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  1. so long BST...thanks TSG

    $400 shipped gifted...
  2. so long BST...thanks TSG

    $459 delivered USA gifted
  3. Sold

    Not a mark on it DAT55G--best in class for feel, sound and distance that I have tried...so far 45.5 inches sits square i have the same head in black for the past two years gifted USA shipped. No trades. Thanks TSG
  4. 2015 Basileus AAA 70 Stiff-$old

    Thanks. It’s on there.
  5. 2015 Basileus AAA 70 Stiff-$old

    One drop.
  6. 44 in approx New Masda Slick Fit grip one time pull from Kamui TP-09s head $old gifted USA. No trades and price is as low as I’ll go for this one. Thanks TSG
  7. thanks tsg

    $600 is my best price.
  8. Lie is 59.5 Looks square and plays square but don't have a way to measure face angle. I can go to the Post Office and have the head weighed. LMK.
  9. The flight is much lower than you would think with a 11* loft. Launch medium and crazy straight.
  10. Attas 50SR Iron Pulls 5/P Iomic—sold

    Monacos are tempting but I am good. S Flex Monacos are tough to come by and will sell quick. PMd ya paypal info. Ship tomorrow. Thanks
  11. Very clean. Plays 38 in the 5i. 5i raw length 37in 1/2 inch increments from there Selling for a friend. No big uglies or scratches. Minor marks here and there. info https://www.tourspecgolf.com//ust-mamiya-attas-iron-shaft.html $old Shipped USA