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  1. .355 Taper Tip Grips are one round old Extra wedge shaft is sans grip Very high launch and ultra smooth. $old shipped USA
  2. 38 in 5i D2 Excellent condition Grips are on their last leg.
  3. Big drop to $old gifted shipped usa--no tipping, no extensions great shape 44.25 inches no trades and price is cheap
  4. rb2235

    thx tsg

    10* Loft FACE Angle--looks square but cant say for sure Head Wt--no clue sorry mate
  5. Beautiful 9:43AM
  6. Mint...hit a few balls w each. K'8001 shafts
  7. Paypal is full and looking at the above 3 sets...any clear cut winner from these 3? Thanks
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