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  1. rb2235

    Never mind....

    No trades.
  2. rb2235

    Never mind....

    VG Shape 46.5 inches Shaft is very clean and a one time pull Head is very clean. Very long and runs forever. Comes w
  3. Took out of the TM bag for the pics. Never touched a ball. Delivered to me yday for $219. Seller took two weeks to ship this one to me so I grabbed a 33 inch last week that is treating me very well. Very firm feel w the true roll tech. This is the one Tiger putted so well with a couple weeks back.$old Shipped USA--no trades and price is FIRM
  4. rb2235

    sold---thanks TSG

    final final final drop and of course....GO BELGIUM!!
  5. rb2235

    WTB JDM Cart/Staff Bag

    wasnt easy...supo had some nice offerings but the shipping is too steep to the USA. Snagged this old school Adidas.
  6. rb2235

    sold---thanks TSG

    Final final drop
  7. rb2235

    WTB JDM Cart/Staff Bag

    Something cool...no shiny leatherette ones I am in WI, 53191 Thanks
  8. rb2235

    sold---thanks TSG

    one drop with the hope of shipping today
  9. rb2235

    sold---thanks TSG

    thanks TSG🤘 go Belgium🤘🤘
  10. best sounding/feeling head I have tried so far by far
  11. yes its a version2 white loft/blacked out sole
  12. rb2235

    so long BST...thanks TSG

    last ditch effort to move this gem..
  13. rb2235

    so long BST...thanks TSG

  14. rb2235

    so long BST...thanks TSG

    best feeling/sounding head ive tried so far