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  1. They have the blue on the back. And the ads I have seen says they only made 50 sets. If that is inaccurate, then I apologize. That’s what I was sold. :)
  2. Got a few things to move. Not interested in trades. Everything is in 9/10 or better shape. All R flex. Details.... PXG 0811 XF driver. sold $400 for head and another $50 for a shaft shipped in USA includes headcover and tool Scotty Cameron holiday release Buttonback 34” used but in excellent condition $1000 Titleist 818h1 27* Hybrid Tensei 60g R flex 39” hit a few balls with tape on head $200 Epon 705 limited edition irons only 50 sets made 7-GW Modus 105 shafts in R flex only played 2 rounds so the heads are mint lengths are 38” 7 Iron with 1/2” increments to 36” GW $1250 i have a lot more pictures which I am willing to send to you if you are really interested in buying them. just let me know Thanks!!
  3. Thanks
  4. 18* 5 wood with R flex stock shaft. $200 shipped in US. No trades please. Thanks
  5. Reasonable offers? Thanks
  6. Perfect condition. Just not enough launch for me. Tour AD 5S shaft that I lengthened about an inch. Easy to take out or cut off so I will include another new grip. Does include the new model headcover as well $600 shipped in US. Only trade interests would be JDM drivers with a minimum of 11.5*. Please don't tell me "this 10* head launches really high. :)" thanks
  7. Picked these up recently cuz they looked so good but they aren't for me. 5-PW. PW pictures below. OnOff Smooth Kick shafts in SR flex. Standard L/L/L. Excellent condition. They have a half a dozen rounds on them. Nothing ugly. $450 shipped in the lower 48. Not really interested in trades, but I am a ho. So maybe. Not going to split heads and shafts. At this price, throw the shafts away if they aren't right for you.
  8. Sorry. Yeah. The newest newest one. :)
  9. 50,54,58. Looking for some that are in top shape. If you have some, let me know. Thanks
  10. Perfect! Thanks for the tip
  11. Newest model and don't really care what flex. I have the 7 wood and love it. Thanks