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  1. SOLID GATE by Benock

    SOLID GATE by Benock – You are looking at one of the coolest and most sadistic putting trainers the golf market has ever seen. Oh and by the way it’s better made than just about any putter on the market, pure quality micro-milled of A5052 (JIS) manufactured in Kyoto Japan at the Benock HQ. The Solid Gate putting trainer allows practicing of repeatable putting with focus on aim and distance control. The emotion of nailing a put perfectly and getting the ball to stop on one of the two notches will make you ecstatic. By requiring perfect distance control and aim it really helps in creating a zeroed in focus which ultimately makes the cup seem huge when you are on the golf course. The Solid Gate comes with a guide that features 3 lessons. After taking those lessons you pretty much understand the idea of why this putting aid is genius. There are two dimples one on each level and the ultimate goal is to putt the ball to rest and stop on one of them. It starts with establishing your baseline which helps you assess your ability by measuring your current dispersion. One must understand that putts that pass the target do not count as a putt made. The first lesson is to stand at a distance you are comfortable putting from. Then try to hit the ball firmly with the strength to reach 1m ( approx. 39 inches ) beyond the front edge of Solid Gate and aim to the right or left of the center dimple. If you are able to get the ball to roll off to the right or to the left from the 2nd level channel shown in light blue, this indicates that you are putting with the right speed. Next, try and hit the ball with the speed to reach 1.5m ( approx. 59inches ) beyond the front edge of Solid Gate and stop it at the dimpled section at the center of the 2nd level channel. This requires you to putt with a side deviation of less than 1mm from the center line. This concludes Lesson 1. Lesson 2 – Practice putting 50cm (approx. 20 inches) beyond the front edge of Solid Gate. Practice putting with the speed to reach 50cm ( approx. 20 inches ) beyond the front edge of Solid Gate and aim to the right or left of the center dimple. If you are able to get the ball to roll off to the right or to the left from the 1st level channel shown in pink, this indicates that you are putting with the right speed. Next, try and hit the ball with the speed to reach 50cm ( approx. 20 inches ) beyond the front edge and stop it at the dimpled section at the center of the 1st level channel. This requires you to putt with a side deviation of less than 1mm from the center line. This concludes Lesson 2. When you have finished Lessons 1 And 2, try stopping the ball at both the 1st level and 2nd level channels respectively at the center dimpled sections. Your practice is now complete! You can continue to go through the lessons over and over which is what I suggest if you want to improve faster or you can simply hone your skills by trying to get the ball to stop on one of the dimples. Its rather difficult to do but very rewarding when it happens. The Solid Gate by Benock is something every golf maniac should have in their office or home if they have a synthetic green to put on. I enjoy keeping one in my tour bag and letting golfers on the practice green experience it for themselves.

    Introducing the SEVEN X SHINAGAWA Blade! This product is a 3-way collaboration design between SEVEN + SKG Shinagawa + Kitada CNC creating a sexy new muscle back iron with inspiration from the classic Macgregor golf irons. We started by sourcing Japanese S15C billets to produce the blank iron head for this specific design, then after the initial prep grind these heads were sent to Kitada CNC to have the edgy back face milled for consistency in look and weighting perfectly placing the CG depth, height, and location in the perfect spot for each iron, also, the Seven Logo on the back face and neck were CNC milled instead of pressed. After Kitada-San they were sent back to Shinagawa-san for the complete grinding of the heads, extremely limited over two years in the making we are extremely confident in the performance, feel, and quality of SEVEN's latest creation. For those who are not familiar with the brand SEVEN GOLF, it is the house label of TourSpecGolf using only Japanese materials, manufacturing, finishing, parts and assembly it is the forged essence of Japanese Golf Clubs using clean and modern concepts combed with classic influences for the purest player. As with many SEVEN clubs, the custom options are abundant in the above image you see a black boron plated head with red paint fill and on the bottom a smoked copper finish. We also offer smoked copper with more or less chocolate meaning it can have more gold show through at the customers request. Below the Black Mirror finish provides a soft, sticky impact as the ball compresses against the surface; it's a luxurious dark chrome in the light or a black looking finish in the shadows. The grind itself is something we are very proud of we wanted something unique yet still familiar and through countless prototype samples we designed what we feel is the perfect grind for size, shape, and cg locations on the head. The toe's highest peak is pushed out past the score line to a sharp toe look, the offset is near nothing it's just enough making it much more hittable, this is the least amount of offset to maintain the optimal performance of this iron, and we tried zero, but in the end the eye wins and we pushed toward near zero offset and the result is beautiful from all angles. Above photo in black mirror finish, below photo in NiCr brushed satin by using Kyoshin Finishing House in Ichikawa Japan this company is right across the street from Shinagawa-san's factory and only produces finishes for the golf industry we adjusted the finish attributes to enhance the S15C's feel. During the manufacturing process we had a few ways to go when it came to the irons impact vibration, by manipulating the hardness rating and or choosing a different finish the feel varied widely this is also why it took us so long to produce with any blade feel is extremely important you don't want a gushy soft all over the face when what the better player desires is feedback on mis-hits yet a soft cold stick of butter feel dead center almost as if the ball disappears off the face. We accomplished our goal. Please allow me to summarize this | S15C Japan Forged Heads + CNC Milled Back Face & Logos + Shinagawa Grinders + SEVEN design = a club to appeal to the wants and desires of TourSpecGolf's members. Let's not forget custom options, we sell these heads only of course but TSG's clubmakers are second to none, and you can judge this for yourself with our ferrule work, custom spec details, paint work and overall build quality, the SEVEN clubs are offered with the finest options available be it Seven Dreamers Iron shafts, Crazy STP's, Fujikura MCI BLACK, Mitsubishi OT-Series and many more, we highly suggest trying the new XROZ grips made in Japan or one of our other extensive grip offerings. Please visit www.sevengolf.com or see the new SEVEN X Shinagawa MB in the TSG ProShop Please email [email protected] for your custom spec build as well. The SEVEN X SHINAGAWA Blade is Limited to only 15 sets available at the moment.
  3. Miura MC-501 / IC-601 / MG-S01 Tour

