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  1. if only they had added a few more letters and numbers to the names of each line....
  2. Now that I have a 9 iron that is actually a #6-- I'm suddenly a really long hitter! In the good old days all you had to do was turn the #9 upside down and it was a #6.
  3. these are clubs designed for ease of use and good distance so there should be no need to jack up the lofts like they have - senseless.
  4. lots of new shafts around - waiting to hear exactly what is new in this offering.
  5. Oliver Stone is already working on the screenplay....
  6. my guys next to a fairway at the Banff Springs course in Canada.
  7. Chris, is there a typical leave time for the Japan division to come out with their line after the launch of similar in the States and elsewhere? Meaning more specifically, when would you anticipate the Japanese Epic irons will be released ?
  8. I used to have cats, but found them hard to handle so switched to dogs.
  9. the pricing and supposed "PXG-like" R&D of this new iron line suggests the Japan division of Callaway would not easily find many things to make them stand apart from the USA offering - so we wait in eager anticipation.
  10. Callaway has just released EPIC irons in the States - two models - wondering if the Japan division has these coming ?
  11. and just read about another new one - or at least one I've not seen before - called TPT (thin ply technology). The technology, now present in for the first time in a line of golf shafts, was originally used in sailing masts for the America's Cup. Its invention took TPT from an unknown to an 80% market share leader in just four years (2003-2007). From there, the technology expanded to F-1 series race cars, skis, snowboards, and satellites. Recently the company entered the golf equipment realm.
  12. last year a survey taken in the USA (unsure how many asked) found that around 80% of 'weekend warriors' would change their driver if they could get one that helped them keep slice spin to a bare minimum. They didn't need to take a survey to know that -- it's common knowledge. A few lessons might be better value for their money than constantly changing drivers thinking the new technology is going to slop the slice - or the hook. Better players seem to prefer a slight fade bias and definitely hate a hook bias..... but the better players are not driving the market.
  13. Tis a good thing you can overcome their fade bias -- the next meeting of recreation golfers looking for fade-bias drivers will be held in a telephone booth.