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    Epon AF101/Muzik Bangvoo Epon 3W AF 202/Tour AD DI 6S OnOFF 5w/Tour AD DI 7S KZG 7w pti/TourAD DI6SR AF 503/Muzik Bangvoo Lite S Epon Personal Wedge Modus wedge shaft Miura 54°/TBR lite Seven X Gold's #4

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  1. Not often on the forum because of my poor english,i've got several BST transactions and allways trust people especialy here...sad about that story....could be me Say his name that other member don't be stollen!
  2. 5->P Yamaha Impres X shafted with tour AD DI 75 S Very good shape pictures talks 450$ shipped Only trade interest is Iron set with Speed Step 80 R steel shaft
  3. First Grand Prix One Minute head 9.5° good condition original headcover : 150$ ship everywhere Second: JBeam 535 10,5° with original headcover and with Graphite Design Tour AD MJ 6S shaft. head is used,with mark on the crown,and brown mark on the hosel when my clubmaker pull off the previous shaft (only cosmetic,didn't affect performances) the MJ shaft is like new with Pure grip new: price to sell 250$ ship everywhere
  4. Hello,

    What's the price for the Kamui/Basilius shipped end paypaled to France


    Thank you

  5. Hello guys i'm selling for a friend a PXG driver head in 9° with Fujikura speeder evolution II shaft in S. The club is in very good shape, buying new from François Magne great club maker in France few month ago. Come with original head cover. Selling 800$ shipped in EU,international cost at buyer charge. That you for looking.
  6. Ok so when can we buy the new Seven wedges ?
  7. Chris,when can we expect the 2nd run coming?
  8. Thank for answering Chris again,i'm very happy with all the stuff i buy on your site, just need a little explanation ;)
  9. For sure but when you buy a putter more than 2K...you expect that you have something special and almost the best in putter world... no offense here, just more information ;)
  10. I'm little surprise, and disappointed to read that,'ve got one of your putter,Gold's modified, that, i think when i buy it, was one of the better putter i can have on the market...and now i read that your feeling about your putters is :"there have a room to improve"....ca you explain Chris please?
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