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  1. Quick update, driver turned out amazing! I'm playing it for the first time this wknd I will snap a few pics to show the final product.
  2. Quick update picked up a brand new Kuro and we where able to easily step drill the hossle out. It was really very simple with little to no heat. We used a small drill bit and continued to increase size until able to clean up the inner walls of the sleeve. Turned out perfect without any stress or a mark on the original sleeve. The only downside is you cut off and sacrifice the current shaft. For me didn't matter the stock shaft was to light, soft and had to go anyway. My advice go very slow and take your time the key is generating very low heat so epoxied sleeve stays safe and fully intact.
  3. The screw extractor is a great idea thanks! I will would feel much more comfortable removing and replacing properly. Not a big fan of taking risks with my equipment!
  4. One thing I would consider doing would be to cut the old shaft off and step drill out the sleeve. We did this a lot on the old Titleist 905r drivers. They also had this type of sleeve inserted into the head.
  5. That's what I would assume! I would never NOT pull this sleeve. BB
  6. Thanks, yes I will have a master club builder do the work. There is a sleeve that I assume is epoxied into the actual head. Inside that sleeve the shaft then is expoxed. Will I need to remove this entire unit? I believe you are saying the shaft can be pulled without compete unit removal correct? Meaning in your picture it would be the silver part. Did he remove that? Thanks, BB
  7. Quick question for anyone who has done work on this model. If I would like to reshaft this driver do I need to remove he entire sleeve or is it possible to pull shaft only? If I do indeed need to remove entirely any suggestions for best results? Thanks, BB
  8. Wondering what the playing characteristics of this head are? Thanks, BB
  9. I understand the reason for designing a MB such as this but I agree with Chris it's mostly window dressing. The feel can and usually will change with designs such as this one. My guess this will feel more like a players CB than a transitional forged MB. BB
  10. I've have been a lurker for over a year just can't stop coming back to these. If anyone would be interested in posting a topline pic of the PW it would be appreciated. I WILL have these in my bag for the start of my 2018 season in Ohio. Just a goregoeus classic iron style! BB
  11. Any interest in a trade for a set of Japan only Mizuno MP66 heads only. 4-PW, very good condition. Send me a PM if you have any questions. BB
  12. So 9.45mm is roughly .372 inches. I'm guessing .370 tip diameter is correct. Thanks, BB
  13. Chris would you confirm the tip diameter please, thanks. BB
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