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  1. One last try. Anyone have any irons with, i6, i8, i9, i10 shafts they are thinking about selling?
  2. Price drop to $400 obo spark any interest?
  3. Anyone have a 46* wedge they would trade? Open to most anything so feel free to send some offers... I recall some preferred the narrower sole, slightly less offset, and greater workability of this set over the 302s.
  4. Yup 5-9. I need to find a pw or a set of wedges that compliments the set. I am now a convert to Roddio iron shafts!
  5. I was lucky enough to have this set passed on from a buddy on the board. First hit gave me a "whoa" moment. Stable and balanced when holding. Weight had me thinking "boardy", but to my surprise anything but. Very smooth with consistent dispersion. Easy to launch and the head tracks so well. Only wish I had the matching PW. If anyone has specs or more info, please share...
  6. Thinking about selling my Epon Technity Type J (pre-badging to Epon 301) with soft stepped Project X PXI 6.0 soft stepped. Grips are like new purple Pure grips (as can be seen in the pics). When I bought the sell from the original seller, I was told standard loft/lie/ and length. I recall he said tip weights were added to a few of the irons to get all the iron weights uniform. Rare to find a set with the 3 and 4 iron and pics tell the story of current condition. Some light bag chatter, and normal wear along the face. No browning. Badge on the PW is off (and interestingly it says Technica Pro I). I don't know if they all do, but I believe the set has had multiple names before worldwide distribution as 301. Asking $475 or reasonable offer. Open to trades and looking for irons with roddio i10 shafts, wedge sets that include a 46* wedge (need a PW substitute and I like my wedges to match). Maybe a PRGR Egg7 driver with 9* or higher loft. Looking for a ryoma or yamada putter. Open to ideas so please just pm me to discuss. Clubs are headed to HK. Thanks R. Thanks.
  7. Still looking. Not looking for anything exotic. I would just like to try these shafts out.
  8. Looking to try these shafts out. If someone has an iron set with roddio i10 shafts, please pm me with details. Thanks
  9. Looking to sell a set of Epon Mesh head covers 3-PW, and X. 9 head covers in total. Only used for 2 rounds. Zippers and covers are in good shape. I don't have any high-end irons that need protecting so time to sell. You don't see these head covers come up often so get them while you can. oops got the date wrong...obviously it's 2015. Asking $100 obo. SOLD Locally. Thanks S.
  10. C you have enough stuff. D, put me in line first...
  11. Just like the title states, I am looking for a driver with a stinger 60s or 70s. First generation stinger preferred, but Lmk if you have one that you're thinking of selling. Pls just pm to discuss. Thanks!
  12. Looking to sell or trade a set of Miura MB001 5-PW, and Miura Passing Point 9003 4 iron. Set is shafted with KBS tour 125 stiff+, which I was told was a limited run. When I practiced every day towards of summer this was the longest and purest set of blades that I've played to date. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to keep up with my practice and my ball striking has suffered. 
When I bought the set on here, the original owner noted the set was built off a 37.75 5 iron, and the 4 iron was .25+ over standard. Standard loft and lie, but I have not had the set measured or altered since acquiring. Pictures were taken today and show the set to be in very good condition. Face pic is of the PW, which is the most used club in the bag. Clubs keep their finish well and headcovers always used over about 5 rounds.

Asking $950 obo. Would consider trades involving Callaway Apex irons, drivers with Stinger shafts, Callaway 815 double black diamond. Other trades considered, but preference given to the above. Please just pm with any questions or offers.
  13. Ooh that's a tempting set Yourpressed. Do you know where these classics were forged?
  14. I thought TM's JDM release of the burner forged was a great combination of looks and playability. Don't discount your tourstage 202s. If you can live with the offset that was an incredible set for distance, feel, and looks.
  15. Going by memory I think the mb001 have a thinner top line and more compact. I appreciated tho the topline on the fh1000. Gave some confidence especially when looking down at the long irons. As feel is subjective don't mistake the firmer feel of miura as being overhyped. I had different shafts and grips in each. I described the softness of the fh1000 only because I get a better sense of compression with them. The miuras IMO have a denseness to them. To me I feel more connected to that feel for whatever reason. My comment re forgiveness should slso be taken with a grain of salt. My swing is much more consistent finding the center of the face with the miuras. That's a swing improvement issue and not a club design. I also only moved away from the fourteens because of a lack of practice and playing only once a month in the early morning. Hope that helps. If you have any other questions feel free to shoot me a pm.
