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  1. bruinduke

    Traded thanks TSG

    Picked this driver up in trade, but getting along too well with my Ryoma that I don't want to go through the process of finding the right shaft. Offering it up for sale or trade. A Grind Classic 10.5, 350cc with Diamana kai'll 80 x-stiff. Playing length from butt of grip to sole is just shy of 44 inches. Asking $325 or best offer. Trade interest include a vessel golf bag or another interesting design bag preferably JDM. Also interested in Roger Dunn credit, or flow neck anser/newport style of putters. Please pm with any questions or offers. Thanks for looking.
  2. bruinduke

    WTB Itobori Burning Copper

    Pretty open to set composition, but ideally looking for 4-pw.
  3. bruinduke

    WTB Itobori Burning Copper

    Looking for a set of Itobori irons in their burning copper or similar finish. Need .370 heads as I have a set of shafts ready to install. if you have a set of heads fitting the above, please pm me. Thanks
  4. Still willing to trade for iron set with graphite shaft. Just need a tad more forgiveness in set up
  5. Any offers out there? Got my eye on another set so would love to move these.
  6. Picked this up from a good member of the boards. I wish I was a better ball striker, but I am not consistent enough for these blades. Mizuno Yoro craft MP4/MP54 combo (5,6 iron MP54 and 7-PW MP4) with Fire Express DGL 120x and Iomic grips with 2 wraps of tape that I purchased from a good member of the board. Quadra shafts are very high end, and the build I was told cost much more than asking price. The shafts play like a hardstepped S400 in my opinion. Not whippy at all. Love the shafts, but not consistent enough with the blades, and don't want to mess with build to bend/extend to fit my swing. A few grips starting to have a light finger pressure marks. Yoro craft is the custom mizuno department (as can be seen by the minimal stamping and custom finish). Specs from previous owner's post:Heads are 2* up. The shafts are 1/4" short of Mizuno standard. Swing weight is approx C9. PW loft is 44*.All items for the build were bought separately. Heads used from Japanese auction site. Grips brand new from tourspecgolf. Shafts used from Japanese auction site. Ferrules brand new from Geotech.Asking $450 or best offer. Ideal trade would be cavity back with roddio shafts, but Looking for irons with graphite shafts, Callaway Epic, C16, P790 or similar class. Would also be interested in Roger Dunn credit, maybe a nice flow neck putter. I will balance or ask to balance with cash any offer out there. If contemplating a trade and shipping I am in California. Please pm with any questions or offers. thanks
  7. bruinduke


    I guess I should have waited for season to warm up...any interest at $650 or best offer shipped?
  8. bruinduke


    Happy New Years! My resolutions start that with admitting that I should only be playing blades at the range off of pristine lies. Just not the same ball striker on the course.For sale or trade is a clean set of Epon Personal 1 with Steelfiber i80 shafts. The set was bought from original owner from Epon dealer in Chicago and the steelfiber shafts were installed new. Specs below provided when I bought the set. I am the second owner, but only played one round and handful of range sessions. Pictures tell the story as they were taken day of posting. Set shows normal use along the face with nothing prominent. 7 iron sole (pictured) show some finish loss from bad lie, some underlay showing but no rusting or excessive flaking. Black golfpride tour wraps with about 5 rounds on them. I tried to disclose all that I can, but if you need more pictures, please ask. SOLD, thanks for the interest!
  9. One last try for the new year... $265 shipped domestic US?
  10. $300 shipped domestic US? Package deal with my honma irons? Let's start someone's new year on a high!
  11. Set is 4-10, 4 iron TW727P, 5-7 TW727Vn, and TW727M 8-10 (or PW). Set was built so that lie angles, loft, swing weight adjusted to flow (although they have not been measured recently). (5 iron 27* loft, 60.5 lie, 38 inch length. Set was customized with Honma's black nickel chrome (similar to Taylormade's smoke finish in TP blades from years back). Shafts are Vizard IB105, which I understand are special order and the heaviest Vizard shafts (103-105g). They are made of high grade carbon with a metal fiber weaved into the tip section.Set is in a season and half of play with typical wear on face and sole (pics taken today). The finish holds up pretty well. Worth mentioning is some light rash on the 9 iron as pictured after an unfortunate bag fall.Asking $850 or best offer. Trade considerations include DH89, Bettinardi BB0, Machine M10, Ping wrx putters, or similar anser style putters. Might also consider irons with LZ shafts, but pm me with anything you think might be of interest along the lines of my trade items.Thanks for looking.
  12. Bag is all boxed up and ready to ship. Open to trade ideas. Let me know..
  13. If priced out of line, I am open to offers. Would like to move per my new year resolution...
  14. Pactically new WinWin Design Team Red Dragon staff/stand bag. I took it to the range a couple times when first received, but it gets too much attention (or at least more than my handicap can justify). Since then it has held spare clubs in a smoke free home. Red patent leather like with white accents. Stand legs can be hidden against zipper paneling making it practical for cart or carry use. Smart 6 way divider and about 10x7.5 top. These bags were very expensive when they came out and later models on eBay range from $600-$800+.Asking $360 or best offer or trade for a byron morgan dh89, bettinardi bb0, machine m10 or similar anser/newport style putter. When making offers please remember shipping will be a pretty penny because of size/weight.Thanks for looking.
  15. bruinduke

    Driver Itobori

    Any more feedback on this driver? I see there's a new blue finish version and it looks incredible from online pics.