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  1. Hello. I miss my A-grind 350 Classic driver and would love to buy one in great/mint condition. Head only. 10.5 degree preferably. PM me if you got one for sale and we can work something out.
  2. Trade interests for the MP32s?

    1. Cforselius


      Nothing I can think of sorry, maybe Graphite design wood shafts.

  3. Hello Mizuno MP-32 2-pw heads only in mint condition. Only has a few scratches from play but nothing major. Grooves are conforming. I let the pics speak for themselfs. Probably the condition anywhere. faces are a bit dirty from play. 400 USD shipped worldwide. Payment via paypal, gifted. I ship worldwide.
  4. Trade interest: high end putters or cb irons 3-pw
  5. Hello guys Market seems tough right now but I thought I'd try at least. I got a Epon Zen that does not have have a single ding/nick or other. 9.5/10 easily. A week old Gripmaster Pittardi Tour wrap grip for great feel. Original headcover in great condition goes with it. I bought it from a great member here but I dont play as much since I work almost every day and I cant justify having such an expensive putter in my bag. -34" playing length 700 USD shipped. Payment gifted via paypal.
  6. Im interested in this set if still available. PM me, I could not PM u
  7. Where did you get that Mizuno wedge?!
  8. Thanks, I was going to get them but they are extremely strong lofted and it did'nt work out with the wedge set-up.
  9. I have the new tour wedge from Crazy, and while it has taken some time to adapt to them I think they are simply amazing! Might not be compared to the Toyos but these things are the most beautiful and best wedges I have played to date! Hope they work out for you mate
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