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  1. PRGR Q fairway wood

    We should also mention they look strange. These are very game improvement from shape to size to colors and alignment. I can post photos up. Geared toward slower or senior player.
  2. PRGR Tune

    Yes they buy from PRGR USA. TSG buys from PRGR Japan. We do custom factory, have the newest products because we deal with Japan. USA side gets the old stuff but in this case they have Tune sold with no fitting. Tune did not sell well in Japan and was already marketed as special for fitting only. The excess stock flows to the global market now.
  3. Great Article on our ol friend Tario!

    When we hired him he then moved to Japan. He was working at a bank in Canada before then. He now works at the international department of ONOFF/Globeride.
  4. WINTER GARDEN, Fla. — The sun is starting to set here at PGA Show Demo Day, at the circular five-acre driving range at the Orange County National Golf Center, and it’s coming not a moment too soon for Tario Cham, a Canadian of Japanese ancestry who works in marketing for a Japanese club company called ONOFF. "We started this morning at three-thirty," Cham said, a smile still plastered on his face despite the late hour. Still, he was sunburned and wind-whipped and looking forward to dinner. If the driving range at Orange County National was a clock, with TaylorMade representing 12 o’clock, ONOFF was at 5:30, in a Demo Day section Cham referred to as "Little Tokyo." ONOFF was sharing a cramped bit of green with two other Japanese golf companies, PRGR and Yamaha. They were bookended by Miura and Yonex, two other Japanese clubmakers with global views. Cham and some of his colleagues are staying in an Airbnb rental house in ChampionsGate, his first experience in an American gated community. At dinner on Monday night, 13 men and three women representing different Japanese manufacturers gathered at the house for a communal dinner. They started at seven and finished three hours later. They spoke Japanese and some English. They smoked, the few smokers there, outside on the patio. They drank Stella Artois. They ate korma they cooked themselves. "Japanese korma," Cham said, refining his answer for me. Korma, of course, is a dish most associated with India. "That’s what we do in Japan," Cham said. "We take something from another culture and make it our own. That’s what we’ve done in golf!" You could see a light bulb rising from his hatted head. The purpose of Demo Day is to get people in the golf business — tastemakers and thought leaders with PGA of America money clips — to get with all that is new-and-improved in golf equipment, apparel and technology. Each of the giants — your TaylorMades, your Titleists, your Callaways — makes some grand gesture to set it apart and invite you in. An appearance from a long-drive champ. A draft beer. But in Cham’s neighborhood, the differences were subtle, vaguely Eastern. A Yamaha representative who spoke modest English motioned me to a newly vacant hitting bay with a grand sweep of his hand, then gathering the broken tees in what we would call a catcher’s squat. A recording device measured swing speeds not in miles per hour but in kilometers per hour. (Japan has been metric for almost 100 years.) All the representatives I spoke to were versed in the histories of their companies. One person explained to me how it came to be that Yamaha made pianos, motorcycles and golf clubs. (Different chairmen with different interests.) How Yonex went from badminton to tennis to golf — you can see that progression, right? Cham told me that ONOFF was a "lifestyle brand," one that wanted to preach the message of being a golfer whether you are on the course or off the course. That really struck a chord with me because I have observed in recent years that our Tour heroes (some of them) will do what they can to distance themselves from the game when they step off the 18th green. T-shirts in the airport, tattoos in discreet places, tailgating on Saturdays, in the parking lot at fill-in-the-blank State hours before game time. Golf is their job but not their life. That’s all foreign to Tario Cham. "Our motto is ‘Golf matters,’" he told me. "We believe golf is about having fun, trying hard, playing by the rules, having good sportsmanship, loving nature." He was rattling off this list, and I think I might have missed an attribute or two. His smile never died. "How did you do that?" I asked. There was something almost poetic — certainly timeless — about what he said and the passion with which he said it. "I wrote it!" Cham said. We spoke of various other things. He said the different manufacturers from Japan all got along well. No fist fights. Not even close. Japanese korma. Italian beer. Clean Indoor Air Act smoking. "We all try to learn from each other," he said. "We all use each other’s products. We’re all doing the same thing. Japan is a small country. We’re trying to take our Japanese golf products and find homes for them elsewhere in the world. We’re selling our technology, our commitment to excellence. Made in Japan!" by Sports Illustrated senior writer Michael Bamberger for Golf.com at the PGA Show.
  5. PRGR Tune

    Tunes are sold by global accounts or specialty fitting shops in Japan. We are not able to carry the tune series. They have been out for a couple of years now.
  6. SP700 face drivers

    Super Hyten is only made by Kasco. Its a cast maraging stainless steel face of the past. By today's standard its like a fairway woods face on a driver. So spin is lower but its ball speeds, launch height and repulsion is lower than Titanium.
  7. KYOEI Blade Pics!

