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  1. I need a 52-53 and 58-59 that really spin the ball on short and half shots. Who has some suggestions? I don’t need them with conforming grooves as I am just a weekend hacker. Thanks!
  2. Hey Chris, I read your blog on this. Dumb it down for those of us with sub par intellect. Ball launches high or low? Spin is high or low? Average swing speed need not apply? thanks. It’s a cool looking club.
  3. I fit the mold of what your mate is looking for. XXIO driver and fairways are really easy and forgiving. Hybrids are good. I would put XXIO above Ping or any other club for forgiveness. Not the longest but really easy to hit. Their shafts are like noodles so go up a flex or two Maruman Shuttle is very easy for fairways and hybrids. I have the XXiO X irons which are very good but they are very big. I have the Yamaha UD+2 irons which are very good. And I had the Titleist Type D irons which I did not like. They are oversized but I didn’t think they were easy to hit. I’m 45 with a driver swing speed of 90 and a handicap of 5. I’ve not hit the Honma irons so I can not comment.
  4. I’m an idiot. Sorry.
  5. Anyone have any irons they would like to part with? Let me know. Thanks!!
  6. bk24bk

    PRGR Q

    Anyone have any of these clubs they want to sell? Let me know. Thanks!
  7. bk24bk


    Thank you for the response. So, did you like the 8s, 9s, or the X irons the best? No noticeable differences you think?
  8. bk24bk


    Anyone have experience with these irons? In particular, the 2017 Forged versus the XXIO9 or the XXIO X? Are the forged just as forgiving? thanks!!
  9. They have the blue on the back. And the ads I have seen says they only made 50 sets. If that is inaccurate, then I apologize. That’s what I was sold. :)
  10. Got a few things to move. Not interested in trades. Everything is in 9/10 or better shape. All R flex. Details.... PXG 0811 XF driver. sold $400 for head and another $50 for a shaft shipped in USA includes headcover and tool Scotty Cameron holiday release Buttonback 34” used but in excellent condition $1000 Titleist 818h1 27* Hybrid Tensei 60g R flex 39” hit a few balls with tape on head $200 Epon 705 limited edition irons only 50 sets made 7-GW Modus 105 shafts in R flex only played 2 rounds so the heads are mint lengths are 38” 7 Iron with 1/2” increments to 36” GW $1250 i have a lot more pictures which I am willing to send to you if you are really interested in buying them. just let me know Thanks!!
  11. bk24bk

    Ryoma U4

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