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  1. Any thoughts which is more forgiving? This or the 440?
  2. Haha that's cause of your swing bro. You're coming from outside in. Had the same problem too. Got a coach and getting better.Love the a grind. They look so sexy.
  3. Actually I really want to go with crazy. Problem is I play with 56/60. They only do 52/58. Also the fact I like my lob wedge to have a bounce not more than 9. ?
  4. Yes I do like versatile wedges. I wanted to buy the crazy's but they only come in 52&58. Unless i get 2 58 and bend them to 56 and 60 respectively? Does that make sense? And then how will i be able to tell the difference? :/
  5. Hey guys, I am keen on trying some new wedges for the 2016 season. Any lob wedges suggestion that has been your go to? Have always been using a vokey 60 m grind.
  6. hey guys, any more feedbacks on these shafts? I am looking to get one.
  7. Hi mate, just wondering, are you keen to sell the shaft with adaptor separately?
  8. Epon 3 wood sold to a very awesome gentleman!
  9. price revised! need this clear! interested buyers please drop me a PM!
  10. Hi, Looking for a Yamada 85029 handmade copper series putter. Would like the head weight to be at 350-356g version. Please drop me a message if you have one for sale. Cheers
  11. Looking to purchase a Scotty 009 carbon made 350g putter. Any keen sellers please pm me. Cheers!
  12. Finally had some free time! Took the plunge and ordered from TSG. Can't wait to shaft it up and hit it!
  13. magpies


    How are these different from the handmade 85029? May I ask the head weight too?
  14. anyone who have one letting go cheap please dropped me a message. Cheers
  15. Hello mates, Looking for a yamada KB 875 putter. Anyone letting one go please PM me. Preferably the design according to the pic. Cheers
  16. magpies

    attas 9s

    Looking for attas 9s graphite shaft for irons. Anyone keen on letting one go please msg me. Cheers.
  17. 3 times for a feedback? What feedback mate? Did you purchase anything from me via Golfwrx? Because, base on my history I have never dealt with you? Even if I did deal with you, i would usually just check if the buyer received the item (being a responsible seller) and asked for a feedback. I should have phrase it properly. What I wanted to say is that there are other brands you can use for driving irons not just Tour ad di. I myself am using a tour ad di 7 stiff on one of my 3 wood.
  18. LOL. I don't think this is new...Sorry to burst the bubble mate. I believe it is very common and there are better option other than AD DI.
  19. Pics updated and some price revised. Need these gone to get some new JDM 2016!
  20. Looking for an Epon 303 gap wedge. If anyone has one for sale pls drop me a msg. Thanks.
  21. open to trades for Epon 703. if not, open to offers!
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