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  1. Deleted most of my pics but heres one left on my phone. If you're in between the mb and mcb I'd recommend the mb as they were very playable.
  2. 7D has been in my driver for the last 3 years. It's the real deal. I'm glad Stew cosigned that purchase when I made it.
  3. I have a Masda fbl 13.5* in the bag right now and I’m loving it. Highly recommend.
  4. Stew I LOVE that your playing an iron set with tradition lofts. I’m loving my Kyoei 1964s right now transitioned straight into a set of sky dream jump wedges in 48-54-60. All with 2s14x shafts. Those new af tour MB’s sound sick but I wonder still about the offset since the 1964s have basically 0!
  5. Haha Thanks Stew! Ive been keeping an eye out for a nice set but no luck yet. Just threw a couple osawas on the gauge the lofts actually arent that weak. 35 degree 7 iron and 31 degree 6. Lofts are dead nuts on the number too. Ya these are going into play.
  6. Clubs came in. I got a lil crazy. The osawas are awesome. My favorite is the tour spec us blades. Putting them in the rotation ASAP. WOW they are sick. Just gotta throw some X7s I have in them (x100 now) and bend to my specs. Think I’m keeping the others as collectors pieces although the osawas I have a major hankering to hit. They really are pure class. Mostly unimpressed by the 2 mizuno sets super 11 and ms 203 after reading a lot of hype about them. Maybe they will grow on me. The ms-1 are cool for nostalgia purposes.
  7. Ya wow those are sick! I gather mine are the predecessor to these. Pretty crazy 162k yen when they were released.
  8. Just won these on a bidding site as well as a couple other sets - Mizuno ms-1, ms 203, super 11 and a set of miurfields. These looked to good to pass up. Anyone heard of them?
  9. He tried to get me to pay him 25 bucks plus 5 shipping for a set of irons and asked me how many I wanted. Clearly not a golfer LOL
  10. Yup look out for him he’s a scammer I figured it out after a few emails and blocked him.
  11. Bump price drop someone buy these irons!!
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