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  1. these are beautiful. I'm just curious, how much does a finish like this cost?
  2. Beautiful bag. May I ask, how is the speeder evo 2 fw shaft for you?
  3. Attractive offer for the 903 hybrid. With brilliant shaft. Extremely tempting.
  4. might be interested in 1. PM'ed you.
  5. Could easily get a set of 302. Looking for the copper ones. Will like it as it is.
  6. Thanks mate. I was hoping to find one. Planning to keep for collection and to use it once my handicap is down. :D
  7. Looking for a set of top condition Epon 302 5-PW in copper. Let me know if any one of you have one for sale. Cheers
  8. Selling 3 items for today. Located in the UK. Overseas buyer, I will have to check with the cost of shipping. ALL ITEMS ARE 1/2" longer than standard. Prices not inclusive of shipping. 1. Miura K grind 56 Excellent condition as well at 9.5/10. Shafted with dynamic gold S400 tour issue. Brand new masda grips. Asking for: £200 150 ​2. Callaway Legacy Black 5-PW (stenson's model) Excellent condition. Hardly used as you can see in the picture. Comes with KBS tour V stiff. Brand new masda grips. Asking for: SOLD Interested buyers please PM me. Have a great day.
  9. how much does it cost to customise a soft black set of irons? say 5-pw?
  10. Looking to purchase a set of 5-pw Epon 503/703 or 551. Interested sellers please pm me. Cheers
  11. Oh man. That 202 HT. I just bought it. I should have gotten it from you.
  12. Yes I am currently looking for a new shaft too. On paper, it looks to be better than the old speeder evo. Please let me know how does it feel compared to the old one so I can decide if I will like to get it for my new driver. Cheers
  13. Looking to purchase a set of titleist irons tmb 5-pw. Prefably heads only. Interested sellers please PM me. Cheers
  14. just out of curiosity, will you pick the fubuki K or Diamana B both in 60s to match with the ryoma D1?
  15. I prefer a 60 S shaft. Lol. Dont think i can handle a 70.
  16. No thanks. Just bought an epon af 153.
  17. Thanks guys, I fitted it with a Diamana R in the end. It performs the same as my Ping g30. Decided to let it go and got a brand new Epon AF 153 9.5 driver head. Any shaft recommendation for this head then?
  18. Ryoma D1 Driver 10.5 Didn't perform as well as my Ping G30. Decided to let it go. Comes with Diamana Japan R series 60s (Practically new as I hit it less than 3 times. Unsuitable for me) Heads only or with shaft. Comes with original head cover. Condition 8/10. Price: $300 (heads) $450 (head+shaft) *Both not inclusive of shipping.
  19. Is the tour ad bb6 good for the old ryoma d1? Other than AAA any other shaft you heard that work? I prefer Mid kick point
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