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  1. wow those are sweet
  2. Sure lemme know what ya got
  3. $350 shipped in the US
  4. Some pics of my shop setup
  5. Classic and Y Proto drivers I hotmelted both these through the hosel the weights are 210 for the classic and 205 for the proto $150 each or $250 for the pair Thanks!!!!
  6. Hey guys! Been lurking on this website and forum now for a few months and just wanted to share some reviews and thank everyone for all their help with my journey down the JDM rabbithole. Ive been on WRX for a long time and I found this forum and immediately wanted to try everything that you guys talk about. Stew has been extremely helpful with recommending clubs and I've bought a few sets off him and have a special set on the way that I'm very excited about. The first set that I started with was the Kyeoi MB's as recommended by Chris. They are beautiful irons with little
  7. Used these for about 4 rounds after buying new from tourspec. Shipped priority. Some of the paintfill came out of the numbers. $1000 including shipping.
  8. Picked one of these up off bst looking forward to giving a try. Looks like the adapter is used only to adjust face angle/loft which is good because I like it a little open.
  9. Has anyone had a chance to hit these? Are they worth the cost? Are they taper or parallel?
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