split the shipping with the buyers Thanks for looking, feel free to ask if any question
  5. I have tried most of their product, Iron, wedge, driver, Wood, shaft....... They all great with superb quality and outstanding performance. This is the first model roddio collaborate with Zodia and Miura, they produced 200 sets each for roddio, they call Meister-C (by zodia) Meister -M (by Miura), They got so popular in japan, so from that on, they will release a new model in a very limited amount every year and they are extremely high quality and very every expensive. yes they are easy to hit in their size, typical Miura compact head and feel.
  6. For sale is a very rare set of Roddio Meister M by Miura 5-PW and Roddio wedge set 52, 56, 58 You dont see this very often or never seen it for sale here before, Its forged by Miura san, Limited edition, only 200set produced, Very expensive setup brand new cost 15XXUSD for iron only, Great iron, super quality and performance, so grab your chance guys. Roddio Meister M by Miura 5-PW condition 8/10 5 Iron play to 38" D2 401g Roddio forged wedge set, 52/6 56/8 58/9, its the current model, condition easily 8.5/10 52 and 58 has NS Pro 850GH R, 56 has MCI black 80S., brand new will cost you 250USD each head. The pic on wedge 56 in the middle, it not dent or ding or damaged, its the carpet. I can split the iron set and wedge set everything together 1300USD pp gifted Iron set only 850USD pp gifted A set of 3 wedges set 499USD pp gifted I will include normal shipping if u buy everything otherwise will split actual shipping with buyer feel free to ask if any question Thanks
  7. Trade interest, a great condition Epon 503 with graphite shaft (70-90g) Thanks
  8. anyone need some LUCK? there are three here. offer?
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