    Here you have it first pics of the new Kyoei Blade and its a stunner especially in hand. Today we are going into the product then our next blog post will be about the history of Tamaki Sakamoto and the great story behind Kyoei Factory. The official release date of the new Kyoei MB is today, TSG is now shipping sets of 4-PW in one of two standard finishes. The first is a smooth polished chrome mirror while the second is a raw grain black dye finish. Kyoei is starting their own house label with a single product which is a tried and proven design that combines a classic shape with modern influences. Kyoei is also offering a variety of custom finishes that are special order like the above which is in black nickel. The second photo in this blog post shoes a matte soft gray finish. In coming months TSG will be highlighting more of these in our marketing. We have been testing these blades for some time now and can say with certainty that the sole grind is special. Kyoei calls this their 5 cut sole which we found worked perfectly with golfers that have a steep downward blow and a semi shallow decent. I think more brands should follow Kyoei's lead in creating sole designs that work for both types of players. There is something about the raw grain black finish that makes people smile. It will wear beautifully starting with the impact spot and sole areas that make contact with the ground. They also feel very soft. Its hard to choose between the two standard options. Usually we are not fans of chrome mirror but after seeing the Kyoei blade in this finish it was hard to resist so I ordered my personal set this way. In another blog post we will show in hand photos vs these studio pictures. In hand they are some of the most stunning blades I have ever seen, something about its simplicity and sharp edges give it a very clean and sharp appearance. In the below photo we have a chart that shows the face progression numbers's which would make any purist player happy. Those numbers translate into near zero offset. 6.0FP to some is also known as onset. I have yet to find very many irons with this straight of a neck and combine that with its razor thin top line and five cut sole and we have an iron that embodies both the future and the past. Kyoei is not claming big distance or forgiveness with this club its meant to put the player in touch with the DNA of the brand. It is designed to be an introduction to the capabilities of Kyoei Golf and help people understand how important this company is to the Japan Golf Industry. I will save the history of the family and factory for our next blog post as it will be a long one. For now just focus on this beautiful blade. The new Kyoei Blade retails at 175 per head and is sold 4-PW only at the moment. Now shipping to our customers at TourSpecGolf - (Click Here)
  8. KYOEI Blade Pics!

    I think we will be done in about 3-4 months. On a side note and something you guys may be interested in. Tried to keep it on the wraps but word is getting out. KK in its entirety is my project. from design, logo, distribution and all sales is a project of ours. The CB just has a few aesthetic hurdles to sort and then final samples can be made for testing.
  9. SP700 face drivers

    Endo was using the good Japanese suppliers for their face materials. They never produced materials on their own. From what I am told they do not fully produce Epon drivers on their own anymore either. Factories can work on a bulk order with a material that is co-developed but that is a serious financial commitment. Endo used KS-120 most of the time in their Epon faces. Great material, a little soft but what that same material supplier is working on next has me excited. I just need our factories to pony up and drop big coin in buying it in bulk. 50/50 chance. We need to be real though. SP700 and DAT55G do not translate into a great performing club. Its the culmination of every detail in its design and who its designed for that matters most.
  10. Seven 2018 ?

    Thanks guys, We do make slight adjustments to the designs once in a while. for example the Seven CBs coming in the next run ( approx 2 months out ) have slightly revised back cavity lines. Nothing that changes performance more visual than anything else. I am working on new driving irons, new putters, 2 piece game improvement irons and a larger single piece iron that sits above the MCB in size this will complete our top level CNC series. If the brand picks up traction we have a more affordable forged series planned. Which both a new version of the Shinagawa MB & ST Wedge would reside in. Shinagawa MB smooth body is sold out. Only a few Arakenma left. We have more on the way but with Kitada doing the cnc of the back face for this project and Shinagawa grinding them it takes a very long time. ST wedge is such a good product. Its what I consider Toyoshima wedge on steriods. We are working on the next versions of this wedge but so many things need to be figured out I expect this almost a year out. Anyway everything is dynamic but proceeding well.
  11. SP700 face drivers

    I think some are good but what bugs me is they create materials and name it similar to some really good ones from Japan. Its really shady and hurts the original metal more than anything.
  12. KYOEI Blade Pics!

    Yes working on it. Just caught first glimpse of it a few weeks ago.
  13. SP700 face drivers

    Real SP700 will soon be no more. Only one company in japan makes it and they have just gone under. There are variants used from China that are not SP700. China does some funny shit in the golf industry. DAT55 vs DAT55G. they both sound familiar but the two are like different metals. Same goes with many materials including original and japan sourced SP700 vs what other factories consider SP700. Personally I love 8-11Ti i the body with SP700 face. Now as far as original japan materials a new version of KS120 has been testing well and of course true DAT55G from Daido Steel.
  14. brilliant putter shafts!

