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    Bentley Golf

    These are the same guys who own Vega, Shimada Global, etc.. PGE Europe. They use Kyoei forgings to produce these outside of Japan. Would you like to see these in the proshop?
  2. TourSpecGolfer

    Honma Tour World TW747P Irons

  3. TourSpecGolfer

    PRGR releases new driver heads

    Your welcome!
  4. Yes, that was awesome! I love when he wins! Class act all around AND he has fantastic taste in watches 😉
  5. TourSpecGolfer

    Geotech Quelot Aerial 168 Driver

    Yes this driver is awesome for kids. There is some wins for a 9 year old girl in Japan actually. some info Geotech sent me:
  6. TourSpecGolfer

    Kyoei MB v CB

    The Kyoei CB is much easier to hit than the MB. I personally like the proto CB in satin, awesome soft forged feel and just enough forgiveness without adding a lot of size.
  7. TourSpecGolfer

    JBeam J3 Tour Driver (new for 35th anniversary)

    Jbeam's drivers are all so similar in performance and feel imo . Subtle differences but the hard part is they do not properly describe them
  8. TourSpecGolfer

    Roddio Fairway Wood Tool?

    I used to sell Roddio's woods. All their woods are duds except the fairway woods. One day a client had a part fall out and I could not get it replaced. the club was useless. I gave up because on Roddio because of their unwillingness to support their customers with parts.
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    The New Miura CB-301 Irons

    Coming January 23rd 2019! The Miura CB-301 Irons. Designed to be more forgiving with more offset and stronger lofts than the CB-1008.
  10. Xmas prezzy from the wife. she has no idea what she got herself into...
  11. TourSpecGolfer

    2019 Callaway Japan - Epic Flash?!?

    Or once people accept it's all fuzz they can buy drivers for their own enjoyment with fewer expectations. I wish more equipment enthusiasts would collect grails.
  12. TourSpecGolfer

    Crazy SBi-02 Forged Blade Iron

    Hey TK, Soft, forgiving for a blade, a little larger for a blade. VG3 is much more forgiving and just as soft but in a different way. Crazy Sbi-02 isn't all that workable.
  13. TourSpecGolfer

    2019 Callaway Japan - Epic Flash?!?

    Are we really expecting noticeable gains from any new driver? They are all pretty good. TM, Cally, Ping all the others... I could care less if any driver has a few more mph ball speed in the real world. Still gotta hit it well with the right combo to get your best distance. Golf is like Watches... You can tell time with a Timex just as good as you can with a Rolex or AP. It's about getting what you want, enjoying it, the quality, feeling good and standing out. Things in the real are maxed out despite anyone who says otherwise.
  14. I just got back into watches... I would love to make a dedicated watch category right below Japanese Golf Clubs category. What do you guys think?
  15. Ya know, as of today 2019 there are 6 brand new ones in dealers across america... I find that shocking.
  16. Yea it wasn't very entertaining imo. slow until the final holes. Also the guys being mic'd up. I am 99% they are not as stiff in the real. Would love if they could be their authentic selves but then likely they would lose a few sponsers if so.
  17. It's 50 bucks a pound when fresh. On a side note I just say fresh wasabi at 129 bucks a pound the other day!!
  18. I'm new to the pacific northwest. King Copper is available for about a month each year. Copper Sockeye a bit longer. I am hooked. It's so wonderful.
  19. Happy new year from Seattle as well!
  20. Been through a few since then. Mercedes S-Class W222 BMW X5M Now with a family I drive Audi S5 Sport Back Chrysler Pacifica Mini Van 🙂 --- Kinda over cars as I can't keep them clean anymore.
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    Onoff Kuro, 2015 or 2017

