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  1. Some interesting ONOFF driver offerings just appearing in the NEW ITEMS list here on the website, but the auto translation is terrible and you need a team of multi-lingual lawyers to work out what they are bragging about.
  2. we need to send auto next year and get all the photos and lowdown
  3. my friend bought them and was not impressed - claimed they were very hard to work a bit too clunky-looking. Ryoma seems to make gear that people either love or dislike. I've tried their drivers and didn't keep them in the bag very long even though the feel was good. But golf equipment in general is a very personal thing and the only true guide is to try yourself.
  4. if they were a US product we'd have 99 different listings on the internet - but you really need to be in Japan to get the lowdown on the 'good stuff'
  5. the website claimed over 200 exhibitors
  6. what about the new drivers unveiled at the Golf Fair ? Any of those interest you ?
  7. just found it on the new items list here at TSG and this explains everything.....I'm so much the wiser! Driver - "Parallel-Impact Face" which flies in a plane instead of a point. Carbon crown body full of gentle elements.
  8. Did I miss anything or is the coverage concluded ?
  9. Anyone have information on this just-released range from Maruman ?
  10. Same question from me. When we have the PGA golf show here in the States you get great coverage on TV and on the internet and it's very extensive - makes it easy to compile a list of things to try. I assume there is plenty of coverage in Japan - but that's not much help to us who live overseas and don't speak or read Japanese. Of course TSG is bringing us coverage and maybe there's enough still to come to satisfy our curiosity.
  11. Read the first 2 days' coverage of the Golf Fair and feeling underwhelmed thus far. The James Patrick gear has been the most interesting to my mind - the rest is stuff we knew about or could survive without ever knowing about. Sure hope there are some gems still to be uncovered in the ongoing coverage.
  12. Hoping to see lots of photos and information here from this weekend's show.
  13. there are some swings that just cannot be forgiven
  14. I like the XXIO Ten and if I ever yell at it - always FORGIVES me.
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