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  1. if you found a BLOG for it on this website - well done. Very few are chosen! And the simple answer to all of this shaft chat is TEST first - then buy what works for you. It matters ZERO what writing is on the shaft.
  2. I can only add that so many of the Japanese shafts - whilst great quality - come up more flexible than the stamp. Had a stack of S shafts from Japan that were actually R if you tested them in the USA. And apart from testing - it is really about how they feel. This is another reason why buying the great Japan products without actually seeing and testing - as many of us do - is fraught with risk. But my club-builder enjoys all the money I keep giving him to fix things....
  3. they are good and they are expensive for everyone, but possibly worse in your area due to the import taxes? If you have 1984 irons I'm thinking it just might be time to upgrade = PRGR has probably released a million new versions since then.
  4. Anyone who played the Shuttle Gold from Majesty (Maruman) will know their driver and FW's and hybrids were really easy to hit - Michael J Fox put them in the bag. And nice to see they have just released an upgraded model. Not sighting anything about this on the Tourspec website (we shouldn't be surprised by that).... but if you are looking for woods that are fun to play and easy to hit - check em out. You can see all the info on the Majesty golf website.
  5. yes it's a ripper - worthy of mention ..... and the Police Squad movies with Leslie Nielsen had some funny stuff.
  6. LIFE OF BRIAN a clear winner for me..... also enjoyed Plains Trains and Automobiles along with History of the World Part 1 and Blazing Saddles
  7. XXIO has spread its appeal by letting the western folk in on their secret and it's time some other good Japanese brands did so too because it really is tough for us rich old white farts to get a handle on how good these clubs are unless we take the plunge and buy them - as I often do anyway. But trying to work out if something truly is worth buying just by the nutty Japan-to-English translations offered up is not easy - kinda like being good at archery with only one arm.
  8. only have to look up NEW ITEMS and all will be revealed
  9. for me there are bags I use -- Sun Mountain etc -- that are really good and not crazy expensive and then there are the flashy leather designs I've accumulated (some with autographs) that just decorate the office because if you take these on tour with you it's a fair bet they'll go missing.
  10. can't go wrong with Sun Mountain ... also Bag Boy have some good options.
  11. Two interesting new iron offerings from RomaRo and looking forward (hoping) to read more about these. Should be tested and reviewed so we might learn more.
  12. They are new and some will like the gold offerings....but they simply do not offer enough head designs.... and you can only get 34 inch length which is very poor marketing these days and even sillier, they want an extra $820 if you upgrade your shaft to the best option. I've got 16 putters and have tried all shafts - not one of them was $820 better than the average.
  13. I've had a few Yamaha drivers and found them quite good - but it's all subjective.
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