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  1. Any driver trades out there? Open to offers if off on pricing.
  2. A very solid driver, but just have too many drivers at the moment. Looking to sell a PRGR Egg Seven 9* driver with prgr M-43 stock shaft. Feels like a stiff-regular flex shaft. 46 inches. Pictures taken today and show driver in current condition. Asking $230 obo shipped in the domestic US. Thanks for looking.
  3. Some tempting trade offers, but would very much like to sell the on off/roddios. What about a price drop to $525 to spark any interest? Roddio pulls selling for more than half that price...
  4. With a trace of a tear down my cheek, I shipped my second set of personals to AZ. Glad they are going to a good home. Lots of interest in the roddio shafts, but open to offers on the whole set. Just scratched my iron itch, so open to my other weaknesses... Drivers w/ exotic shafts! Also looking for a Miura standbag if anyone wants to explore that...
  5. Starting the iron search over. 1. Epon Personal 1s 3-P with Monaco Tour Proto X shafts (soft stepped once) ,4-P shafted and 3 iron is head only - fancy ferrules (one extra for 3 iron). ​I was told the set is standard Epon specs when I got the set from a good member on wrx. He originally got the set from a trusted member here that assured me the set was legit. Traded. 2. OnOff Forged Plus Forged 5-PW, Roddio I10 stiff. 38 inch 5 iron at D2. The set was purchased from another great member of the forums. The shafts are very smooth, but just looking for a little less weight in the soles
  6. As the pictures show up for trade or purchase is a Yamaha V201 9* driver. It is paired with Graphite Design's most expensive retail shaft ($420). Plays to about 45.5 inches and published specs around 2.9 torque in the mid 70 gram range. Designed for the athlete golfer, but I also found the shaft performs better with a smoother swing. Hoping for a quick sale here at $285 obo. Thanks for looking and please pm with any questions... The Tour AD P9003 shafts were modeled after a very popular prototype shaft on the US and Japanese tours in the 90’s through the early 2000’s. The Tour AD 9003 s
  7. Haha my needs are always shifting and I've only played one round in 2015. $250 obo?
  8. I'll soon be able to compare the Impact versus the seven (9*). The impact itself was mid launching and a little tinny sounding. I tried to play it stock since I like shorter drivers. If you don't try to swing for the fences and accept a straight shot, but not exceedingly long shot this might be one to try.
  9. Almost like the old TaylorMade bubble shafts... Apollo hump shafts with customized graphics?
  10. Traded and heading down under!
  11. Looks wise I still have a thing for the Art Deco look of the personals one. But their performance with monaccos just didn't blow me away. I've also hit the fourteens and the mb001, both that I would game in any $ game IF I could practice more than I do. Ironically they are both fairly forgiving and long, but I psyched myself out into moving on from them
  12. Okay, decided to open up the irons to other trades: PRGR egg seven driver, Ryoma blade putter, yamada, Epon zen, or other ideas... Let me know if there's any interest in trading or buying the set. If you're interested in buying willing to work on the price as that's what I was hoping in trade value. I decided to reunite with fourteen fh1000 irons...
  13. Still talking trades...anyone have a prgr egg seven in 9* loft they're thinking about trading?
  14. Looking to trade my set of OnOff 2011 5-9 with Roddio I11 prototype shingospec shaft. Perfectpro chord grips. The only reason I am looking to move this set is that I hit the 9 iron too far from my wedges. Not trying to oversell the clubs, but either the lofts, the club heads, shafts or the combo work too well, but I am a club and half longer than past sets. I only have a SW and LW that I favor right now, and the gap between my SW and 9 iron is too much despite how creative I get on punches, grip down, or 1/2 swings. I am hoping to trade the set for another set of iron with Roddio shafts.
  15. Callaway DBD head sold. Diamana stinger shaft and adapter available $300 obo? Still looking for trades if anyone wants to shoot some offers over.
  16. Thanks Ian-500, yes you're the good seller on TSG, but didn't want to name drop lol
  17. Hopefully okay to post here after all it's the shaft that will probably get the most interest. Looking to trade or sell Diamana Stinger 70 x flex with Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 adapter. The driver plays 45 inches from butt end of grip to where the driver head first soles the ground. The 1st gen stinger plays slightly softer than the prototype retail model. With the adapter, it probably plays closer to in between stiff/xstiff. Shaft was acquired from a seller from Australia that got the shaft from another good seller on TSG. For a first gen shaft it is in good condition with no promin
  18. One last try. Anyone have any irons with, i6, i8, i9, i10 shafts they are thinking about selling?
  19. Price drop to $400 obo spark any interest?
  20. Anyone have a 46* wedge they would trade? Open to most anything so feel free to send some offers... I recall some preferred the narrower sole, slightly less offset, and greater workability of this set over the 302s.
  21. Yup 5-9. I need to find a pw or a set of wedges that compliments the set. I am now a convert to Roddio iron shafts!
  22. I was lucky enough to have this set passed on from a buddy on the board. First hit gave me a "whoa" moment. Stable and balanced when holding. Weight had me thinking "boardy", but to my surprise anything but. Very smooth with consistent dispersion. Easy to launch and the head tracks so well. Only wish I had the matching PW. If anyone has specs or more info, please share...
  23. Thinking about selling my Epon Technity Type J (pre-badging to Epon 301) with soft stepped Project X PXI 6.0 soft stepped. Grips are like new purple Pure grips (as can be seen in the pics). When I bought the sell from the original seller, I was told standard loft/lie/ and length. I recall he said tip weights were added to a few of the irons to get all the iron weights uniform. Rare to find a set with the 3 and 4 iron and pics tell the story of current condition. Some light bag chatter, and normal wear along the face. No browning. Badge on the PW is off (and interestingly it says Technic
  24. Still looking. Not looking for anything exotic. I would just like to try these shafts out.
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