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  1. KYOEI Blade Pics!

    5 cut will remain on standard models. W grind will be on a new prototype series. overall the brand line up will be growing and make more sense. it just takes times to get things right.
  2. KYOEI Blade Pics!

    Here you have it first pics of the new Kyoei Blade and its a stunner especially in hand. Today we are going into the product then our next blog post will be about the history of Tamaki Sakamoto and the great story behind Kyoei Factory. The official release date of the new Kyoei MB is today, TSG is now shipping sets of 4-PW in one of two standard finishes. The first is a smooth polished chrome mirror while the second is a raw grain black dye finish. Kyoei is starting their own house label with a single product which is a tried and proven design that combines a classic shape with modern influences. Kyoei is also offering a variety of custom finishes that are special order like the above which is in black nickel. The second photo in this blog post shoes a matte soft gray finish. In coming months TSG will be highlighting more of these in our marketing. We have been testing these blades for some time now and can say with certainty that the sole grind is special. Kyoei calls this their 5 cut sole which we found worked perfectly with golfers that have a steep downward blow and a semi shallow decent. I think more brands should follow Kyoei's lead in creating sole designs that work for both types of players. There is something about the raw grain black finish that makes people smile. It will wear beautifully starting with the impact spot and sole areas that make contact with the ground. They also feel very soft. Its hard to choose between the two standard options. Usually we are not fans of chrome mirror but after seeing the Kyoei blade in this finish it was hard to resist so I ordered my personal set this way. In another blog post we will show in hand photos vs these studio pictures. In hand they are some of the most stunning blades I have ever seen, something about its simplicity and sharp edges give it a very clean and sharp appearance. In the below photo we have a chart that shows the face progression numbers's which would make any purist player happy. Those numbers translate into near zero offset. 6.0FP to some is also known as onset. I have yet to find very many irons with this straight of a neck and combine that with its razor thin top line and five cut sole and we have an iron that embodies both the future and the past. Kyoei is not claming big distance or forgiveness with this club its meant to put the player in touch with the DNA of the brand. It is designed to be an introduction to the capabilities of Kyoei Golf and help people understand how important this company is to the Japan Golf Industry. I will save the history of the family and factory for our next blog post as it will be a long one. For now just focus on this beautiful blade. The new Kyoei Blade retails at 175 per head and is sold 4-PW only at the moment. Now shipping to our customers at TourSpecGolf - (Click Here)
  3. Benock Questions Thread

    It's a tuff brand to lay out so that everyone understands how they differ from other putter companies. When I say the best I mean it. Everyone else makes their putters the same way. They hold the head in multiple areas and always leave the face for last. They have to load and re-load their products into different machines to do various angles. They have to hand polish every edge, they are unable to make precision necks so they crank and bend and torch them, There is no perfection and no one is doing the good stuff like benock. Not even close. With all of PXG's or Taylormade or Callaway's money they could still not equal how well Okuda-san makes his putters. He creates technologies and invented unibloc, he produced high end censor molds for cell phones. He can produce anything to 1/100,000ths of a gram. Nobody in the CNC world can calculate to this intensity. It gets crazy though by manufacturing to 1/100,000ths of a gram he can make all types of putter shapes that have the same feel and performance for a player despite being completely different designs. No one on the PGA Tour has anything like this. Not TW, Not Speith, none of them. No Scotty can't do this either. This is true maniac stuff. 1 chuck means 1 putter held in 1 spot only 1 time. this is big. whoever you think rules the putter world or makes the best can't do this. While everyone is using GSS for hype marketing or even fake layered Damascus you have benock here offering JSS - 3136L which has a lower carbon content, higher phosphorus, higher Mn, higher Mo and it's austenite steel heat treated. From the very best suppliers in Japan. Then there is the fact he has 4 full time CAD professionals who can pump out 8 unique putter designs per DAY! Keep in mind that the majority of brands create fewer than 20 a year. He has five 5-Axis machines from DMG Mori, Scotty just got their first and use it on the 009.M but still not to Benock's capability because he goes to the extreme implementing German controllers and Italian software. Then one of the biggest deals is Benocks relationship with NS Tool. NSTool, man where to start. Their tools and support produce Sony, Canon, Nikon's best lenses and products. The finest swiss watches are made using their tools since the 1950's. The list goes on and on of world class products being made with NSTool. So ima shut up now and just start posting pics and answering questions in this thread.
  4. Benock Questions Thread

