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  1. Big Island you have broken no rules. Let's look at the implications to Big Island's decision based on STEVEN LAM wanting to call Big Island out in a sophomoric, juvenile adolescent manner or maybe greedy manner: Let me start by saying, everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, and hear this first, it’s not personal. Now, here’s the real issues: Oh Big Island just gets back from Japan and he is excited about his new golf club finds. He has taken them off the island so being brand new is no longer in question (I’m sure the boat or airline treated them with kit gloves-lol). So, Big Island arrives home and his wife goes nuts and he is forced to sell a set of clubs. Big Island in all his wisdom says OK honey, I will list them on TSG BST which is a great place. But what Big Island doesn’t realize is how the website has changed. He list his sets of used irons only to be called out and pushed around by some member who by the way is selling the same brand of iron two listings down. Big Island realizes he doesn’t need some member pushing him around and he closes his ads very politely and moves on elsewhere. Now, we haven’t even begun to address the real issues here. It appears Big Island has a little bit of money laying around-maybe not. Nonetheless, some serious coinage was dropped on these clubs. Big Island who got pushed around on TSG sold this irons elsewhere. Problem One: Fellow TSG’ers did not get a chance to work with Big Island to buy his clubs. All we are left with is some beat up set of miuraisms that some member is pushing at Big Island's expense-lol. Problem two: Big Island decides several months later that he made a huge mistake selling the irons and wife has given him permission to buy new again. Oh, Big Island in all of his wisdom (and, he has plenty for sure), doesn’t even bother to give TSG and Chris a look. The way he got treated on the boards, he has moved on elsewhere and he figures there are plenty of other places to go. Now the final take: The real losers are Chris and his business because Big Island is going somewhere else to buy, TSG’ers who never had a chance to purchase Big Island’s irons and form a relationship (the whole purpose of the board by the way), and a plethora of TSG’ers who now think if Oh Big Island can get pushed around, I could be next and who needs this from the few who dominate this site and get all the support from the management-lol. I will end it where I started it: Everyone is entitled to their opinion-it ain’t personal-lol.
  2. Hey Steven, why did you edit your post? YOU ARE THE ONE THAT CALLED HIM OUT. Hey Lam, running people off because they are just trying to sell something is absolutely juvenile and sophomoric. But then i noticed, you have a listing for a beat up set of miuraisms. I'm sure that is just a coincidence to you chasing him away though lol. This site has become a site for a few and the many are given a hard time. Too bad it has come down to that. I'm sure chris is doing well with his business because of it lol. I use to buy a lot from him as well.
  3. Sure hope big Island doesn't leave for good. Come on back big Island. I like epon but those miuras were absolutely stunning.
  4. Extremely nice. Too bad you got chased but typical for this site lol. . You absolutely made the right decision though.
  5. The clubs are not brand new. They have been driven off the lot. Regardless if he hit them or not. Thanks for chasing him off. Real piece of work here. Lol
  6. Thanks guys. The holiday bills must be catching up early with everyone. I'm ready for offers. Let's move some of this stuff.
  7. Thanks BN. As always a true professional. I was going to private text you to let you know the T's were up for sale.
  8. Would you be interested in onoff kuro 3-pw great to excellent condition

  9. Thanks for the link BN this helped tremendously
  10. Oh they have funny looking ferrules too thanks
  11. Hello can anyone help me on this set of irons I have here 2--w and they all have a red t and production number 131--500 any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
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