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  1. Would like to trade these irons for some Titleist blades (716MBs) or Honma blades. Not sure why but still liking blades and not that fond of CBs. These Titleist AP2s are the newest model and in new (9.5/10) shape with upgrades NS Pro 950 stiff shafts and black Iomic grips. Very nice irons and I guess I would sell them for $800 but really interested in trading for a set of blades in new condition. Oh, these irons are forged and have a solid feeling when you hit them. Will sell the heads for only $650 shipped. Make an offer. Thanks for checking this out. The Doc
  2. Have seen some incredible custom Del Mar style putters or custom Bettinardi BB34 putters but they are always sold out or unavailable. If you have one and not using it, I am interested in purchasing it. A good example is a Bettinardi BB34 Windy City putter I saw but it was sold out. I have two del mar style putters and really enjoy them and would like to find another. Thanks for reading this. The Doc
  3. Have brought this Circle T back for sale because I am just putting too well with my other Circle T, a Golo M3. Would still like to find a Gold's Factory putter to trade for but have no interest in trading for irons now. So, you can get this awesome putter for only $1500. Thanks for looking again, The Doc
  4. Selling these Epon AF 302 irons for a friend. The set is 4 - Pw with N.S.Pro 95 stiff shafts with Iomic black grips. Very little bag chatter with a small chrome blemish on the 9 iron from bending. I would rate the irons like 8 / 10 in very good shape. And, the Epon cart bag is awesome. Get the irons and the bag for only $899 plus shipping CONUS. If I get a buyer for the bag and another one for the irons, I would split the deal up. $700 for the irons and $200 for the bag. Send me an offer. And a new offer as of today, the irons, the bag and three Epon wedges, all for only $1000. Great deal!
  5. Would like to find an Epon 302 nine iron to replace the one I have that was damaged. Thanks, The Doc
  6. Always wanted to try the 503s, have a set of 302s, 4 to pw, gw, sw, and lw. In good shape, but have Recoil shafts in them so probably more interested in just trading heads. I am a club builder so can switch shafts if needed.
  7. New trade interests..... 1. Gold's Factory putter 2. Cameron Timeless putter 3. Cameron 009 putter Thanks so much for looking, The Doc
  8. Gold's Gold's, I want some gold. Where are those Gold's putter?
  9. Would like to find some cold forged wedges in lofts 50-52, 54-56, and 58-60. My ideal set up would be three wedges 50-54-58. What have you got and can buy or trade. Thanks, The Doc
  10. Yubin89 The irons are very nice and I hit them pretty well. Hope you like the putter-it is really classy looking. Overdose, thanks for the kind words about my transactions and I thought the name on the ball with the date would jazz up the pictures a little.
  11. Looking for only Japanese Titeist Vokey wedges to go along with my new Titleist VG3 irons.
  12. WTB or trade for a set of Vokey Cold forged wedges. I usually use 52, 56, and 60 degree sets. But can bend to degrees I want if wedges are close like 50 or 58. I have a set of RomaRo wedges and many other clubs to trade. Let me know what you have. Thanks, The Doc
  13. Ok, saw a Gold's Putter I want for like $1500, so will reduce Circle T price by $1000 and sell it for only $1500. Help me get my Gold's!
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