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  1. now we'll have someone who knows something about it....
  2. Coming to the US golf market next month is something creating quite a buzz... https://www.thehackersparadise.com/xcaliber-rapid-taper-iron-shaft-review/
  3. just love the generic translations - most of them are funny or just nonsense... but us golf nuts generally have a clue as to what they were trying to say.
  4. Could be worth trying although the description has me puzzled...
  5. yes you can pick up great drivers 'second hand' and then just reshaft them to suit
  6. any reviews are welcome reading because we don't get much help from the basic translations
  7. I've bought some really expensive putters in my time - not 3 grand though - and found that the $300 Odyssey options are as good as anything. But for pure craftsmanship you can't beat the boutique Japanese offerings.
  8. You will like the new XXIO drivers
  9. and we all know that buying drivers based on other people's recommendations will get you a hefty credit card bill and a garage full of unwanted drivers.
  10. and they are handouts for now - but you will all pay for them eventually
  11. he was referring to the Govt threshold ($100,000) for the Covid handouts. If you make less than 100 g's you will get a Govt handout and you will not be buying putters for three grand.
  12. these are great at mashing your potatoes.... and I'm sure they are great putters - but good luck finding dudes willing to pay close to 3 grand for a flat stick.
  13. I'd need to switch to landscape to get mine in -- have 14 cart bags and all full.
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