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    Louisville Golf Custom Persimmon___14, 17, 20, 23º Epon AF903___20º Hogan Ft. Worth 15___25, 30, 35, 40, 45º Mizuno S18___50, 55, 60º Otey Crisman 18HB___putter
  1. NiftyNiblick

    Your first set of clubs!

    H&B PowerBilt Citation 2 , 3, 4, 5-woods Spalding Top Flite 4-PW Wilson R-20 sand iron Matzie Velvet Touch chipper Spalding Cash-In putter Dunlop 65 1.62" ball
  2. NiftyNiblick

    PXG Parson Extreme Golf

    They look very interesting, but I'm going a whole new direction for 2016, my first year as a seventy-year-old player. I'm not going to improve much at this stage of the game, so from now on, it's all about fun.
  3. NiftyNiblick

    set of wedges , what you have ?

    50-55-60 after 45º nine-iron.
  4. NiftyNiblick

    Ben Hogan Ft. Worth 15 irons

    Did any Hogan players have a problem getting accustomed to playing without numbered irons? My Hogans are gapped in five degree increments so they don't match up directly to standard iron numbers anyway. I didn't find it hard to adjust at all. I don't even convert lofts to numbers in my head anymore. I've just adopted a few hickory shaft era names for the irons. Works fine for me.
  5. NiftyNiblick

    deep face drive

    This is precisely the reason I've given up on the 460cc titanium driver. First of all, I have to tee the ball so high that I've got a ball above feet sidehill lie at the one place I'm guaranteed a perfect lie--the tee box. Also, I have to play the ball too forward in my stance. I don't ever want to play the ball further left than opposite my left heel. I just go with a 2-wood that matches my fairway woods.
  6. NiftyNiblick

    USGA conforming rules for irons

    Will somebody kindly put the USGA to sleep once and for all?
  7. NiftyNiblick

    golfing in the netherlands

    One might be concerned that using the infinitive verb "golfing" could serve as a disqualifier. "Playing golf in the Netherlands" is probably where we want to go with that.
  8. NiftyNiblick

    Which bag do you use?!

    I'm disturbed by the huge billboard logos which make it look as though the manufacturers were paying us instead of the other way around. I've decided to rebel. I'm springing for one last bag, almost certainly the last bag I will ever buy. It will be a custom made Belding Passport model with NO tacky graphics on it. Tan harness leather, natural woven duck, and that's it. It will be a functional cart bag looking like a classic carry bag from the 1930s. It's an expensive bag, but I won't be paying for the privilege of being a walking / riding advertisement for somebody else.
  9. NiftyNiblick

    Favorite Driver?

    The 460cc titanium driver is virtually unplayable for me. I have to play the ball way left in my stance as though I were playing a parachute shot and I have to tee the ball too high. I like to find a broken tee on the ground and push it almost all the way in! Callaway and TaylorMade call their new, smaller steel drivers "minis," but they're not mini at all. They're about the size of a Titleist 975D. The one that I like best is the AeroBurner TP with its old-fashioned 55º lie angle. I'm sick of addressing a drive with the toe of my driver pointing to the sky. 2015 was an expensive season for me because I fell in love with the new Hogan Fort Worth 15s, only to discover that shiny chromed irons still hate me after I mostly abandoned them in the 1970s. I'm a gray stainless steel hitter, which here at Tour Spec all but makes me a subhuman, but that's the way it is. After first dragging out old bags from my man cave, Edel was the eventual answer, but it would have been nicer to figure that out first. The Callaway XR metals didn't fare any better than the Hogans. The Aeroburner and new H-G fairways turned out to be the only thing that I could hit as well as 1980s TM Pittsburgh Persimmons and 1990s Titleist PTs. I love Tour Spec. I think the Asians make beautiful stuff, but the simple metrics--loft, lie, etc.--are never right for me. The metalwoods are all too upright, the loft-club number stamping correlations are way too strong, the wedges have far too much bounce, and they love their shiny chromed forgings, turning their backs on the dull gray stainless steel that's like comfort food to me. It doesn't frighten me like shiny chrome does, and I have no idea why. TaylorMade AeroBurner TP 14º minidriver. That's the answer for the foreseeable future. Good carry, reasonable distance, finds fairways, and can hit bananas either way if required. I'm calling it their best driver since the 12º Original One circa 1980.
  10. NiftyNiblick

    Epon 901 hosel size

    No shims required. Epon driving iron, domestic numbered irons, and wedges all came with .370" bore hosels. My metalwoods all have .335" hosels I have a couple of Ping hybrids with .355" bore hosels, which makes them a pain in the ass to match to other clubs so I don't play them. I finished my 2015 season on a vintage note, however.
  11. NiftyNiblick

    Where are the cart bags?

    In the US, a cart bag has twin apparel pockets on the sides instead of a larger, full-width one on the back. All cart bag pockets are accessible from the front. Perhaps the Asian player doesn't find this aesthetically pleasing.
  12. NiftyNiblick

    Where are the cart bags?

    Maybe before being sixty-nine years old and having spinal stenosis!
  13. NiftyNiblick

    Putter Selection... Does It Matter?

    Give me a no-offset, face-balanced putter with a short shaft and upright lie angle and I'm good to go. My mid-seventies Ram Zebra is as good as all of its successors. Someday, somebody will make an especially good putter, but I doubt that it will occur in my lifetime.