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  1. Driver: Ping G400 Fairway: Crazy CRZ Full Titan Irons: PXG 0311 Wedges: Cleveland rtx 2 forged (matsuyama) Putter: Scotty 009 Ball: Nxt Tour
  2. Am keen on this hybrid. How is this compared to the modart? I like shallow face hybrid.
  3. Tried it against the Ryoma. Ryoma is for sure long but no matter how i try to draw or fade it, it just goes straight. It is very easy to work this crazy full titan. I love this fairway wood. I choose this over the Ryoma FW.
  4. great thanks. So say compared to other 15 degree 3 wood u used for tee off, do you find the ryoma f2 easier?
  5. Any more updates on the Ryoma f2? i am keen on getting one as a driver insurance. However i was wondering how easy is it to launch a 13 degree fairway wood off the tee? Is the face too shallow for that?
  6. thanks for the feedback Nob. I really like the modus 105 shaft. Will love to try these one day.
  7. Very interesting Ian. In fact I'm on a quest to lower my score. It might take awhile but i have finally found that i swing woods much better than irons. I am re shaping my bag and i carry till 6 iron tops. I have inserted 7 wood and replace the 5 iron with a large chunky driving iron and hybrid depending on condition. So far, i have been more consistent in terms of scoring which i aim to be.
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    found thanks.
  9. Yes i will probably do so. I am thinking 42.5" on my 5 wood at 18.5 and 41.5" at 21.5 7 wood. Then it will go to my 5 iron. Some major shifting at the top of my bag before summer comes! Am getting my hands on a XR deep, a driver insurance!
  10. hehe ian, i already have a 7 wood in mind. I want to match my crazy full titan. I am just thinking should i get a 7 wood or try another new hybrid....
  11. will shaft length matters? I plan to play my 5 wood ar 42.5" and 7 wood at 41.5" than i will go from 5 iron to PW. Any of you guys feel that hybrid set up is confusing? I can hit hybrid decent on the range. But when it comes to game time or when it matters, it just hooks left or i just top it. Really frustrating that I hit straight at the range and it never do well on the green. I only hit the green twice out of 10 times with my hybrids. 175-190 yards away kind of shot. My 7 iron carries 145-150 yard, 6 iron goes 155-160 yard, 5 iron goes 165-170 yards and then my 5 wood at 42" carries 195-200 yard. I have never take rolls as consideration. Driver carries 230-240 yards with a 95-98mph swing speed. So there is a gap there. will be perfect if I can find a club that carries 180-190 yards.
  12. I see. Thanks a lot. Will a 7w carry distance be too close to a 5 wood?
  13. Hey guys, I was just wondering have any of you got any experience with 7 woods? I just had a lesson with my coach and it was determined (after trying to ignore it for a long time) that my wood game is better than my iron game. Am thinking of the gap between my 5 wood and 5 iron. I used to put a hybrid in between. Since my swing is more of a sweeping motion, am thinking of taking the hybrid out and putting in the 7 wood. Any thoughts/feedbacks?
  14. Have a 23 degree with fubuki hybrid shaft for sale if ur keen.
  15. same as me mate. Can't get use to their drivers and fws. But the irons and wedges are superb. I am always trying other brands but always come back to epon irons. They just perform well for me on course and its hard to find another that perform better.
  16. Yeah thanks. Had the 2016 m2 fairway and was impress. Will try the 2017 version
  17. Are u referring to the ut shaft or iron shaft?
  18. Hey anymore feedbacks with these Crazy STP hybrid shafts? Are they still performing well for you? Do they play much stiffer to flex? Am keen on getting one of these.
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    found thanks
  20. any shafts that you can recommend that will generally go well with the new Ryoma head? I am not a fan of tour ad shaft as it has never get along with me. Thats what keeping me from getting the Ryoma though. If i could however get the heads only with a different shaft it will be great.
  21. I use the crazy fti in 5 wood and it's great. It works and goes as far as my cobra f6 baffler but with better feel. Currently leaning towards the ryoma fairway wood but will like to hear some opinions.
  22. Hey guys any of you got the experience with the new ryoma fairway wood or the roddio spoon? looking to add a 3 wood in my bag and would like to start with something extreme forgiveness for good off the tee and in perfect lie as a back up to the driver.
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