    Carbon putter shafts are awesome. I know about Reve but not their putter shafts. I was just at benock and he actually thinks carbon/stepless and stepped putter shafts and their weight is very important for certain types of putters and strokes.
  15. Seven 2018 ?

    There are 2018 products I am working on. This brand will not replace products like other companies. For example CB and MCB will always be available. They are original design so there is no reason for me to remove from the market to be replaced with a similar club in the same segment. It makes more sense to keep them in the line up and offer new original designs along side them. We are sold out of the CB and MCB because we are assigning a particular dealer in the U.S and another in Korea and they are eating into our usual production. The price is also increasing from $350 per head to $450 per head when we do have stock again.
  16. Tyson Lamb

    I appreciate your comments Greg. Truth is I can't make everyone happy and that includes both our members and our brands. I have not done a good job being friendly for sure but we are also not the average company. When people say stuff like "pump and dump" I want them to really think about what would be the logic in that. Its far better if I got a long with the Epons, Itobori's etc.. Better for me as I would make more sales/profit, better for the brand as they would gain sales/profit/exposure. Also every year I always extend an olive branch to brands we do not get along with as there is financial interest in me doing so. That said if the brand is not back on TSG they choose to remain salty. Few know what I do or what I am a part of. If they knew they would either hate more or give props. On a side note I am a bit bummed with golf as few golf consumers care to uncover what and why things are better than others. Now days marketing is really leading the market toward confusion. I would love to bring it back to materials, manufacturing, technology etc.. but I speak frankly and people are emotionally tied to their purchases or beliefs so it creates bitter feelings. I was with Okuda-san all day yesterday at Benock. I was with Tyson Lamb last week. Why can't I have a strong opinion if its all grounded in fact and can be proven? I can prove it and if anyone does not believe they can ask specific questions.
  17. Hey Guys, Today is the Japan Golf Fair for real time updates and video Instagram and facebook are your best bet!
  18. Finally a new model from Miura for the Global Market and one that begins to give us a peek at the brand’s future design language. A lot has happened for Miura over the past year. The most significant news was when the distribution rights everywhere outside of Japan were purchased by Howard Milstein a billionaire who runs the largest privately owned, a family-run bank in the U.S. To be clear they do not own Miura factory but rather the distribution rights worldwide, outside of Japan. Miura Giken the plant that produces most of the Miura’s products still has rights over the Japanese market. There were a few years before the purchase that Miur Global was left adrift with no new products on the global side and indeed what appeared to be a stagnation of the brand. Once Mr. Milstein and his team got their hands on the company an immediate restructuring started and while it has taken some time the fruits of their labor are coming to fruition. We expect things to improve drastically. Here at TourSpecGolf, we have promoted the Miura (Giken) side from Japan but never any of the global releases, and this goes back since 2003. We were also vocal about the use of spin welded hosels. Through all that, we always promoted Miura products as quality and maintained good sales. Miura clubs are unique; most are handmade and importantly in high demand from our customers. When Howard Milstein purchased the company, I decided to reach out to his team and use the opportunity as a re-introduction. Thankfully the new team at Miura is running things in a completely different and more positive way with big plans in effect now and even bigger plans for the future. I read online that some are saying the brand will lose its soul because a Billionaire purchased the rights to global distribution outside of Japan. I understand why they would think that, but at the same time, it is an ignorant opinion. The reality is that the products are still outstanding and made by the same great factory and that the group of people behind Miura that are working at their brand spanking new headquarters in Scottsdale AZ are as game as it gets. All of them have extensive knowledge of golf, and now with buku dollars backing them, we should not expect worse when a better version of Miura is on the horizon. Needless to say everyone at Miura has an upbeat vibe about the company, and so do we. This is a not our official review, that is to come but I have hit this club and so have a few of our most trusted testers in both the USA and Japan. Here at TSG, we don’t rely on launch monitors numbers; this isn’t rocket science. We are talking about a one-piece forged iron head. Well technically it’s two-piece (spin-welded hosel) but whatever the case if your buying this type of iron your concern is not distance. People who are purists or the ideal customer are after particular traits specifically shape from all angles, address, sole width, the way the toe, face, and neck set up and so on. People, who are shopping blades want to know how does it feel and how workable it is. After that, they start considering forgiveness, lofts, and distance. So let’s start there. The Miura MC-501 is modern. The cut-outs on the back face are an attractive way to move weight around. This contemporary shape allowed them to move