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    Driver: Taylor TP 510 8.5* Mitsubishi Rayon TP-85 MT 3 Wood: Epon Technicity 15* Diamana 83S Utilities: Mizuno UX-2 20* Nippon 1150 S Mizuno UX-2 23* Nippon 1150 S Irons: 4 - PW: Gauge Studio Hand Mades Nippon 1150S Wedges: Gauge Studio Hand Mades Nippon 1150 S Putter: Bettinardi BB2 (sugar filled shaft) Bag: Mizuno Kabuki Ball: Titleist Pro V1
  1. I had Spieth's putter grip (Flatso 1.0) installed on my Gold's yesterday. I now have the best of both worlds!
  2. Man the DWD irons look super cool! How do they play?
  3. Never say final on the bag. Jack has recently hit a couple of very poor 5 irons. Nothing wrong with the club, just Jack's swing. There is no doubt that Jack is old and now possibly a little bit gay. Dare I say it Jack has replaced the 5 iron with the 5 hybrid. 40 years ago, Jack used to "nuke" his 1 iron. Can any one recommend a good nursing home for Jack?!?
  4. Chris, thanks for posting the photos. What sort of performance could we expect from these??
  5. Mikey, well done on the binge drinking and the A wedge. My view, like those of others who have posted, is for the set to be "balanced", the A wedge should match the rest of the irons.
  6. Would love to see some photos of those ti fairways from address
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