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  1. dickyfowler

    Titleist offerings

    the 2 new offerings coming from Titleist?
  2. another option - if you want to save a fortune
  3. dickyfowler

    nothing beats a benock

    If you have the money, why not indulge yourself. I want to be buried with my putter - but it will be selected by me ahead of time because if they buried with me with all of my putters, they'd need an industrial-sized smelter.
  4. dickyfowler

    nothing beats a benock

    one of many putters I own - they are really good, but most will find them overpriced.
  5. dickyfowler

    Titleist offerings

    The next generation of the Pro V balls debut in Vegas tournament this weekend.
  6. dickyfowler

    Titleist offerings

    Touted as the upcoming replacement for the expensive C16 irons
  7. dickyfowler


    I have the FW and Hybrids of these and they are easy to hit and feel really good - plenty of distance. They are a touch shut so drawing the ball is overly simple. And I just read where Maruman is expanding into the US market very soon with plans to have their products more readily available to that market.
  8. dickyfowler

    DA faq is going on here!!!

    I've got a stack of gear too but am just too lazy to photograph it and then post it. Sadly that is the only way you will sell it. I'm expecting the wife will have one helluva garage sale upon my passing.
  9. dickyfowler

    Ryoma’s New Irons

    RYOMA website still does not even mention the irons -- poor marketing strategy!!
  10. dickyfowler

    DA faq is going on here!!!

    buyers from outside of Japan really need as much information as possible - even though all reviews are quite subjective of course. I'd like to see videos posted of testing new gear and a couple of guys like Chris discussing looks - feel - performance etc. This means a lot of extra work for someone - but it would lead to more sales I believe and certainly help most of us who are often buying gear based on reputation or one person's views. I'm a prolific buyer of Japanese products but have ended up with plenty of gear I wish I had not spent the money on - gear that ends up sitting in my garage because I'm too lazy to chase up buyers. Good reviews will not eliminate that issue, but it would help.
  11. dickyfowler

    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    and few people miss them -- the #3 iron that is
  12. dickyfowler

    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    #3 irons are like considerate teenagers these days -- they don't exist.
  13. if I offend you it is only because you are wrong

  14. dickyfowler

    Ryoma Irons

    There's just no accounting for taste. And unattractive women are grateful for that. Meanwhile, I only care if irons feel good and make the game more fun. So if these ticked those boxes I'd play them -- even if they had all the eye appeal of Shanshan Feng in a bikini.
  15. dickyfowler

    new items

    wondering why the Ryoma UT is making an appearance on the new list?