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  1. dickyfowler

    Japan Golf Fair 2019

    Hoping to see lots of photos and information here from this weekend's show.
  2. dickyfowler

    Japanese Driver?

    there are some swings that just cannot be forgiven
  3. dickyfowler

    Japanese Driver?

    I like the XXIO Ten and if I ever yell at it - always FORGIVES me.
  4. dickyfowler

    Tour AD shafts

    Ryoma use an AD in many of their products and I've always found them to be top quality. We also see many pros using the familiar banded shafts in their 'woods'. There are a lot of high quality options out there, but the problem is you really need to test and get fitted for the premium outcome and this is not easily done if you are interested in some of the topline JDM shafts - and you live overseas. I've bought a lot of them sight-unseen and had some very mixed results - I must stop doing that. I would recommend the Graphite Design Tour AD's in general - but try before you buy.
  5. dickyfowler

    new LOOP shaft

    Here we go - as explained in the shop. Enjoy. Introducing Loop Prototype LX Shaft which Maximizes impact energy and introduces a luxury shaft that draws high-quality Trajectory. The speed of the initial speed, the strength of the sense of play has stood out as a feature, and a 60g high-half shaft with a new feeling is born to the existing LOOP shaft so far! Guide, hold the ball firmly in the impact, the movement after the impact unleash the ball linearly with the true feeling "strong push" of the LOOP shaft. High-elasticity HYBRID pre-preg combining pitch and bread materials is adopted for the first time, and it has been finished in the top-class performance that brings flight distance and FW keep rate up while improving the meet rate. After reading that - you just have to get one!
  6. http://golf wrx/546080/bgts-stability-putter-shaft-real-numbers-real-improvement/?utm_source=Front&utm_medium=Blogroll_Home&utm_campaign=GolfWRX_OnSite&utm_content=unused
  7. dickyfowler


    I wish there was more I could tell you, but my rough translation indicates they are offering some 'trial clubs' of this new driver. Hopefully Maruman unveil some new gear at the Golf Fair and we get a lot more information about it. If you haven't tried their equipment, you should.
  8. dickyfowler


  9. dickyfowler

    new YONEX gear 2019

    Some sweet-looking Yonex clubs now appearing in the Shop. Engineered for golfers with slower swing speeds, the new Royal EZONE series effortlessly add more distance to your game. By combining the latest technology and materials, this premium line of golf clubs is designed for distance. The Royal EZONE driver features Namd in the crown, which is a unique graphite that maintains its flex at higher speeds, creating snapback that launches your ball at faster ball speeds. Features - Vertical Polish - An innovative design that eliminates traditional horizontal grooves with a vertical polish to reduce unwanted side spin for improved accuracy and increased distance. Interesting they make these with open face angles - could have sworn most amateurs slice and not sure the open face will be a big help. Or maybe it does - never had an open-faced driver and don't want one. Also, seems odd to me they have technology that thrives on HIGHER SPEEDS and yet the club is made for slower-swingers. I must be missing something?
  10. Let's get into gear guys - surely someone in Japan can enlighten us further. I only have 19 drivers and time is running out to get another !!
  11. we are seeing some big $$$ being asked for premium golf equipment - I just paid $500 per iron for my new Titleist CNCPT sticks, but didn't mind because they are exceptional - IMHO. Always on the lookout for another driver and this one looks interesting.
  12. getting good reports about the new True Temper ELEVATE Tour
  13. dickyfowler

    Bentley Golf

    The very eye-caching black/gold irons and woods are all part of a special CENTENARY set and these are only available as a complete set...for a paltry $16,000. Think that includes putter and bag, as it should. I'm informed that similar clubs and other planned designs will be sold individually from next year. Would like to see the coming products in the shop.
  14. dickyfowler

    Bentley Golf

    Handsome is as handsome does...of course. We all know that a big price does not guarantee big satisfaction, but just saw photos of their full line-up and they sure look pretty.