    They can do anything bud. This is very light milling then they polished it off by hand a bit. Less side spin that others, firmer feel and some would say better for fast rolling greens.
  5. Benock Questions Thread

    For the average player they would look at this pic and think... nice. But for someone who knows how to engineer putters, they would look at this pic and be amazed. They can throw millions of dollars at trying to duplicate it and not be able to. A few things to help you see. 1 - The only chuck is on its sole. look at other makers photos. They are not 1 chuck and they are held by the face not sole and loaded into multiple machines. It's actually a very big deal. It's almost like 2D vs 3D. 2 - see the neck and the edges of everything. smooth perfect curves yet no hand polishing is done at all. no one else can do it to this perfection. In fact for slant, curved and unique necks other companies have to cut the neck off and bend and crank. 3 - Notice how its milled and unpolished in the first pic and there is no pitting in the steel especially on the flat surfaces. Trust that with most steels worldwide at this stage you find flaws that need to be polished or hidden by a finish. Materials are a priority at Benock. There is a reason other makers do not post macro close images at this stage in the making.
  6. Benock Questions Thread

    Just a few options. I really enjoy the bottom right only problem is I find sand or dirt gets stuck in between those cracks faster. Some of these produce more side spin than others.
  7. Benock Questions Thread

    I know your Shingo well, it is a classic! George Takei ran Gauge JPN from his Shinjuku office which I was youngin always hanging out at. First brand to really give TSG a chance. That head is made by Kitada then engravings done by Sasaya's father.
  8. Benock Questions Thread

    Please support TSG in helping the spread of misinformation on the web about Japanese golf clubs. We are all simply placing an order with the same finishing factory: TSG Club Works, Gold's, Miura, Itobori and a dozen or more brands all do the same. So I want to give credit to those who are actually doing the finishing work. Just as I would like to give credit to engineers, factories, and designers over brand names. I constantly compare brands, materials, tech, manufacturing... It is very useful because the majority of my customers are looking for the best or better and comparing clubs and want to know how they square off against each other. Those are the types of questions we receive most. Golf clubs are just products. It's ok to judge them subjectively. Gold's blanks have not been made by Kitada for many years. I know Kitada well he has made the Seven SM490A series putters and still does the CNC back face and logos for the Seven MB before Shinagawa hand grinds it. While Kitada-san is my good friend his work does not come close to Benock. Kitada uses mostly sus303, then carbon. The material is not the only reason carbon feels softer. You are also feeling a finish on top of the carbon, you are feeling the loft, cg and the face milling. The general rule of thumb is stainless is firm and carbon is soft but it goes way beyond that as you can make carbon feel firmer and stainless feel softer. I have always said that Gold's Factory does not make putters. They modify other brand's putters. They do exquisite work. Remember I introduced gold's first post Gauge JPN. We have shared staff with them and still employ the person who did their paint fill, polishing, and assembly for many years ( TSG Club Works ). Gold's best work is making weights, making holes, sight lines, hand controlled milling, etc.. I repeat they are not a putter head manufacturer and that is precicely why I said I could not compare them to Benock. Nobody can and we can discuss that in detail if you have interest.
  9. Benock Questions Thread

    Golds factory has never used GSS to make a putter. They are willing to stamp whatever you want on a putter including a material it is not. This is not ok in my book. GSS is identical to standard Japan grade SUS303 though if that makes people feel better. That still does not make it German. Being real I can't even compare a Gold's to a benock.
  10. White Satin X-Forged 18 by TSG Club Works

