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    Driver: AKIRA TM 9 w/Rombax 7VO5, 2012 Yamaha V Tour 10 degree w/Diamana Ka'lil (S), Titleist 910 D3 9.5 w/FEX 75S. 3wood: TM Rocketballz. 5 wood: TM Titanium w/Innovative Solutions shaft (S). Hybrid: MIZUNO MX700. Irons: Miura CB 1006 4-PW w/Modus 3 Stiff Shafts. AW: Mizuno 52-08. SW: Titleist Brad Faxon Limited Edition Zero bounce. Putter: Scotty Cameron Tour Platinum Midslant Putter. Golf Ball: Titleist ProV1

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  1. sold

    PM me PayPal info and I'll take a shot at it.
  2. sold

    Square Face?
  3. Crazy BM-435 Price Drop!!!

    What's the loft and face angle? Can you post a picture of the club at address?
  4. PRICE DROPS! This stuff needs new homes :)

    Thanks for the Diamana X. I have to build a driver with that shaft for Hawaii. Thanks also to everyone for suggesting Turtle Bay Palmer Course. That was truly gorgeous and I shot lights out despite the windy conditions only because the greens were so true.
  5. PRICE DROPS! This stuff needs new homes :)

    Sorry. Didn't mean to thread jack. Just played Ko Olina in windy conditions and very beautiful and challenging course. I will look into Turtle Bay for tomorrow. But going back to the items for sale, is the Diamana X still available? If it's sold already to Supo, then I'm asking my Sensei, Supo, if he wants to sell it to me.
  6. PRICE DROPS! This stuff needs new homes :)

    Sensei, I didn't even pay attention to this ad but I'd be happy to take that Diamana X70S from you. Just arrived in Hawaii today for some golf and saw that the conditions here are windy. Any suggestions where to play in Oahu? I have Kolina scheduled tomorrow morning and Waialae Country Club for Monday.
  7. TSG Club Works To Offer OM - Open Model Series

    As soon as I have the heads pulled on the set of irons I like best I will advise. I am also curious about these. If I don't have to put lead tape on my irons anymore to get what I desire, then for the first time I will be playing with clubs that actually have no lead tape and look as nice as they should be.
  8. TSG Club Works To Offer OM - Open Model Series

    Can you also request heavier heads on these and the other upcoming models?
  9. jBeam BM 535 white

    Sent you a PM
  10. Priced to sell!! Masda V-430 8.5* 195g head

    Is the Crazy head sold?
  11. Sold - Thanks TSG

    Really? It's freaking cold and freezing right now in SF. Where are you at? I may need to get there somehow.
  12. Sold - Thanks TSG

    I would buy it Sensei but I just bought the latest OnOff and with the horrible weather we've had in Northern California, I haven't even had a chance to take the wrappers off them as well.
  13. Sensei Supo, Just saw this. My 2yr old son was playing with my IPhone and must have somehow posted this because my English spelling and writing skills are slightly higher than a 2yr olds capabilities.
  14. Ghguhhjjkkvgdhhgufibb bcjjjjjbacanabbbhvjkl Hkkhlhkô Viogihgohkkklhpkhhphowjehdhdodjdjdjhfhveor Oowiuoouivihgigvcc F Huff G Higiighhvgohoigohohg