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  1. Thank you anyway for your repöy. Perhaps another chance at another day.
  2. All the very best wishes to your father and to all your family. Never quit hoping!
  3. Nice read, indeed. They look great and sometimes that helps too :-)
  4. Great driver head at a fantastic price! Bought this head a couple of months ago and can't praise it enough!
  5. zwan


    Wished there was a 5 iron shaft, too! Perhaps you've forgotten about it in some closet?
  6. Great equipment at crazy prices! GLWS!
  7. Hi, Are these 0.370 or 0.335 ? Sorry, just found out myself... ?
  8. Hi gents, I am looking for high end 5-pw graphite shafts, one time pull preferred. Roddio's I-9 or I-10, the MCI 90 or 100 all in the R- SR- or S- flex range. Thank you!
  9. Hi Stew, That's exactly the information I was looking for! Thanks once again for sharing your insight with us! A great support for me not being able to play these shafts here in CH.
  10. Will these iron heads work with this shaft: Quadra 652i uses a 0.370" parallel tip?
  11. Hi, I've got a EPON 210KGX in 56° shafted with NS PRO WV 105. Zwan
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