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  1. db2


    These blades make my Miuras feel like Epons. The primary feel is sledgehammer solid, but the secondary sensation is the Japanese 1025 softness that we know and love. A very unique iron. For the blade enthusiast, this is a must own!
  2. Grind Studio raw wedge heads. 52* (291g) and 58* (296g). Plenty of groove life. $85 shipped and insured CONUS.
  3. I'm looking for a 60s or 70s 2016 Basileus AAA driver shaft. Untipped.
  4. I'm looking for either the Modart or A Grind in 22*.
  5. db2


    Thank you for the offer but I’ve found what I’m looking for.
  6. db2


    I'm looking for drivers. With or without shafts but preferably without. In terms of loft, 9.5-11* with a square to open face. I'm not interested in closed faces. 300cc to 460cc. USGA conforming. To be honest, I don't know much about JDM heads so I'm going to take my time and review offers and research them as I'm likely going to buy multiple heads.
  7. Bohdi

    Hello DB2


    i have 2 set of P2 

    one is near mint shafted with modus 3 120 stiff and the other used for 2 seasons  shafted with Shimadas tour stiff 

    also have a set of Miuraisms Sb02 Sc01 combo if your interested 








  8. db2

    Epon P2

    I'm looking for a set of P2. Please let me know if you have a set available.
  9. I'm looking for small, ~350-400cc diver heads. Any recommendations?
  10. db2


    I'm now asking $175 shipped.
  11. I saw the 105 in person once and my initial impression was that it is one of the best looking metal woods I've ever seen. It has elements of a persimmon driver that you don't see anymore. Your photo hints at this, but it is much better looking in person.
  12. db2


    $175 shipped.
  13. db2


    Now asking $200 shipped CONUS.
  14. The N1-MB have both less offset, a thinner topline, and a longer blade length than most blades. The feel is more of a crisp click than a soft butteriness. They also launch a bit higher than other blades and have less harsh feedback. The reduction in vibration associated with mis**ts is notable.
  15. Am interested in the Ryoma. Is it still for sale and where are you based.  



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