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  1. Driver plays over 45 inches depending how measured. The specs on the shaft are posted above as 49g, torque 3.9, and mid kick point.
  2. Shaft is just over 42.5 inches from butt of grip to tip. No extension, but not sure of tippong. Looking to be at $120 shipped domestic US.
  3. I've had several inquiries for head only. Hope to be around $265ish to pull the head and ship domestic US. First preference tho is to still sell as a whole club.
  4. Yes the vault version is definitely out of the price range now. Wish I was paying attention for the 90 seconds they were available... I
  5. Hi, I picked up the head from a good standing member of the forum (still have the box it was shipped and the head cover). I had a graphite Design Tour AD-DI 6 SR (stiff regular) flex installed. When I had the head weighed it was around 211g, the club plays to just over 44 inches depending how you measure. Only moving as the club doesn't fit my yardage gaps and I rarely go for par 5s in 2. Asking $380 obo. Only trade really looking for is a TaylorMade Japan Itsy Bitsy limited double bend putter. Maybe a 3/4 wood, but not really a priority. Please pm with any questions. Pictures were tak
  6. If you have a TM itsy bitsy limited spider please pm me. Looking especially for the double bend or even better a flow neck if one was made. Thanks!
  7. Would like to move these to build up PayPal. $190 for OnOff driver $100 for prgr 13* egg
  8. Labor Day price drops: $225 obo type d labospec $125 obo egg 13*
  9. 1. 2013 OnOff Type D 10* driver, with Labospec HS Lite stiff shaft. Almost right in my wheelhouse, but the head is a tad closed and I prefer a slightly open faced driver. The shaft is very smooth, and handles aggressive swings well for a shaft of its weight. Specs on the shaft note it as weight of 49, Torque 3.9, with mid kick point. A beautiful roddio shaft that I would pull and keep, but I want to move the club all together. Asking $250 or best offer shipped US. International extra 2. PRGR Egg (first generation) 13* spoon. IMO the first generation is the best version if you can deal
  10. Looking for an OnOff 358 driver. Almost found a gamer with my 10* Type D, but the closed face can throw off my release timing. Please let me know if you have a 358 you want to sell...
  11. I think the shallow head can take some adjusting to. I've had a similar struggle in ball placement at addres, tee height, release point. Working through a Ryoma F2 and 13* first gen egg. Like another poster said tho with the right shaft its bombs away. Be careful with tee height also. It's easy to swing free and easy demoing a shops head, but when it's your own investment, fear of skymarks can mess with a swing. Good luck
  12. I've used it back in the day, but I would have liked to try it with a stiffer shaft than the stock shaft. It was straight and mid launch and spin to me. The concept of a heavier head with a shorter shaft is a good idea that many would benefit from, but in stock form I felt like it was easy to overswing.
  13. Okay the shaft too soft for me. $180 obo? Really a consistent mid high soft draw, but I don't want to mess up the combo changing shaft. Partial trades would be a good 3 wood shaft for a 13* Ryoma f2.
  14. Dream set up. I still have the onoff 358/roddio combo, but very tempted. Is the pw at 45* so the other wedge acts as an approach wedge? Beautiful set B...
  15. I play the g30 now, and I always thought the evolution of the head from the g20, g25 to g30 was reminiscent of ryoma d1 with the little tail/weight pod towards the rear sole.
  16. Thanks for the review. Been looking for a 358 driver for a bit now. It's the last bit of temptation I need to scratch before feeling I am good with the bag
  17. I am glad I love my gamer. I saw the post within 5 mins of posting, but I am waiting for Tae's driver and iron garage sale!
  18. Looking for a set of wedges with roddio i8, i9, or i10 shafts. I can make the lofts work as long as the set matches. Pm me if you have a set you're looking to move. Thanks!
  19. Still available. I would ship internationally if no length restrication and buyer willing to pay shipping.
  20. Just a numbers game. I have a few other drivers with "upgraded" shafts that I keep in the rotation more. The egg seven 9* is pretty consistent flat mid launch. Not obnoxiously loud, as I don't see anyone look over when hitting at the range. Slight draw and the shaft is surprisingly stable. No reason to sell due to performance, just trying to downsize so I can justify searching for something new
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