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  1. s**t. Came here hoping to find some juicy details and nothing! I haven't seen anything on ameba blogs either. Did golf get less popular in Japan?
  2. Can you post a pic of them side by side at address then? I guess people on here will be skeptical unless you post photos...
  3. What do you mean? They’re based out of Nevada and the store is in english language.
  4. omfg... browsing for some irons shafts I see they're still posting garbage translations. https://www.tourspecgolf.com/fire-express-ms-i-iron-shaft-set.html Chip parallel is 45mm??? No thanks, I prefer my golf shafts chip free LOL If I didn't buy from TSG before, I would just assume this is one of those sites that just scams people selling counterfeit goods or something.
  5. Would you say they were stout or no? Reading that R flex was (supposedly) designed for 90-100mph makes me think they must be, but it's just a single post on a forum 🤷‍♂️
  6. Looking for some info on these. What's the profile, or what shafts are similar to it? I've read another thread on here where someone did a quick review before selling them. Mentions R flex is designed for 90-100mph driver swing. Ball flight is high but also carried lot more? [Edit] Also, are these in discrete lengths? Their website says available in 3-SW, but specs lists only 39" for length?
  7. 100% sure they're 355. 950GH with a 0.370 tip is a utility shaft, so I doubt someone would put that in your clubs.
  8. If you're going to reshaft them, just pull one out. I'm 99.3% sure they're 355 though. What shaft is them currently?
  9. Yes, 00 have "MG Forged" stamped on the hosel. Rest of the irons and wedges only have "Forged". I'd love to get them, but honestly I have no complaints about 01, except for the top line being little bit too thick.
  10. I like them. Head size is medium-ish with thicker and flatter top line. Feel and sound is really good. I think when I was hitting them on a lunch monitor, they averaged little bit more than my other clubs except for Cleveland 588 TT but those are bigger in every dimension.
  11. I have a 50 and 56 to complement my 01 irons. They're good, but nothing special to write about you know? I'm not sure who forged them.
  12. lol... I see it auto corrects diff sites to tourspecgolf
  13. I'm sure he would put more effort into write ups and reviews if he was selling a lot of gear and maybe he's not? I have no idea. Over the years reading diff forums I've noticed that most people buy second hand or tourspecgolf.
  14. English descriptions were always shoddy and made little sense on this website, as far as I can remember. From reading his blogs you'd think the guy knew a lot of people in the industry and therefore had better info than auto translated copy n' paste from websites.
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