  16. I am an average golfer and after many frustrating years of misplaced swing approaches, finally trending down in my scoring thanks to a great local practice program and an instructor that helped me understand the swing. I am currently playing the mb001. My previous experience with blades include the fh1000, AF tours, personals, and the MR23. I most recently played mp64 before moving to the mb001s. I was worried when I first got the miuras because they are compact, thin top lined, and just the right amount of offset to my eye. I think the fourteens edge out the mb001 on softness and maybe forgiveness, but the miuras are upper consistent. I am really amazed by the dispersion on them. Also unlike the fourteens, I think they are able to change trajectory height easier. Before I continue to babble I do find the miuras hit higher on my stock shot, but that might be a little steepness on my swing or the kbs v tour 125s in them. All in all a great set of irons, especially of you like a minimalist, clean look in your irons. To be honest I am a bit curious by the baby blades, but think these irons will carry me through another season of play.
  17. Thanks for the refresher. At first the wrx/TSG connection didn't ring any bells. I recalled some of the urban myth and the history of bsg, but forgot about the email/pm to check out wrx. I was invited to check out wrx, and can't believe its been that long that I am member 73 there. Nice to hear the history lesson. Maybe it will bring some of the old crew from back in the day out of the wood work. I always wondered how DemolitionMan, Speeder617, alohapineapple, goth145...were doing.
  18. I know no one is in the buying mood, but no one feels like trading gear anymore? Just looking for a new driver to try out. Despite the x flex this shaft plays closer to stiff with a smooth swing
  19. I am sure a long shot, but looking for Epon irons in copper...302, 301, if you got a set you're looking to move, please pm me.
  20. I picked up these beautiful irons from a first class member of good standing on the board. I've always wanted to try the Romaro H irons because of their modern good looks. The heads are forgiving despite the blade like look at address. I feel like I must move on from the set though because the shafts and my swing don't fit. Looking to trade for another set of irons, or maybe a yamada putter, or driver (especially with a diamana stinger). Iron sets considered include Epon, Yamaha, Miura, Fourteen, Romaro etc. Shaft range in regular, stiff/regular, or stiff would be ideal. Open to irons shaft with NS Pro, Pxi, recoil, roddio, etc. Will balance or ask to balance as necessary. My first choice is to trade, but I will list as originally posted at $550 obo. Please pm with any questions or offers. Here are the stats as originally described: Make: RomaRo Model: Ray H (4-PW / paintfill removed) Shafts: Matrix Program 95 (stiff / 5.9 freq / logo down) Length: 38" 5i Loft: 47* PW - 24* 4i Lie: 1* flat Swingweight: d1.5 - d2 (6 & 8g weight inserted to hosels @ time of build) Grip: GP Z Grip (logo down) Rating: 8+
  21. As the pictures show up for trade or purchase is a Yamaha V201 9* driver. It is paired with Graphite Design's most expensive retail shaft ($420). Plays to about 45.5 inches and published specs around 2.9 torque in the 80 gram range. Designed for the athlete golfer, but I also found the shaft performs better with a smoother swing. Looking to trade for a similar driver (even a big bertha alpha) with graphite design di-6, mt-6, or gt-6 in stiff or regular flex. Hoping to be around 45 inches or longer. Would also consider chikara wedges or irons with pxi shafts. If I have to put a purchase price, I'll list at $350, but don't mind offers or trades. Thanks for looking and please pm with any questions...
  22. A couple of nice sets for sell, maybe trade. 1. Tourstage MR23 Maru wedge set. 8/10. I believe circa 2003, but not sure. You would be hard to pressed to find another set of this age in similar condition. The wedges are labeled with Maru's 53.8 and 59.9 preference. The hologram logo, Maru signature, all visible. Lots of pictures to show you the grooves are deep as ever, and face has almost a rough teflon finish, which is different than some of smoother faces that I picked up when I played these wedges back in the day. Sorry I do not know SW or head weights. Asking $230 obo. 2. Miura 1957 wedges. The 53* has the Y grind and 59 has the C grind. The 53 has a spinner wedge flex shaft and the 59 has a tour concept shaft. Small ding towards to toe of 59 (as can be seen in pics), but otherwise just normal bag wear. Pictures of the groove were taken day listing is posted and are of current condition. Asking $250 obo. Trade wise I am looking for drivers with graphite design tour AD, MT, or GT shafts in regular to stiff. Or if you have a driver with comparable shaft, I am open to discussing. Thanks for looking, and please pm with any questions or offers.
  23. When you decide it bothers too much, send them my way please?
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