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    Too many sets- PRGR TR 500 Limited Edition PW-3, NSPO shafts; MaCgregor JP Spec blades, S200 shafts, Fujimoto MBs Monaco shafts

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  1. Yep- that's right- you're the best! put epoxy on the tip of the shaft- slide ferrule on- slide head on and twist motion- then slide it off and add more epoxy to make sure the tip is covered with epoxy- slide or bang head on hitting the but of the shaft on concrete or a steel plate.
  2. Fire Express UT100 S -SOLD 2 shafts one plays 39” and the other plays 40.25” Both gripped with leather Gripmaster grips. each shaft or $190 USD for both. Fire Express Max WBX 65S- SOLD Driver shaft plays 44.25” USD gripped with leather Gripmaster grip. Shipping from Australia. Buyer pays for shipping and box if I cannot get one. I have not removed the heads, so cannot show the tips, but will be professionally pulled. PayPal or if in Australia, BSB if fine too. Not sure if COVID is affecting shipping, but will do my best to get the shafts to you with tracking. All shafts will be cleaned and will sanitise before shipping.
  3. Located in Brisbane Australia- 202gram with slight nick on crown as shown in photo. $225.00 AUD-Posted world wide See link below to product review- listed as $405USD new. https://www.tourspecgolf.com/a-grind-classic-driver.html AUD
  4. Anyone heard of GMA Golf? Do you know the history of the company? https://search.yahoo.co.jp/image/search?ei=UTF-8&fr=lmd_poi&p=GMAゴルフ#mode%3Ddetail%26index%3D33%26st%3D1332
  5. are the Monacos "flighted" shafts? I think they are, but can't find the original specs. My 3 iron really works for me. More so than NSP SPOs and DGS300s, NS 120s.
  6. Stu- are you saying the Masdas are better than Gripmaster in terms of stick?
  7. are you looking fro PW-6iron? or up to 3iron?
  8. the 4 is 20* 61* lie. I have the 5 as well- is this what you are looking for? Head only or can shaft with Shimada Hybrid shaft. PM me
  9. Looking for either 3i or PW Located in Sydney Australia
  10. what is your next project?
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