nearly 20g’s lower toward the sole. We should not forget the club heads heel to toe length, sole width, slight offset and grind help it a lot too. TSG gets a ton of user feedback from customers, not anonymous randoms who inject their 2 cents. We know their complete purchase history of our customers and know what they have hit and what stays in the bag, this validates what works and doesn’t. To put it bluntly, our customers usually know their S**t. I am saying this because not every new model was excellent. Take the 5005, for instance; our customers were able to acquire it from TourSpecGolf years early, so we knew how it performed and what our clients switched to and how soon. That info is revealing; it tells us whats decent vs. great despite the many variables in this game. I will take that feedback over launch monitor data any day. When the U.S released the 5005 the feedback was far more positive than what we observed from our clients. I think this is confirmation bias or possibly a honeymoon period and as I expected the glowing reviews faded and in many cases, the 5005 was replaced by something else, often quickly. In my opinion, It did not feel as good as other Miuras, and people don’t keep harsh feeling blades around for very long. The 5005’s small cavity didn’t give it any extra forgiveness. Why am I talking about the 5005? Well because it was Miura’s first entry into what we call the Neo-Blade category and the MC-501 picks up where it left off, Thankfully the MC 501 does a much better job. We still believe the best classic blade Miura JPN or Global has ever made was the MB-5003 and MB-001. This new MC-501 in my eyes is up there as well. It really depends on what you are looking for in a blade. It surprised us on how well the MC 501 reviewed with our testers. Feel – It’s pretty good, softer than most especially when hit center or low on the face. Higher on the face both toe and heel side suffered and that good feel tapered off a bit but still when struck decently you feel the classic Miura mojo in a neo blade package. The MC-501’s vibrations reverberate through the lower portion of the head more than the middle and top; the feel is semi-soft without much harsh. The 501 will let you know when you nut it yet on the poorly struck shots it was decent at hiding the shock. I give the MC-501 4/5 stars! Or a score of 8/10. It’s all subjective, but I know my shit…lol Above – a slightly wider sole than most blades with a pronounced killed leading edge grind for the steeper descent. Forgiveness – This is why you would buy this blade, it is easier to hit than most others. Crazy Sbi-02 forgiving (almost) but it looks worlds better than the Sbi-02. If you like the CB-1008, this reminds me of a blade version of it. For Miura die-hards allow me to try to put it in words, Think Miura CB-1007 vs. CB-1008, 1008 is a touch softer, it is for sure easier to hit and went a bit higher. The same thing with the new MC-501 when compared to the 5005, The 501 has that same lower center of gravity situation that 1008 has going for it. So if you like the 1008’s and you are wanting to go blade give it a try. How about this: Dear Miura, please make a combo set of 1008/501 but please custom grind the sole, top line, shape, and aesthetics of the two designs for proper consistency. Also while you’re at it keep the heel to toe length equal and give it progressive FP with more in the long irons than short. Required are matching loft/lie/bounce/camber too. That is their roadmap to victory using what traditional tech they have and maximizing it. I am sure they are listening. The MC 501 is workable and has a good shape. Its top line is very thin; it has a little bit offset which I am happy about. Miura slightly increased critical dimensions for an noticable improvement in forgiveness. Its a sweet feeling and forgiving blade thanks to that. The toe is not the usual rounded it squares off with its peak about a millimeter past the top groove. Something else I appreciate is what is called a clear top blade meaning there is no bead blast on the top line. TourSpecGolf now has the Japan versions available in our pro shop but expect us to make the transition to the Miura global products sometime this year. From our perspective, the future looks bright for the brand. This blog post is an introduction, we have a scratch player’s feedback coming this shortly, and this is a person who hits nearly every top Japanese blade that comes to market. Stay Tuned for more! Above – A very thin top line, longer heel to toe face length and a flawless neck transition.
  19. Quietly waiting for the release of this!

    I hit draws noticeably longer than fades. For my swing, the fade is far more consistent.
  20. Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    more pics. 7 iron PW
  21. OK - Why not What's Your Longest Driver??

    Jbeam 435 Black w/7D or AAA Consistently outdrives anything else I have. I have a lot. Put the AAA into the Cally Epic Forged and it was always 5-10 yards shorter. #jailbreak
  22. Tsg clubworks

    just email me. best way.
  23. Longest 3 wood

    imo the longest fairway woods are not the easiest to hit off the deck. PRGR Super Egg, Baldo Brassie and Ryoma FW come to mind. of course contact helps big time with distance so having a blend of distance and a semi-shallow face helps like the Crazy full titan, Jbeam G-FW, Jbeam Ti-FW, Maruman Shuttle and others.
  24. Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    Try hit them both. I would bet money most will like the MC-501 easily over the 5005. I think even Miura realizes the 5005 was a dud as it was discontinued. Miura never discontinues a model that quick.
  25. Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    Not the globals no.