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  1. NiftyNiblick

    PRGR Q fairway wood

    I love the look of the Q fairways, and the lofts as well, but I wish that they were just a little longer. The lie angles look too upright to add more length, but might the lie be less critical with the keel sole? It's the bags that have me confounded, however. Why don't the Japanese OEMs offer bags with cart oriented pockets? I just don't get it.
  2. NiftyNiblick

    Epon 901 hosel size

    No shims required. Epon driving iron, domestic numbered irons, and wedges all came with .370" bore hosels. My metalwoods all have .335" hosels I have a couple of Ping hybrids with .355" bore hosels, which makes them a pain in the ass to match to other clubs so I don't play them. I finished my 2015 season on a vintage note, however.
  3. NiftyNiblick

    Where are the cart bags?

    In the US, a cart bag has twin apparel pockets on the sides instead of a larger, full-width one on the back. All cart bag pockets are accessible from the front. Perhaps the Asian player doesn't find this aesthetically pleasing.
  4. NiftyNiblick

    Where are the cart bags?

    Maybe before being sixty-nine years old and having spinal stenosis!
  5. NiftyNiblick

    Putter Selection... Does It Matter?

    Give me a no-offset, face-balanced putter with a short shaft and upright lie angle and I'm good to go. My mid-seventies Ram Zebra is as good as all of its successors. Someday, somebody will make an especially good putter, but I doubt that it will occur in my lifetime.
  6. NiftyNiblick

    The 'no driver' edition of WITB

    A dog bite prematurely ended my 2015 season, this with a gorgeous New England autumn mocking me and no snow forecast on the horizon. But no driver is where I eat beginning a season, and with me playing at 6000 yards, one doesn't always find its way into my bag.
  7. NiftyNiblick

    Epon 901 hosel size

    My AF-901 came with a .370 shaft that I changed to match my other irons and wedges.
  8. NiftyNiblick

    Where are the cart bags?

    There don't seem to be any Japanese cart bags available on these pages. I see staff bags referred to as "caddy bags," and I see stand bags, and neither of those are the style of golf bag that I buy. Where are the bags with all front-accessible pockets? It seems strange that there haven't been any comments on this. Also, wrap-style grip options don't abound either.
  9. NiftyNiblick

    On the Cutting Edge

  10. NiftyNiblick

    Jbeam TF Titanium Fairway Wood Pics!

    Several years ago, probably in the early 90s, Spalding Top Flite made an excellent set of titanium fairways called the Intimidator 400 Series. While the design was very effective, the club was held back by its use of proprietary .400 tip shafts. With the option of choosing the standard .335 shaft of one's choice, I think the Intimidator would have been a very successful club. In any case, it validated the use of titanium for smaller fairway metal clubheads. I kid the JDM set about their upright lie angles, but the much flatter lie angles on my Titleist PT steel fairways are simply the standard lie angles that were used on persimmon or laminated maple clubheads for decades.
  11. That's an awful lot of hits for no response from a vinyl fan!
  12. NiftyNiblick


    God forbid on Tour Spec, I suppose, but I definitely prefer stainless steel wedges to forged carbon steel ones. I'm not a "feel" player. I'm a visualize-the-shot-and-recall-the-swing-mechanics-for-it player. My hands are a mess since youth from breakages in amateur boxing, so that must have a lot to do with it.. Additionally, the TK-15 Hogan wedges that match my irons have the Reid-Lockhart / Scor style "V-Sole" on every loft. Edel offers a choice of grinds for each loft and that works better for me. I am told that JDM wedges lean on the side of higher bounce because of soft conditions on their tracks. I have low bounce on both my 52 and my 58. The 52 has a broad, flat sole with minimal radius and camber. The 58 has a narrow sole with enough radius to create a curved leading edge. Are these characteristics available in JDM offerings?
  13. Can TSG cut cover-shredding, highly non-conforming box grooves on request? Actually, you must have the equipment to do that. The better question is, would you provide that work?
  14. NiftyNiblick

    Jbeam TF Titanium Fairway Wood Pics!

    Typical of JDM metalwoods, the lie angles are way too upright. They are gorgeous, though. I go vintage on fairway woods just for the lie angles alone; in addition, it ain't broke--it don't need a fix. I am convinced, however, that all Asian players are very tall with very short arms, hence the upright lie angles. Either that or they cast over the top.