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  1. been available for 3 months and still nothing on Tourspec ? Maybe they no longer live this brand ?
  2. yes there are a lot of new clubs I'm keen to look into -- and buy. I buy new gear every year but am getting reluctant to spend thousands on items that LOOK GOOD but don't actually work for me. That of course is purely my fault. I'm an impulsive buyer of quality golf equipment. But now I have a garage full of expensive Japanese golf gear. And I cannot find any website where someone talks about and tests the new stuff - on camera. An example is I bought the Ryoma irons a couple of years back - love Ryoma in general but was not impressed with the irons. Now I'm interested in buying maybe the
  3. These now appearing on the website and love the black satin finish - anyone played Baldo irons before ? I've tried a lot of brands but not this one.
  4. there is a new write-up about a Miura product in the Blog section and this is interesting and helpful - more of that please.
  5. Indeed.... This website could be so much better -- lots of great equipment coming to light but not nearly enough reviews and information. Most of the good folk checking this website do so because they buy and enjoy the quality Japanese equipment, but most do not live in Japan and that makes it almost impossible to test anything before buying ..... and that is not normally a good plan when spending the levels of money this premium equipment costs. Often silly and simple Google translations that we see here are way short of the mark when it comes to knowing enough about the new releases.
  6. you might be better off checking the Ryoma website to get any news first.
  7. bit of a shame because the Japanese products are generally the best in the business and it would be a big help to potential buyers to get a lot more information instead of some ridiculous Google translation. If anyone finds a youtube channel that does reviews on the Japanese gear please post it.... the few of us still here might enjoy checking it out. I've bought so many clubs sight unseen from Japan and it's not a smart move. Of course you simply cannot get to test most of it unless you live in Japan.
  8. I have played a lot of irons in my time but never put my hands on a MODART model. Anyone out there had experience with them??
  9. We're not getting overwhelmed with responses are we.....
  10. very few people play 4 irons any more - hybrids are easier to handle for most. The PXG SGI version is a very good option in you insist on irons.
  11. can someone in Japan who has access to Modart check to see if these new irons will be offered in their BLACK --- as was the case with CBC model.
  12. looking at their website and the info about this new release I noted 2 points of interest for me anyway... - why have they switched to forged when they made a big deal of not forging the CBCs? And I believe they have gone from s25 to s20 steel for the CBF. Not that it's a big difference according to most people who have hit both materials in a quality forged product.
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