    Nobs, Maybe the Tour Wedge isnt as Tour as your wedge. 1. Is your sole this wide? 2. The top view pic shows a poor neck to top blade transition kinda very Japanese if ya know what I mean. high in the neck.
  4. New Fourteen CF-218 FW and TP766 Irons

    Also FH Forged Heritage Wedge, probably a great wedge just too much stamping!
  5. Coming soon to the TSG Pro shop:
  6. SOLID GATE by Benock

    You can even order custom options on these... camo anyone?
  7. Miura MC-501 / IC-601 / MG-S01 Tour

    Driving Iron is ICL. New Iron is IC. Yes the new iron is based on the driving iron design. New Blade - Made in Japan New Wedge - Made in Japan IC/ICL of course made in Taiwan
  8. SOLID GATE by Benock

    I will ask Okuda-san what the ramp helps.
  9. SOLID GATE by Benock

    I do not use the lessons. I just have this setup to have fun with and it has helped my putting.
  10. Miura MC-501 / IC-601 / MG-S01 Tour

    For those of you who hit the 5005. What do you think of it compared to other Miura blades? Did that pocket on the back face really make it more forgiving? What did you think about the feel compared to MB5003 or Global Blades?
  11. Miura MC-501 / IC-601 / MG-S01 Tour

    This is not a players blade fellas. 1. It has a gooseneck 2. The sole is same to wider than CB-1008 3. They needed to lengthen the neck compared to 1008 to compensate for the back face design. They took off too much weight to make it look cool now gotta bring it back elsewhere.
  12. Benock Patnaleone putter

    This neck how far back it is was done custom for someone's stroke.
  13. Grandista's first club the RS-001 is still a pretty awesome driver. It had nice high trajectory yet with a very straight lower spin dispersion. Easy to hit! Now the LS-001 is even the more of those very same things. Lower CG depth + more forgiving due to a larger laterial & horizontal face buldge.
  14. Miura MC-501 / IC-601 / MG-S01 Tour

    yes same like urs
  15. Miura MC-501 / IC-601 / MG-S01 Tour

    This is basically the 5005 but with 21g weight moved toward a much wider sole for more forgiveness. IMO it does look better with the standard Miura global logo in the back cavity. IMO anytime you mess with the blades back side too much you kill the feel which is why our customers who were blade lovers never stuck with the 5005 for very long, which btw was released in 2015. So we had user feedback 2 years before the global version was released. Then when released in globally everyone loves it! I'm not sure how this works. Are TSG'ers just more feel oriented than the global consumer.? How could no one pick up on this?
  16. SOLID GATE by Benock

    Yes should be up in the next 48 hours. It does cost $350 bucks though due to how its made. Im not sure if people will actually follow the lessons. I had one before I had the lesson guide translated and simply loved it because it was so difficult.
  17. j-beam driver heads......,

    Galpha is the opposite. anti-draw so consider your shaft and spec or the weights installed. I think ZY-11 and Galpha is their best. 435 is my classic fav because feel and its long but lacks forgiveness. I have both Galpha and 435 heads in my hands now and they look pretty similar to me. I will snap some shots to show you.
  18. Seven CB photos needed

    #8 and AW are my favorites in CB and MCB. We are also producing SW/LW for both CB and MCB.
  19. Seven CB photos needed

    Here are some additional photos from different angles. Sorry I do not have short irons for you.
  20. Here you have the new Benock White Dragon putter part of the Benock World Collection. Benock World products serve as a blank canvas designed with minimal stamping for clients to add options to. You may purchase it as seen here or with countless options and even the ability to create your own options in collaboration with the company. Follow the jump for more angles of this beautiful putter. The Benock White Dragon putter is designed for visual symmetry. It’s a center shafted which supports the more straight and through putting stroke. The simplicity of this design is very easy on the eyes and great for confidence. The face comes standard with Benocks softest milling design. You may also change the milling design with custom orders for a fee. The angles and shape of the face looking straight on is also symmetrical and this putter is perfectly balanced for a straighter roll down the target line. Some of our clients prefer this sight line on the top blade while others have ordered the White Dragon with various sight aids, even some pretty funky ones based on a unique visual preference. This particular putter in the photos has a bead blast top with a polished stainless sole, we find this to be the best finish to reduce glare and keep it easy on the eyes. The head weights can also be ordered at your request, the lofts are milled not bent and every aspect can be adjusted to your desire. Standard they come in at 350 grams and retail at 1200 for this model as seen here in base form. For the same price you may remove anything you like as long as it says BENOCK on the putter in the official font. For those of you who are not familiar with the brand Benock we suggest visiting their website here –http://www.benockgolf.com/ – Here at TourSpecGolf with our manufacturing knowledge we believe this to be the absolute best putter maker in the world.
  21. VA Composites

    I think so. We do have fast swingers though, not as fast as you but guys in the 100-110mph range. cant put my finger on why feedback isnt the same as TourAD and Fuji. The Mitsu iron shafts get great reviews.
  22. Callaway Epic Forged driver

    Have a look: In the above you see the Rouge has no perimeter weighting instead it has a screw. Also the jail breaks are thinner. below the 3 versions. No forged mentioned yet!