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  1. I want to have steel ns pro has a couple of shaft in this range
  2. hi i am currently have a ns pro wrap regular flex 79 grams. I have them fitted in Romaro type R iron heads.i am thinking to switch to zelos 7 Stiff flex any suggestions or further information
  3. Want to sell a Ryoma driver Ryoma D maxima loft 9.5 stock shaft tour AD stiff 63 grams few scratches on the top of the head $800
  4. A1976

    Ryoma fairway

    hi anyone selling a Ryoma F5 fairway 18 deg stock shaft flex regular
  5. what you like to trade them for a mystery driver head 

  6. hi if the driver head weight is 195 grams, uncut shaft is 51 grams. please advise if i want the swing weight D 1 about the grip please advise that will be great as i am using Ryoma Maxiam D with infinity flex SW 1 for the one 195 gram head weight is Mystery driver head. any advise about grip and shaft weight thanks
  7. Sir 

    i read you have posted on this question. i will thankful if you could answer my question 

    i planing to buy a J beam ZY Pro 11 i dont know the weight of the head. shaft weight is 49 flex SR grams iomig grip 1.8, 35 grams shaft length 45.5  i am looking for a SW D0 as SS is 95 - 98 mph as suggestions will be very helpful 

    1. nobmontana


      What is your question? 

      If you are trying to figure out what you need to do to achieve the desired swing weight of D0 ,  then just use a tool like this one : 


      But if you want to get it right,  I suggest you visit a reputable club builder / fitter who can help you build this driver to the specs that best fit your swing. 


    2. A1976


      Hi nobmontana

      as in pakistan golf getting famous and very early stage we dont have a proper club fitter we hope will get a professional club fitter soon really thankful for the link whats your opnion about it 


    3. nobmontana


      Nice!!!  have fun getting the specs right for your driver.  

  8. hi if the total weight of the club is around 289 grams approx . will the sw of D0 will good for ss for 95mph.. shaft weight 49 any suggestions
  9. Hi My golf bag with advise from chris working realy great
  10. hi chris, any news about the driver from crazy thanks
  11. Yes Chris, kindly get it confirm that will be very nice
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