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  1. The ST is Back in Stock!

    Chris, can we get these without any stamping?
  2. Korea Only Gold IP SEVEN CB!

    Looks good! How does the finish holdup? Esp. on the face?
  3. Mizuno MP-66 Irons! (pics inside!)

    Very nice! Similar to the Epon 302's
  4. Double Nickel Satin MP-55 Irons *-YoRo-*

    Yoro MP55 or Kuro Chris?
  5. Double Nickel Satin MP-55 Irons *-YoRo-*

    Chris? Which shaft(s) have you tried with the 55's
  6. Double Nickel Satin MP-55 Irons *-YoRo-*

    What does double nickel bring to the table?
  7. Purchased from TSG about a year ago, saved them for a while, took em for a spin and now letting them go. Swing weight is a bit light for my liking and I didn't want to start tinkering around with them as they are way too nice to have lead tape slapped on it. Theses clubs have seen a total of 2 rounds and minimum range time. Grooves are 99% intact some wear marks on face and sole with minimum bag chatter. [specs] - 52/8, 58/10 (will not separate set) - S25C carbon steel - Shaft : Modus 3 130 Stiff - Grip : Modart Black 60R - Finish : Plated Satin - Length/Lie : Standard - Swing weight : D3 - Offset : Almost none Asking for USD 800 shipped (net to me) These clubs will be shipped out from the Republic (South) of Korea. Local pickup is obviously more than welcome. Will consider trade for a set of OnOff Kuro Irons 4~PW (standard length and lie shaft. DG S200 would be preferred) OR will consider trade for a mint set of 52/58 copper Epon 208 KGX wedges with any shaft and cash. These probably don't exist but this is my favorite wedge. Package Insurance can be provided upon buyers request but not included in sale price. I pack exceptionally well and will re-enforce the box as much as I can. Double boxing. Wedges are identical to those shown in this thread (I hope you don't mind Chris) http://www.tourspecg...hey-go/?hl=suda I've made a few transactions on this site purchasing clubs. I could request references if needed. Please PM with any inquiries. Thanks for looking!
  8. Would think an all model would eventually become available with different shaft options. Kind of holding out myself to see what comes around before I pick one up.
  9. "gelling the heads....,"

    Interesting. What is the final swing weight?
  10. I dumped my 3 wd two years ago and have never looked back. I replaced it with a 5WD and realized I use it once or twice in a round.
  11. SOLD Onoff kuro w/modus 3 125 4-pw

    Shafts are stiff flex?
  12. Are the Kuro's a much more forgiving club than the Epon 302?
  13. A-GRIND 440 Driver

    Really like the matte black finish