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  1. XXIO

    you really should try to swing these models before you buy - because it is all so subjective. I play the forged irons because I like the softer feel. If I was trying to help a high handicapper - I'd say the 9's would be a winner. They look so big it should inspire confidence - but would not appeal to the better players who like a thinner topline and smaller footprint overall. So if you just want to throw the club at the ball and get a decent result - the 9's. If feel is more important the forged offering might be a better way to go.
  2. XXIO

    The XXIO irons are generally always good -- a little clunky looking...but they are designed more along the lines of slower swingers and people looking for easy-to-hit equipment. I've played XXIO for many years and they rarely disappoint. Have tried every new option when they appear and while I like the latest offering - didn't really notice a massive difference to the previous model. Forged feel better - and still forgiving enough unless you are a 20+ hacker.
  3. PXG Parson Extreme Golf

    The 2nd generation of the PXG irons has just been announced and can be viewed on their website. 4 models this time.
  4. my next one of course - they promised me!
  5. Benock World White Dragon Putter - Base Model

    I'll just need to find a third job and then eat nothing but soup for 12 months and I should have a deposit put together....
  6. got this shaft in my Titleist Utility clubs and very happy with the performance.
  7. the Titleist irons are all pretty good - I've hit most of them. And the Titleist Japan irons are probably even better. Titleist used to struggle with the perception that their equipment was mainly for the really topline players, but now almost anyone can play their offerings. The key is to get into a store and try out the Titleist range to find the irons you feel best using.
  8. The Very First SEVEN Fake Golf Clubs from China!

    the only thing the Chinese make any good is sweet and sour chicken
  9. EASY and long 7w, XXIO, PRGR, other?

    XXIO seldom disappoints. If you can't hit them - it's time to find a new pursuit.
  10. Driver shaft for 80-85mph, and easy 7Fw

    xxio 7 wood easy to play
  11. if anyone finds their mallet putter called BALANCE with a Da Vinci motif on the top of the mallet - please let me know.
  12. Bull or true

    ordered mine in pure gold with 7-Dreamers shaft and Unicorn leather grip.
  13. VG3 Driver

    Yes the better player's iron does look a tad similar - and if they have managed to improve on the predecessor then it will be another best-seller. The D-Type iron looks chunkier and will probably appeal to people trying to gain distance....but a little too bulked-up for my liking. Look forward to reading reviews.
  14. I once had a Wood Bros mallet putter that was made from some kind of ceramic and it was extremely good - wanted to buy more but Wood Bros went out of business. This particular putter had a DaVinci sketch on the head. Would pay good money if I could ever find another.