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  1. Very Clean i can remove adapter if desired $1000 shaft $335 gifted shipped USA Price is firm Thanks
  2. back on the market as I thought they were sold but I was mistaken
  3. rb2235


    split added
  4. rb2235


    Bloody price drop
  5. rb2235


    Sun came out
  6. rb2235


    10* $369 for the shaft
  7. Very good shape. No big uglies. Normal face markings. Point and shoot forged. Serial number on 7i shaft. Red top Titleist grips. Lead tape easily removed but are on the light side w the tape--no sw scale so not sure $349 gifted usa shipped
  8. rb2235

    HNY to all

    Seasons greetings
  9. rb2235

    sold---thanks TSG

    I have the 2016s w Nippon 950s and they fit my swing better plus the 5i is 37.75 vs 38.25 in the set for sale. Thanks TK3
  10. rb2235

    sold---thanks TSG

    38.25 in 5i SW not sure and no scale within 6o miles of my lil town...would guess d2-d3 range