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  1. One and only drop.
  2. Thanks for looking.
  3. Love my AAA...$350 is a very good price.
  4. Thanks for looking.
  5. Shows
  6. thanks Spoon anyone have 5-PW?
  7. Hoping for 4/P thanks.
  8. close up pic...not tears or excessive wear. You can see the paint/color missing at the end of the white grip and the third one from the right. Butt end color shows some fade from dropping in the bag I imagine.
  9. Bought these a couple months ago. 3 Black and Red are New. The other 8(7 Black/1 White) have been used for a couple months. They ran me $21 each shipped from Japan. Were removed by my club today. $100 shipped USA--gifted or not Thanks TSG
  10. cheers ship today and will pm tracking Thanks Doc
  11. thanks Doc pm sent
  12. VG Condition and don't be scared off by the X flex. I play S and this was no problem for my aging 54 yr old body. I thought I would replace my Xv 18* but its just too damn good. $115 shipped USA--gifted or not Thanks TSG
  13. any offers?
  14. Dropped the price to way less than I paid.
  15. Price drop