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    Sorry about the shoulder. Those are stunning.
  2. chuck4golf

    Crazy MB

    :) PS: Going to go see grandsons next weekend. Gonna take the older one (4 yrs old) to the putting green, buy him his first club(s). Should be fun!!
  3. chuck4golf

    Crazy MB

    Hey I have a nice set of baby blades i'll trade with you... Just kidding. Can't believe these haven't sold yet!
  4. I'm in Manhattan Beach, neighbor. Alas, I am not in the club market right now!
  5. This has always seemed to me to best the best process in the whole exotic putter world.
  6. Nob did you go to Japan or do this virtually? Nevermind. It's in your post.
  7. chuck4golf

    [Sold] Epon P3 4-P (Heads Only) 7 pcs

    Good seller here - I've done biz with him before and good guy.
  8. chuck4golf

    Yururi Flatbacks, Crazy, Quadra, Nippon shafts

    Truly! It's very different to try to just stay with one set! This was my first real trial and I am glad someone else bought them because ...
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    Yururi Flatbacks, Crazy, Quadra, Nippon shafts

    Whew. Thanks to the lucky guy who spared me any more ongoing anguish!
  10. chuck4golf

    Yururi Flatbacks, Crazy, Quadra, Nippon shafts

    It is truly taking all my self discipline not to by these...but I am not. Repeat this 5 times. Don't buy the pretty irons, don't buy the... In fact, I'd be grateful if you'd just take them off the market. I fear resistance to them is razor thin....
  11. chuck4golf

    Seven MC-Bliss

    Lordy Lordy Lordy that's a tempting review. Even the cat looks intrigued.
  12. chuck4golf

    All sold - thx tsg!

    All sold. Yahoo! Thx tsg
  13. chuck4golf

    All sold - thx tsg!

    Interesting aside.. I posted an ad on golfwrx,too. I didn't think many there would know about Seven or Shinagawa. Wrong! This item has gotten more inquires than all the rest combined. Now it still hasn't sold but the brand of this little company (with the luxury of tsg as an anchor site) is much stronger than I would have ever imagined.
  14. chuck4golf

    All sold - thx tsg!

    I HATE selling them. But I got seduced by Muria small blades and I am going to cut off all alternatives. Maybe no one will buy them!!
  15. chuck4golf

    Yonex ezone MB (Chiba grind)

    I don't want it now but I really like the minimalist aesthetic a lot
  16. chuck4golf

    Yonex ezone MB (Chiba grind)

    Nob, sweet... what is it?
  17. chuck4golf

    The Benock Putter Thread!

    Ain't that the truth!
  18. chuck4golf

    Miura CB-2008 by TSG Club Works!

    It's that time of the year... Chris just posts incredible layout of clubs one after another, like a machine gun of golf porn. Some people like putters, others like wedges. Me, I like great sets of irons.
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    Even par is studly! When I play well for reasons that escape me, I want new clubs...
  20. chuck4golf

    Fairways of (Ryoma) Heaven

    You play a course designed by a mad man where you have to be precise off the tee and then on approach shots so you don't have one of those nasty nasty above the hole putts. Control is such a key to playing it! So your 2 wood makes total sense. As to that jbeam/7 dreamer and not to forget your copper agrinds also on the bench. I am thinking it makes sense to have an inventory of clubs that match our 'moods.' After my shoulder froze last fall (and 110% healed) I had to rethink my swing. I had no confidence in blades so I got a set of Honma 727v. Now my swing is best ever (doing mjrd program great help!) and I am back to blades. Having both sets as a strategy for confidence ebb and flow makes sense. That's kind of where I am thinking: an inventory of differentiated clubs that mesh with the variations in what meshes with confidence and/or aesthetic moods. So I am betting the day comes where the driver and/or agrinds call out to you and you fall in love with them again. At least that's my theory.
  21. chuck4golf

    Fairways of (Ryoma) Heaven

    Ian and bn- you guys plus Richards joy of hitting an iron define that scope of the issue. Bn my question was raised because I know a very high level golfer from golfwrx who plays hybrids. Smart guy who knows how to score. A lot of LPGA players use hybrids down thru 5 or 6 iron.
  22. chuck4golf

    Fairways of (Ryoma) Heaven

    Haha! I played yesterday and was hitting my Shinigawa irons really well. After one 'better than sex' shot my younger playing partner told me to 'keep your clothes on.' It really is thrilling to hit a ball just right with a quality iron. I understand what you're saying. But if Honma had tw hybrids that went down to 6 iron I think I'd try them. It's always the question ... what aesthetic price for functionality? I play the 'score the lowest' game a lot (there are many joys to golf and score is only one of them) and think hybrid mid irons might support that. There is a poster on golfwrx (Obee) who plays at a high level as an amateur (state, regional usga amateur) who plays thru 7 hybrid. This gets me thinking. Meanwhile I am chewing on a new set of 'no nonsense' blades because I am playing really well! So the inner battle rages on, probably never to be resolved until I have inventory that rivals Chris!
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    I second that. Awesome sticks. I love mine.
  24. chuck4golf

    Fairways of (Ryoma) Heaven

    Richard, this makes total sense on that diabolical layout! Renaming you and your 2W 'pathfinder'' Now here's an existential question, following on this trajectory: Does it also make sense to end up with a bunch of hybrids, all the way down to a 6 or 7 hybrid? My soul shudders at the thought, but somewhere in a dark corner of my mind, I hate it that I think it's sensible.