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  1. lots of new XXIO offerings just announced and you gotta love this crazy translation explaining some new tech for the X driver.... the top of the cock has accumulated deeply
  2. a new offering from Honma ... XP-1 irons
  3. the deep heads piss me off -- but it's a personal choice
  4. I've tried dozens and would rate Maruman Shuttle as good as anything - also Ryoma and XXIO were quite decent.
  5. life's hard enough without putting your rec golf game though the ringer by playing blades that need to be struck like Rory.... soft forged beauties with some forgiveness gets me every time.
  6. Here is some info on the next TM iron offering. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/the-upgrades-to-taylormade-p790-iron-lineup-are-both-subtle-and-dramaticincluding-a-whole-new-dollar3000-model?utm_medium=social&mbid=social_twitter&utm_source=twitter&utm_brand=gd&utm_social-type=owned
  7. they wouldn't lie - probably had some in the back room just for one last hurrah
  8. thank you for that marvelous insight...... Meanwhile, had a few further rounds with the Shuttle Gold and it is ticking all the boxes. Michael J Fox has even ordered one.
  9. yes most of us can get a handle on what they are trying to convey -- but it would help to have someone translating it correctly instead of relying on some rough Google attempt
  10. The sensation of running like "Lightning & Thunderbolt" flash and pushing the ball with a thick impact is a unique feeling that can only be enjoyed with the LOOP shaft. >>> another wonderful translation explaining their newest offering in the store.....
  11. You may have seen that Maruman are now offering gold drivers in their Majesty range for over 4 grand and one can only wonder why - doesn't seem like a big market out there for that price point. Anyway, for those of you who are 'normal' and don't mind spending around $700 I'd recommend the Maruman Shuttle Gold driver. My friend just bought one and he loves it. I tried it today and this thing just feels good, looks good, has good distance and is incredibly easy to play. Of course that doesn't mean it's for everyone, but I have dozens of high-end Japanese drivers and I'm confident recommending this one.
  12. I have the latest version and find them top quality and real aim-and-shoot clubs.... similarly the CNCPT irons Titleist have recently released...although they are very expensive compared to the VG3's and I'm not seeing much difference between the two.
  13. I did enjoy reading the blogs but none sighted in months..... and not enough reviews in general
  14. There are some very interesting new drivers appearing in the shop - Romaro Ray and Super Egg (PRGR) and hoping we get some helpful information and/or reviews on these. Not enough info up at the moment - just the usual nonsensical Japanese to English translation.
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