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    Too many sets- PRGR TR 500 Limited Edition PW-3, NSPO shafts; MaCgregor JP Spec blades, S200 shafts, Fujimoto MBs Monaco shafts

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  1. Midsize grip changes SW?

    Stu- are you saying the Masdas are better than Gripmaster in terms of stick?
  2. WTB Itobori Burning Copper

    PM sent
  3. WTB Itobori Burning Copper

    are you looking fro PW-6iron? or up to 3iron?
  4. PRGR Egg Utility 2016

    thanks mate
  5. PRGR Egg Utility 2016

    the 4 is 20* 61* lie. I have the 5 as well- is this what you are looking for? Head only or can shaft with Shimada Hybrid shaft. PM me
  6. Looking for either 3i or PW Located in Sydney Australia
  7. can you point me to their website?
  8. sold

    Email sent
  9. ALL SOLD!! Thank you TSG!

    what is your next project?
  10. .

    Mate, your builder needs to turn the ferrules down on the 3 wood...
  11. Any centre shafted version?
  12. Modart FW 14 and Hybrid 22

    always wanted to see the Modart Hybrd. TSG's photo doesn't show that the hosel is nice and long. Can you post another picture of the face on shot with the length of the hosel? Again, as you can see, https://www.tourspecgolf.com/modart-ma01h-hybrid-utility.html the hosel is cut off. Would you consider head only shipped to Sydney Australia?
  13. Check this out...

    can you explain "open model blanks?"
  14. Itobori yes or no

    Chris, Do you have any of their iron head covers at a discount? If not, find out the manufacturer and sell some. High-end iron head covers is a missing market.
  15. WTB: Fujimoto Believer

    good company and product