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  1. dickyfowler

    New Titleist TS2 / TS3 drivers

    and this is appearing on USA websites - tipped to be their next iron offering.
  2. if I offend you it is only because you are wrong

  3. dickyfowler

    Ryoma Irons

    There's just no accounting for taste. And unattractive women are grateful for that. Meanwhile, I only care if irons feel good and make the game more fun. So if these ticked those boxes I'd play them -- even if they had all the eye appeal of Shanshan Feng in a bikini.
  4. dickyfowler

    new items

    wondering why the Ryoma UT is making an appearance on the new list?
  5. dickyfowler

    Ryoma Irons

    might be November before we get to see any reviews - release date in Japan is basically the start of that month.
  6. Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

  7. dickyfowler

    Onoff Kuro 2019

    I need these out soon..... so I can add them to my Christmas list for new irons, currently consisting of the Ping i500, Ping i210s, Ryoma, PRGR, Mizuno Hot Metal JPX 919, Mizuno JPX Forged, Yamaha UD+2 and Callaway Rogue. My wife just needs to get them all to save me the grief of actually choosing. And to think I left the Bridgestone's off the list - let me just fix that.
  8. dickyfowler

    Ryoma Irons

    As soon as someone gets to hit these please advise on the FEEL. Their driver I play has a great feel/sound (to me) and just hoping these irons follow suit. Of course feel is subjective, but if the irons have that great soft... yet solid.... feel they will find a lot of owners.
  9. dickyfowler

    new items

    another classic...... this time from the Ryoma irons unveiling: For easy lays such as fairways, sharp swing with a narrow sole realized. In the case of Duffy and Fairway Bunker, the supplemental sole is added so that the head does not enter deeply, becoming "Super Wide Sole" to suppress the flight distance loss and excessive head turn. Minimal mistakes, great contribution to scoring make-up.
  10. dickyfowler


    New versions of these being shown on the NEW ITEMS and if you need long irons - these and the Ping i500's are going to ring your bell. The +2 in the name is Yamaha's way of saying they are 2 clubs longer - and when I hit the previous model I'd agree with that. They felt good and they went a 'mile' -- but I couldn't quite get used to the Kim Kardashian-backside of the irons.....just stuck out too much. Yamaha are saying the new versions have addressed that issue to some extent, although the photos still suggest you get plenty of junk in the trunk. And besides, having a 7 iron that goes like a 5 iron is not what I'm after. Screws up all your established thoughts and numbers. Not a fan of jacked-up lofts period. But these will appeal to people needing simple and long - but they are not cheap. Not tried the driver or FW/UT but will be looking into them.
  11. dickyfowler

    Yamaha UD+2

    my dad has the older set for sale - new model coming out. -- just asked for some photos but says sold already.
  12. dickyfowler

    New Mizuno Proto Driver

    watching her swing was not the first thing that crossed my mind but I must go back and do that...
  13. dickyfowler

    Is Tiger back?

    great to see Tiger back in the hunt - it's good for golf. He might win another big one but he's still a million to one of beating Jack's 18 majors. More chance of the LPGA introducing a panties-optional rule.