    You would have to use tip weights for that. You lose about 2-3g by removing the finish.
  11. We did these in black boron and now in white satin. enjoy:
  12. Yururi Tour Wedge

    Both the blade and gekku wedge originally had kurozome black finish. its not a durable coating but feels great and wears nicely. It is not RAW. RAW = no finish.
  13. Benock Questions Thread

    It's best in Kyoto with Okuda-san himself because you can tour the factory. Let me know and I can help.
  14. JBEAM - known for their drivers but offer irons, wedges, putters and even shafts. We absolutely love Jbeam heads at TSG, and they have a cult-like following with many of our clients. You can always tell when you’re hitting a JBEAM driver, they are shaped a certain way with their familiar deep faces, and while many differ in feel from each other, there is always something inherently JBEAM and consistent in design with their drivers. If you follow our Instagram Page, we have been teasing face photos, and people have been reacting to its unique shape. In this blog post, we will be sharing a bit more about the new Bullet and who it’s for along with my hitting impressions. CEO and designer Kazuhiro Sakata-san based out of Adachi Japan grew up with golf wood design. It all started with his father who used to manufacture professional JPGA tour players persimmon woods way back. JBEAM was launched in 1987, and when I met Sakata-san Sr. and Jr. years ago at their former HQ it was such an honor, I had been a fan of Jbeam’s woods since before anyone had heard of them. I have played Jbeam woods for years because I like the way they perform for me. Today Sakata-san Jr. runs the entire operations of the family business Jbeam has a new and impressive facility. Sakata-san has over 30 years experience in wood design. Notice the size and shape of the bullets forged cup face. These unique shapes started with the JBEAM ZY-11 that had a trapezoidal face shape and is a driver after many years still sits in my bag. It’s very low spin with a low trajectory. That is the aim of this new bullet driver as well low spin / low trajectory. It’s straight to draw biased depending on where you place your weights. Of course, because we deal with JBEAM directly and have for many years TSG offer’s you custom hand pick face angles, lofts, and head weights. We also offer foaming, hot melt, and hosel reaming for extremely cranked loft/lie/face angles. From above you see that familiar JBEAM shape. It’s a rounded confidence-inspiring setup. It’s a shape you will notice on the majority of their heads. I found this club extraordinarily forgiving and highly recommend it for more aggressive swingers who seek to reduce spin and lower their trajectory. I suggest getting a 0.5* higher loft than your current driver as our client’s feedback tells us loft vs. loft Jbeam heads go lower. (for some models). If you hit it high or low on the face or out toward the upper toe, you will be in good shape. The ball flight is exceptionally stable, yet it’s still workable due to its forward and higher center of gravity. I also notice that players who hit down on the ball and generate very high spin appreciate the bullets spin reducing qualities. You can play with the weights that TSG sell’s as well. The closest relative to the Bullet in the Jbeam family is the ZY-11 but the 11 was foamed, and this Bullet is not. The bullet offers a soft metallic launchy feel that reminds me of DAT55G. Jbeam will no longer disclose any info on its proprietary driver face materials, but I will say that they were one of the very first to adopt DAT55G and the forged cup face back in the day. The sound is a little loud and spongy, it’s not hollow but not dense. Feel is such a personal matter I actually loved the foamed thwack of the ZY11 and I’m also happy with the Bullets feedback as well. Talking about shafts, I have tried many in these heads. It’s always The Basileus AAA Limited, Seven Dreamers, or CRAZY 9. Of course, we always recommend what works best for the player. Overall if you are new to JBEAM you are likely to be surprised at how good they perform. The golf world needs more boutique wood brands. They have many different models to choose from so make sure to contact us at [email protected] to learn which one would be the right for you. Also if you are ready to buy right away Click Here to see JBEAMS full line up!
  15. I'm new to the pacific northwest. King Copper is available for about a month each year. Copper Sockeye a bit longer. I am hooked. It's so wonderful.
  16. The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    Yes me and a couple others in this forum have hit it - http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/the-new-jbeam-g-fw-full-titan-fairway-wood/
  17. Benock Questions Thread