    I suggest the ONOFF Kuro 2015 if you can find a mint set used. 2017 is not nearly as forgiving or soft.
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    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    Here you have it first pics of the new Kyoei Blade and its a stunner especially in hand. Today we are going into the product then our next blog post will be about the history of Tamaki Sakamoto and the great story behind Kyoei Factory. The official release date of the new Kyoei MB is today, TSG is now shipping sets of 4-PW in one of two standard finishes. The first is a smooth polished chrome mirror while the second is a raw grain black dye finish. Kyoei is starting their own house label with a single product which is a tried and proven design that combines a classic shape with modern influences. Kyoei is also offering a variety of custom finishes that are special order like the above which is in black nickel. The second photo in this blog post shoes a matte soft gray finish. In coming months TSG will be highlighting more of these in our marketing. We have been testing these blades for some time now and can say with certainty that the sole grind is special. Kyoei calls this their 5 cut sole which we found worked perfectly with golfers that have a steep downward blow and a semi shallow decent. I think more brands should follow Kyoei's lead in creating sole designs that work for both types of players. There is something about the raw grain black finish that makes people smile. It will wear beautifully starting with the impact spot and sole areas that make contact with the ground. They also feel very soft. Its hard to choose between the two standard options. Usually we are not fans of chrome mirror but after seeing the Kyoei blade in this finish it was hard to resist so I ordered my personal set this way. In another blog post we will show in hand photos vs these studio pictures. In hand they are some of the most stunning blades I have ever seen, something about its simplicity and sharp edges give it a very clean and sharp appearance. In the below photo we have a chart that shows the face progression numbers's which would make any purist player happy. Those numbers translate into near zero offset. 6.0FP to some is also known as onset. I have yet to find very many irons with this straight of a neck and combine that with its razor thin top line and five cut sole and we have an iron that embodies both the future and the past. Kyoei is not claming big distance or forgiveness with this club its meant to put the player in touch with the DNA of the brand. It is designed to be an introduction to the capabilities of Kyoei Golf and help people understand how important this company is to the Japan Golf Industry. I will save the history of the family and factory for our next blog post as it will be a long one. For now just focus on this beautiful blade. The new Kyoei Blade retails at 175 per head and is sold 4-PW only at the moment. Now shipping to our customers at TourSpecGolf - (Click Here)
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    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    We have sold many of these. Any of you guys pick up a set. Similar to Yururi blades but people are loving the reduced offset of the Kyoei's and the 5 cut sole. I love the prototype series. so soft. well both are so soft but just different.
  24. TourSpecGolfer

    Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    Can't sir but I can get custom grinds and custom finish from Miura MCW Japan. That said I think global stamping looks cleaner and it's hard to improve on the shape and stock specs. Just an FYI all these cutaways and fancy back design do little other than allow a touch more size in different areas.
  25. Finally a new model from Miura for the Global Market and one that begins to give us a peek at the brand’s future design language. A lot has happened for Miura over the past year. The most significant news was when the distribution rights everywhere outside of Japan were purchased by Howard Milstein a billionaire who runs the largest privately owned, a family-run bank in the U.S. To be clear they do not own Miura factory but rather the distribution rights worldwide, outside of Japan. Miura Giken the plant that produces most of the Miura’s products still has rights over the Japanese market. There were a few years before the purchase that Miur Global was left adrift with no new products on the global side and indeed what appeared to be a stagnation of the brand. Once Mr. Milstein and his team got their hands on the company an immediate restructuring started and while it has taken some time the fruits of their labor are coming to fruition. We expect things to improve drastically. Here at TourSpecGolf, we have promoted the Miura (Giken) side from Japan but never any of the global releases, and this goes back since 2003. We were also vocal about the use of spin welded hosels. Through all that, we always promoted Miura products as quality and maintained good sales. Miura clubs are unique; most are handmade and importantly in high demand from our customers. When Howard Milstein purchased the company, I decided to reach out to his team and use the opportunity as a re-introduction. Thankfully the new team at Miura is running things in a completely different and more positive way with big plans in effect now and even bigger plans for the future. I read online that some are saying the brand will lose its soul because a Billionaire purchased the rights to global distribution outside of Japan. I understand why they would think that, but at the same time, it is an ignorant opinion. The reality is that the products are still outstanding and made by the same great factory and that the group of people behind Miura that are working at their brand spanking new headquarters in Scottsdale AZ are as game as it gets. All of them have extensive knowledge of golf, and now with buku dollars backing them, we should not expect worse when a better version of Miura is on the horizon. Needless to say everyone at Miura has an upbeat vibe about the company, and so do we. This is a not our official review, that is to come but I have hit this club and so have a few of our most trusted testers in both the USA and Japan. Here at TSG, we don’t rely on launch monitors numbers; this isn’t rocket science. We are talking about a one-piece forged iron head. Well technically it’s two-piece (spin-welded hosel) but whatever the case if your buying this type of iron your concern is not distance. People who are purists or the ideal customer are after particular traits specifically shape from all angles, address, sole width, the way the toe, face, and neck set up and so on. People, who are shopping blades want to know how does it feel and how workable it is. After that, they start considering forgiveness, lofts, and distance. So let’s start there. The Miura MC-501 is modern. The cut-outs on the back face are an attractive way to move weight around. This contemporary shape allowed them to move nearly 20g’s lower toward the sole. We should not forget the club heads heel to toe length, sole width, slight offset and grind help it a lot too. TSG gets a ton of user feedback from customers, not anonymous randoms who inject their 2 cents. We know their complete purchase history of our customers and know what they have hit and what stays in the bag, this validates what works and doesn’t. To put it bluntly, our customers usually know their S**t. I am saying this because not every new model was excellent. Take the 5005, for instance; our customers were able to acquire it from TourSpecGolf years early, so we knew how it performed and what our clients switched to and how soon. That info is revealing; it tells us whats decent vs. great despite the many variables in this game. I will take that feedback over launch monitor data any day. When the U.S released the 5005 the feedback was far more positive than what we observed from our clients. I think this is confirmation bias or possibly a honeymoon period and as I expected the glowing reviews faded and in many cases, the 5005 was replaced by something else, often quickly. In my opinion, It did not feel as good as other Miuras, and people don’t keep harsh feeling blades around for very long. The 5005’s small cavity didn’t give it any extra forgiveness. Why am I talking about the 5005? Well because it was Miura’s first entry into what we call the Neo-Blade category and the MC-501 picks up where it left off, Thankfully the MC 501 does a much better job. We still believe the best classic blade Miura JPN or Global has ever made was the MB-5003 and MB-001. This new MC-501 in my eyes is up there as well. It really depends on what you are looking for in a blade. It surprised us on how well the MC 501 reviewed with our testers. Feel – It’s pretty good, softer than most especially when hit center or low on the face. Higher on the face both toe and heel side suffered and that good feel tapered off a bit but still when struck decently you feel the classic Miura mojo in a neo blade package. The MC-501’s vibrations reverberate through the lower portion of the head more than the middle and top; the feel is semi-soft without much harsh. The 501 will let you know when you nut it yet on the poorly struck shots it was decent at hiding the shock. I give the MC-501 4/5 stars! Or a score of 8/10. It’s all subjective, but I know my shit…lol Above – a slightly wider sole than most blades with a pronounced killed leading edge grind for the steeper descent. Forgiveness – This is why you would buy this blade, it is easier to hit than most others. Crazy Sbi-02 forgiving (almost) but it looks worlds better than the Sbi-02. If you like the CB-1008, this reminds me of a blade version of it. For Miura die-hards allow me to try to put it in words, Think Miura CB-1007 vs. CB-1008, 1008 is a touch softer, it is for sure easier to hit and went a bit higher. The same thing with the new MC-501 when compared to the 5005, The 501 has that same lower center of gravity situation that 1008 has going for it. So if you like the 1008’s and you are wanting to go blade give it a try. How about this: Dear Miura, please make a combo set of 1008/501 but please custom grind the sole, top line, shape, and aesthetics of the two designs for proper consistency. Also while you’re at it keep the heel to toe length equal and give it progressive FP with more in the long irons than short. Required are matching loft/lie/bounce/camber too. That is their roadmap to victory using what traditional tech they have and maximizing it. I am sure they are listening. The MC 501 is workable and has a good shape. Its top line is very thin; it has a little bit offset which I am happy about. Miura slightly increased critical dimensions for an noticable improvement in forgiveness. Its a sweet feeling and forgiving blade thanks to that. The toe is not the usual rounded it squares off with its peak about a millimeter past the top groove. Something else I appreciate is what is called a clear top blade meaning there is no bead blast on the top line. TourSpecGolf now has the Japan versions available in our pro shop but expect us to make the transition to the Miura global products sometime this year. From our perspective, the future looks bright for the brand. This blog post is an introduction, we have a scratch player’s feedback coming this shortly, and this is a person who hits nearly every top Japanese blade that comes to market. Stay Tuned for more! Above – A very thin top line, longer heel to toe face length and a flawless neck transition.