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  1. All good. Checked Miura website which I should have done in the first place. 360g and that's too heavy for me! Lol!
  2. I've just seen the new KM-009 and the specs are listed. Is this head really 296g? Seems ridiculously light. Was thinking about grabbing one if these but if that is actually the weight, I'll be really disappointed. Way too light.
  3. Thanks for the input so far guys. Please keep the suggestions coming.
  4. Hi all. Got a set of nice JDM blades coming in the next few days. Might be looking for a couple of wedges as well. Don't know much about JDM wedges except that Yururi is good and I've had some 2013 Tourstage x-wedges and quite liked them. Saw some Baldo wedges that looked quite nice. Are they any good or anyone got other suggestions? Would like 52/57 or 52/58. Cheers
  5. Considering getting some Muira Giken heads but wanted to ask any folks who have bought new and needed to reem/bore out the hosels? How did you do this? Best to be taken to a machinist or is it possible to do it at home with the right equipment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  6. Thank for the welcome guys. Need a conforming driver so would still love to hear about any suggestions about what would be similar to the Romaro Ray 435 LX in spin and launch. Just need options as I'm looking for something with more loft. Cheers.
  7. Hi folks. Pretty new to JDM golf clubs. Only been into them for a few months now. Really enjoying it. Anyway, I need a little help with drivers. The first ever JDM purchase for me was a RomaRo Ray 435LX driver head. It's a 9deg head and I matched it with an Attas 6 star 5S shaft. Goes really well. Probably the lowest spinning driver I've ever had, definately the longest. The only thing is it launches a bit low so I've been on the lookout for a 10deg but have not found one. Can anyone suggest what else is similar in size, shape, face height, spin performance etc. Ideally would love to stick with the same head, just in a higher loft but if there is something else out there that is similar, I'm open to trying something new. Cheers.
  8. Really old thread I know but just got myself a set of these from Japan with NS Pro 950's in them. Got a second hand, mint set of 5-PW and a brand new 4 iron separate. Bought a few sets of other shafts to try in them as I thought the 950's would be too light for me but so far they are good shafts. Easy to launch, but not too high. Don't seem to get spinny or balloon. If I make the right swing, they go exactly where I want them to go and they feel so nice. Haven't had a nice set of forged irons for a while (new to JDM clubs - previously played ping S57's) so these are a real treat. I had never hit them or even seen them in the flesh but really enjoying them so far and they are not that hard to hit. Really pleased I took the chance. Now I've got a Tourstage 709 D430 driver I'm working on as well and some of the X-wedges too. Wish I'd had found Tourstage sooner, they make awesome clubs.
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