    The fitting would reveal so many things other fittings could not. Benock fittings can only be done by Okuda-san and Tozono-san. But I think the best write up is - http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/benock-putter-fitting-experience/ You have Kyoto HQ & Factory or the Tokyo fitting center and both are impressive. They also have events at top-notch department stores in Tokyo and other cities. No one else sells his putters other than the brand and tsg. This guy gets it. Can do it all by himself yet has the most impressive putter machine factory in the world. It's not a numbers fitting it's visual, skill, their intellect AND numbers. These guys are experts but unfortunately do not speak a lick of English.
  18. Benock Questions Thread

    Stick with the one in the photos for sure. not only is it softer but I've seen it on camera produce the same role as horizontal milled putters. By the way that brand evenroll tested the same as other horizontal milled putters as far as dispersion goes. It only beat out the swirl milled faces and based on the way people were talking about it I was expecting it to perform best and not equal. The bottom line is horizontal milling or smaller than the balls dimple type milling produces the best roll, while swirl produces side spin but sometimes players like that sidespin as this is evident on tour. You can also make your own type as long as there is no patent on it. Not free of course. You would have to send us a 009M and we can make that shape the same or even improve it. #1 I love Chirico! But I love Patti also. Both Okuda-san and I agree that is his greatest anser design.
  19. The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    I have the G-801 right now and the UT but have not hit yet. I have a preference in Jbeam UT and FW's but I do not with the drivers there are so many great ones each just slightly different in their own way.
  20. brilliant putter shafts!

    Not really with no demand. There are too many great shaft brands to choose from as is. Reve has their new Toxic driver but that's it. And I know drivers are simply different flavors nowadays due to the regs.
  21. Lucky guy. I love that place.
  22. Benock Questions Thread

    Benock owns their own factory, Okuda-san can work every machine and designs using cad faster and better than anyone I have seen. It's all Okuda-san's money with no outside investment. Truly state of the art. How this neck below? notice the sole is still attached to metal while the head looks this good? Not done anywhere else. Again, Below 1 chuck. meaning its the only contact point being held while all that milling is done to bring the putter to where it is in these photos. Anyone who makes putters via CNC looking at this is blown away. Shadow milling does not change roll. He can do quad shadow milling and it does not change roll at all. 1 x shadow is like the image below. 2 x shadow is if you turn the angle it says a different word. 3 x is 3 different words each different from different angle and finally 4. You can have your putter talk to you and it does not effect roll. On that note, roll. Swirl milling causes side spin, horizontal milling does not. But when the milling itself is smaller than the balls dimple it does what horizontal does. Horizontal does have an issue of wear, over time brands with horizontal milling find their putters faces wear to be uneven. These are the most expensive tools. They are the smallest. NSTOOL. In today's putter industry this is all considered alien technology.
  23. Benock Questions Thread

    I forgot to mention 1. You can choose from 37 designs. 2. You can change these designs in any way you want. 3. Or you can create your own design from scratch 4. You can create your own options 5. He can do 3D effects no one else can 6. He has so many capabilities its tuff to understand what can be done.
  24. The Jbeam bullet driver - finally!

    Ream to flat and open is the only way. I would suggest. Also move the heavier weight to the toe side maybe.
  25. White Satin KK MB's look Goood!

    I do not think anything can be softer than the stock kurzome arakenma which translates to black coating with raw grain. The Kurozome wears faster but looks nice when it does. Whats funny and surprising is some golfers sense a difference in feel with smooth vs arakenma bodies! Keep in mind both have the same sand blast face where the ball makes contact.