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  1. firmly in the bag for 3 years now....tried many but none could take the top spot
  2. sold to NKS...sir email me your shipping address. Thanks
  3. PayPal is [email protected] Ship today insured $1125 gifted(personal) $1160 non gifted Thanks
  4. 7i hit a few balls and the rest are new. Standard LLL Introducing ONOFF ONOFF LaboSpec MB-247D iron limited edition. ONOFF's next-generation muscle back iron is a commitment to hit feeling, pursuing gentleness. Forged and finished in Himeji, Japan to the highest of quality standards for the best in feel and performance. Soft S20C carbon steel is forged in 2 separate pieces (the head + neck) then spin welded together. This forging method ensures a head with minimal impurities since it can be heated at higher temperatures without the neck attached. This allows the forging press to compress the tightest possible grain structure which equals more consistent head weights, better feel, and more consistent performance. The spin welding creates the strongest possible joint and allows craftsmen to properly align the loft and lie angle with pinpoint accuracy. A meticulous process to create the ultimate heads. MB-247D STYLISH ATTRACTIVE HEAD SHAPE:Smooth flowing lines from both the leading edge and top line to the neck make this an eye pleasing, confidence inspiring head shape. At address, the better player will appreciate the appearance of less offset and a satin finish with contrasting sand blasted face. Aim and hit the ball where you want it to go and experience that smooth buttery feel at impact. NEXT GENERATION MUSCLE BACK WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN: A thicker blade design creates a softer impact feel. Weight is distributed both towards the sole and top line. This allows for an easy launch with powerful spin as well as a larger sweet spot which minimizes distance variation. BETTER STABILITY AND CONTROL: In addition to the weight distribution which helps make a larger sweet area, the sole, while being thin to allow for workability and control, is rounded with added bounce to help prevent fat shots and digging. Hit more pure shots more consistently! About This Product Listing LIMITED EDITION: only 200 sets available No trades thx tsg
  5. Be a bit tough for me to say Here are a cpl reviews from TSG folks that play/ed it:
  6. Thanks TSG
  7. Thanks mate Somewhat reasonable offers welcome
  8. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/grandista-rs-d-driver-climbs-to-the-top-spot-at-tourspecgolf/ 45.25 D1 Very very clean Super solid sound and feel teamed up w the ultra smooth Bangvoo PREMIUM--260 CPM. Sorry no cover but will be Packed with care Thx TSG
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