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  1. the last thing anyone should be investigating - many better shafts out there now
  2. so many good options - with many of the 'mature' recreational golfers finding lighter is better. Steel has some good points for sure, but if you need some vibration protection and lighter weights - it's graphite that wins.
  3. there is a reason we have MANY shaft options - it's never going to be one suits all. Have spoken to a lot of people who love Autoflex and many who cannot come to grips with the tech and are better suited to a more 'traditional' shaft. The good news is we have a lot of great choices and nobody is holding a gun to our head when it comes to selecting.
  4. They will come down in price once other companies jump on the bandwagon. Personally I don't care because I have no issue spending $10k a year on new golf stuff. Luckily I have no kids - thus a lot of time and money - and loving it!
  5. Noticed a few of the legends of golf - all over 80 now - using those pink Autoflex shafts recently. I couldn't turn up for golf with PINK shafts. So I went for the ZINGER from Syncagraphite and they are very similar in tech - and they are really good. Now Autoflex has finally produced a decent color scheme - yellow and black. Regardless of which one you might try - I believe this is a revolution in golf that is not going away.
  6. For irons ..... I need something that is softer than a baby's bum and more forgiving than Mother Teresa
  7. amazing how many people were surprised and impressed when they went to lighter shafts - and I'm one of them. For iron shafts - I like CRAZY. And for a driver shaft - just bite the bullet and get one of the new Syncagraphite ZINGER offerings - as good as anything out there.
  8. given the depth of competition out there - good luck to them. But it's not one I've heard about at this time.
  9. if you got the shaft/driver head fitted to your own specs I'm sure it would be even better....but my friend didn't bother with any of that. He just bought the Zinger in the lighter weight option - put it in an existing Callaway driver head he had...and it just worked like a dream. It didn't feel as whippy as the AutoFlex and is definitely a better color. I know nothing more. But there is a website for that company.
  10. my friend put a ZINGER (Syncagraphite) in his driver and WOW - automatic improvements in everything. I had a hit with it and must admit this is a shaft that is as good as anything I've ever tried and I've tested many of the top options. Do yourselves a favor and get one !!!
  11. not those - but I did buy and recommend their new black irons "anniversary model". EPON irons are rarely disappointing.
  12. the Synchagraphite Zinger shafts are getting a lot of good publicity on the internet
  13. I too found the Shuttle a good weapon. The XXIO FW's are fairly simple to handle and go high. At the moment I'm playing the newest Titleist TSR FW's and hybrids. They feel good and are quite easy to handle.
  14. Next year's Fair will be here before we get to know what was showing last month.
  15. I read on the Tourspec Instagram page that all sorts of photos and reviews from the recent Japan Golf Fair would be appearing in the BLOG on this website.... but it appears the author has been abducted by aliens or else it was a CRUEL TAUNT. I mean how bloody long do we have to wait !!!!!
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