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  1. lyonpowers

    TRPX Air stiff shaft

    I mean trpx air
  2. lyonpowers

    TRPX Air stiff shaft

    Still looking for a tarp air in stiff that plays close to 46"
  3. Looking for a higher lofted utility club. Square face. Let me know what you have. Shipping to US.
  4. Hello, is the Ryoma rescue still available
  5. lyonpowers


    pm sent
  6. Really generous with his insight and expertise of golf equipment as well . . .
  7. lyonpowers

    Really nice shafts for sale

    Pm sent
  8. lyonpowers

    TRPX Air stiff shaft

    My TRPX air shaft just snapped in transit thanks to USPS. Anybody got one to sell?
  9. lyonpowers

    TRPX Air stiff shaft

    Looking for a TRPX Air shaft - preferably 44" or longer.
  10. lyonpowers

    TRPX Air driver shaft

    Checking again. Seems like this shaft might not be for everyone given soft tip and flight characteristics. Would perhaps consider similar shafts.
  11. lyonpowers

    TRPX Air driver shaft

    I am looking for a TRPX Air shaft in stiff. Must play 46" or longer. Lemme know.
  12. lyonpowers


    What shaft is in the romaro 18* and what length does it play? Many thanks.
  13. Would you accept $75 for the TRPX fairway wood shaft?
  14. lyonpowers

    TRPX Air driver shaft S or SR

    Still looking for an untipped 46" TRPX Air, preferably in stiff. Let me know if you have one you would like to sell.
  15. What is the length of the shaft, e.g.,, how long does it play in the modart head?