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  1. I would email Chris if not I’m sure he can source them for you.
  2. I meant ream out the inside of the ferrule but I wrote hosel lol
  3. Tape huh? Would think it would get messy. Assuming you meant ferrule installation onto a 370 shaft. You can use a file or maybe a drill bit to ream out the inside of the hosel. Sounds like you have it under control though.
  4. You can save a ferrule by wrapping it in a wet sock prior to heating the hosel. That’s gonna be a sweet putter step post pics when done.
  5. Ya I don’t know why. I thought I was gonna love them but they didn’t work for me at all and I quickly moved on. I had a good run with the c taper 130 but they are insanely harsh and this was before Nippon were super available in the us. Way better options now. Had a set of Nippon 2s14s now those were low launching 💪. Still have one in my lob wedge.
  6. It goes against consensus but spb x flex launched way too high for me. Playing modus 120 tx currently and I love them.
  7. Andew


    i wish it was possible to find the lie and face angle specs of these beauties somewhere on the internets
  8. I’m a huge fan of these right now for a better player
  9. My couch pulls out but I dont 🤣
  10. Absolute freakin butter right here 🧈
  11. damn I need to see, I need more ideas of what to hunt down
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