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    Los Angeles, CA

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    Live fast, die awesome
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    titleist.....now Honma =)
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    Taylormade M1 driver, Kamui Works 3 wood, Honma 717 U19 hybrid, Honma 737v 3-PW irons, Miura MB-5000 52 and 57 wedges, Odyssey Protype mallet putter
  1. .

    honma's still for sale?
  2. NEw honma tw u driving iron

    can't wait to get my hands on this, just bought my first set of honma irons in the 737 v's. definitely gotta add this 2-iron!
  3. Trade/Sale : Miura CB57 4-PW + 56/60 Raw Wedges

    would you be interested in trading your irons for a set of 2009 yamaha tour spec forged irons 3-pw + cash?
  4. Diamana X 60 S

    Not entirely knowledgable when it comes to figment, but would this fit a Miura st460 driver?
  5. Crazy Shaft Fitting Thread

    I definitely need advice. Went to one club maker, and he was clueless and didn't even want to help.... What is your handicap: 5 What is your estimated swing speed: 95-102 (when warmed up) How far do you hit your driver total distance: 260 How much of that is carry and how much run: 250-255 (I have too much spin on all my clubs, sometimes when it rains, the ball will just be plugged in the fairway) How far do you hit your 7 iron: 150-155 Are you a smooth or aggressive swinger: smooth What is your tempo like, slow, average or fast: average What is your bad shot ie slice, push, pull, hook: slice How often does your bad shot happen: a few times each round Any other info about your swing ie too much spin, steep downblow, flat plane etc: high spin, high trajectory (I usually hit a 7.5 degree driver) What club are you currently using: titleist 910 D3 7.5 degree (but I have a Miura ST460 driver that needs a shaft) What shaft and flex are you currently using: Stiff Diamana shaft Please describe your current trajectory with this combo: I hit the ball high What do you like or dislike about this combo: I like the combo, just wished I could get some more distance. Weight and length (stock from Titleist) are perfect. Problem is that I have too much backspin. Which club did you want a shaft for ie driver, irons etc: Driver and hybrid What kind of trajectory are you looking or ie low, mid, high: mid What kind of weight do you like ie light, average or heavy: I prefer light to average, more on the average side. What is your main goal, distance or control: distance What else are you looking for in a shaft: I'm looking for something that will add distance, and yet keep my accuracy. Driver is one of my most accurate clubs.
  6. honma driving iron

    these are next on my list =)
  7. Recommended Los Angeles, CA area club makers?

    thanks brotha, will definitely have to look him up. now if only i can get a free weekend......
  8. I have Miura ST460 driver and Miura hybrid with shafts that are just unhittable for me. Swing speed is around 95-100mph. I have a really high ball flight and normally play a Titleist 910D3 7.5 with a Diamana Stiff shaft (stock from Titleist) that I hit at an average of 250-260 yards. You could say that I'm pretty standard when it comes to setups, so I never have to bend anything or shorten/lengthen anything. Anyway, this site keeps getting the best of me and I also just received a set of Miura wedge heads. I live close to downtown LA, actually in Hancock Park, but was wondering if any of you all had a good experience with any clubmakers here. I used to go to Olympic Golf, but the place has really gone to $hit. For now, Titleist rules my bag, and I am itching to get these clubs fit to meet my game. Dare I say this, but I think the clubs the way they are, are just too much MAN for me. PLEASE HELP!
  9. Miura Giken Bites Gold's Factory?! MGP-B1 Putter

    was thinking the same, looks like a titleist putter

    is the hb3 for sale?
  11. close

    any updates on the clubs? can't wait to try them out!
  12. these are a sexy set of clubs
  13. good eye, watch is in good working condition. had this sitting in the rotation and i abide by the 10-2 rule with changing settings on watches.
  14. longtime lurker but pretty new to the boards. haven't "seriously" played for many years, but have decided to make it a habit to at least go once a week. already purchased a new set of irons as well as new wedges to get back into the game i love so much. i also love me some watches so i thought i'd add to the thread.