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  1. A really good graphite shaft for irons that does not cost a fortune is True Temper's GENER8
  2. love the carbon fiber in drivers but for some reason I too don't get drawn in by the adjustable shafts..... I know it gives people more options, but I just end up confusing myself. Anyway it's another game-changer so I'll probably buy it and let it join my other 37 drivers (all game changers) in my locker.
  3. traded my cow for some magic beans once - that worked out pretty good....and then even topped that when I let the kids go for a set of Ping Eye 2's
  4. we might be dead and buried by the time this happens, but can see a day when people get to test/see new gear through VR technology. Might need an Elon+ to develop such a thing. The way the world is going, golf might only be played through that medium eventually....and thankfully we will not be around to suffer that fate. As for this issue we've been discussing - I used to live in Hong Kong and thus it was not an issue. I was able to see and test the gear first and enjoyed that a lot. But since moving away from Asia - the buying experience has been very hit and miss. I'll just have to rob more
  5. The people who contribute to this website clearly enjoy the Japanese equipment - and why not, because it is really good in general. But as I've bleated about many times, it's tough being a distant admirer because so often you have to take a leap of faith and pay big dollars for drivers/irons/wedges/putters etc that look fantastic....but don't always live up to your expectations. That has been my experience - but it didn't deter me..... and my friends certainly benefitted from my madness. Much of the guesswork could have been avoided if this website -- or any for that matter -- took the time t
  6. I always keeps tabs on the new equipment shown on this website because I'm always looking for more weapons to buy - which is why I now have a room full of great equipment that I no longer use. But I'm tempted to just not bother reading any more because the translations here are just ridiculous and do more to confuse a customer than explain what the new gear might do - and I realize this is only an issue if you don't read Japanese. We've discussed this before, but it is just lazy and shows little care for the customers by having "Google translations" explain what is new. Just tak
  7. just bought the latest XXIO hybrids and they are very good
  8. you can be fitted for these in different places through the USA -- and elsewhere. That info is on their website.
  9. Ping is getting good reviews for the latest drivers - my little issue with them is the lumps on the crown...their Turbulators. I know they are there for a reason (better at cutting through the wind etc) but I just find them unappealing to my eye. So I don't buy them.... Would consider doing so in the future if they sex them up...
  10. I am enjoying the BLOGS on this website -- we get one every pancake day!
  11. I had a Yamaha about 5 or 6 years back and liked it. I buy new drivers every year - my favorites these days must be CARBON FIBRE loaded....love that softer/mushier feel/sound. And I am liking the new Kinetixx shafts - found that lighter shafts with some good kick really suit me. But it is all very much individual...so who cares what I like. I just buy lots of expensive stuff and end up with clubs all over the place.
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