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  1. you just have to grease the right palms.....
  2. my irons are SO FORGIVING.... they apologize after every shot
  3. This is a photo of an old mallet putter from the Wood Bros website. This is very similar to what I had - same materials and same cork grip...but mine was more of a light brown colour and it had the famous DaVinci human body drawing on the top of the mallet. Apparently these were available and popular in Asia in the early 1990's. I was given one and it was the best putter I ever had and I've owned 50 different putters if I've had one. The problem was with the ceramic-like material and where the shaft went in - it would easily break. Mine snapped at that point during travel. I've never been abl
  4. yes we all love Robert..... and I'll chime in with some really helpful news about MIURA..... buy their 401 irons if you want to get your hands on a great set of irons.
  5. answering a post 14 years later is possibly not going to be overly helpful.....
  6. I do admire those good folks who check on these things - I never do. I've played in plenty of comps with non-conforming clubs. But then again I have never played a mud ball either. These are my golf rules.... Also, I've tried a stack of non-conforming clubs and they make very little difference.
  7. Dare I jump in and spend about 4 grand on these new Honma Beres Blacks ????? If they don't suit me I'll just have to live under a bridge.
  8. You will get a better handle on what these are all about if you look up the Honma website..... I have to say they look bloody good to me. I've got a horn Louis Armstrong couldn't blow!!
  9. this post just highlights how poorly we Japan golf equipment lovers are serviced by this website and English-language golf sites in general. There is so much good gear out there and constantly being upgraded but you get stark reviews and information - thus forcing most of us to take a leap of faith....which I often do. But it gets expensive when you guess wrong. More reviews and information is desperately needed.
  10. I've bought dozens of expensive iron sets in the past decade and have to say the Miura PI-401 irons that are currently in play are as good as anything I've tried.... But is a 2-piece construction so doesn't qualify under the thread's question.
  11. I'm told there's an equipment heaven .....
  12. if you found a BLOG for it on this website - well done. Very few are chosen! And the simple answer to all of this shaft chat is TEST first - then buy what works for you. It matters ZERO what writing is on the shaft.
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