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    Taylormade M5 Tour 9* w/ Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV 661 shaft, Titleist TS3 18*, Taylormade P790 2udi, Titleist C16 4i-pw paired w Oban CT-115 S shafts, Miura Tour Wedge in 48*, Miura K-Grind 2.0 wedges in 54* and 60*, Miura MGP-M2 putter

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  1. misterkye


    would you take 350? i'm also interested in one of your 2 irons in your other post
  2. misterkye


    ill take the titleist sir, pm
  3. misterkye


    honma's still for sale?
  4. can't wait to get my hands on this, just bought my first set of honma irons in the 737 v's. definitely gotta add this 2-iron!
  5. would you be interested in trading your irons for a set of 2009 yamaha tour spec forged irons 3-pw + cash?
  6. Not entirely knowledgable when it comes to figment, but would this fit a Miura st460 driver?
  7. thanks brotha, will definitely have to look him up. now if only i can get a free weekend......
  8. I have Miura ST460 driver and Miura hybrid with shafts that are just unhittable for me. Swing speed is around 95-100mph. I have a really high ball flight and normally play a Titleist 910D3 7.5 with a Diamana Stiff shaft (stock from Titleist) that I hit at an average of 250-260 yards. You could say that I'm pretty standard when it comes to setups, so I never have to bend anything or shorten/lengthen anything. Anyway, this site keeps getting the best of me and I also just received a set of Miura wedge heads. I live close to downtown LA, actually in Hancock Park, but was wondering if any of you a
  9. any updates on the clubs? can't wait to try them out!
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